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The Sound of Swedish Heavy Metal
See also Intro, Pulse, Edge or 2020; or the Sounds of NWOTHM, Neo-Trad Metal, Italian Heavy Metal, Japanese Heavy Metal, J-Metal, Brazilian Heavy Metal, Swedish Hard Rock, Swedish Power Metal, British Power Metal or German Heavy Metal; or much more at everynoise.com.
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Intro to Swedish Heavy Metal
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The Pulse of Swedish Heavy Metal
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The Edge of Swedish Heavy Metal
14:08Ambush"Desecrator"201510-30Desecrator 1↑  
23:44Mindless Sinner"We Go Together"198601-01Turn on the Power (Expanded) 10↑26↑ 
33:22Screamer"Out of the Dark"201910-11Highway of Heroes 5↑  
43:53Enforcer"Undying Evil"201503-02From Beyond 3↑  
54:04Axewitch"The Pusher"202104-30Out of the Ashes into the Fire    
63:46Wolf"Speed On"200902-20Ravenous    
74:17Torch"Collateral Damage"202009-25Reignited 7↑46↑ 
83:47Steelwing"Full Speed Ahead!"201201-01Zone Of Alienation 2↓5↓ 
94:37Bloodbound"Rise Of The Dragon Empire"201903-20Rise Of The Dragon Empire 6↓  
104:05Air Raid"Hold the Flame"201709-29Across the Line 6↓9↓ 
114:28Astral Doors"New Revelation"201011-19Testament of Rock 10↓  
124:12Lethal Steel"Warrior"2015Legion of the Night    
136:11In Solitude"To Her Darkness"201105-20The World; The Flesh: The Devil 2↑  
145:03Dream Evil"The Chosen Ones"200207-13Dragonslayer    
154:03Silver Mountain"1789"198303-01Shakin' Brains 5↑138↑ 
166:25Trial (swe)"Sisters of the Moon"202101-29Sisters of the Moon +1 10↑  
175:15Dead Kosmonaut"The Spirit Divide"202001-31Gravitas    
185:01Keen Hue"Juicy Fruit Lucy"199301-01Juicy Fruit Lucy    
194:00Syron Vanes"God of War"201701-27Chaos from a Distance    
205:03Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall"Dreams And Scars"202006-10We Are The Night (Japan Edition) 10↓  
214:50Painful Pride"A Thousand Lies"201805-22Lost Memories    
224:32Brothers of Metal"Yggdrasil"201704-01Prophecy of Ragnarök    
234:11Helvetets Port"Ruled with an Iron Hand"201908-23From Life to Death —   
244:00Scarblade"Die in the Night"201605-13The Cosmic Wrath    
254:24Cult Of The Fox"Siege from the Sky"201804-20By the Styx    
263:22Crystal Pride"Knocked Out"198511-24Crystal Pride    
273:56StoneLake"Thunder and Rain"201804-25Thunder and Rain    
293:27Night Viper"Night Viper"201512-04Night Viper    
303:24Chronus"Mountains of Madness"202004-24Idols    
315:42Zematary"Dawn of a Blood Red Day"201705-26We Will Rise    
324:07SlingBlade"Tie Her to the Cross"201201-11The Unpredicted Deeds of Molly Black    
335:10Lizard Eye"Pride - 2011 edition"2011Flames Of The Sun    
343:32Quicksand Dream"The Girl from the Island"201611-25Beheading Tyrants    
354:55Sweet Lich"Aim"201701-02Never Satisfied    
363:57Hellennium"Heavy Metal Alliance"201205-30Hellennium    
374:00Poison Pill"Pitch Black"201711-07Poison Pill    
384:40Highrider"Nihilist Lament"201709-15Roll for Initiative    
397:06Blacksmith Legacy"Metal Never Dies"201509-01Metal Never Dies +3    
404:12Hellspray"My Favorite Game"201201-01Part of the Solution    
414:32Neptune"Last Man Standing"202011-06Northern Steel    
425:30Gallows End"The Curse"201006-22Nemesis Divine 15↓  
435:10Jayce Landberg"God is Dead"202011-13The Forbidden World    
444:59Ludor"Rise And Conquer"201301-01777 - The New 666 25↓  
454:30Stormburner"We Burn"201912-06Shadow Rising    
463:41LECHERY"Heavy Metal Invasion"201802-02We Are All Born Evil    
473:40Laudamus"Unlimited Love"200606-06Laudamus    
484:48Thundermaker"The Road"202012-11single    
492:55Trotoar"No Salvation"202005-08No Salvation 28↓3↑ 
503:47Devil's Gun"Lights Out"201904-12Sing for the Chaos 37↓9↓ 
514:48Jan Akesson's Shadow Rain"The Promised Land"201708-25Ascension    
523:30Hungry Head Hunters"Razorblade - 2021 Mix"201910-17Razorblade/Ruby B True 2    
533:05Pearly White"Wand´rin Star"201508-12single    
544:43Eddy Malm Band"Saturday Night"201612-09Northern Lights    
553:27Snakeskin Angels"By the Hammer of Beelzebuth"201302-15Follow the Snake to the Core    
566:34Human Cometh"Gates of Babylon"201308-18Mayan Logic    
574:46Whyte Ash"I Will Remain"201006-24I Will Remain    
585:02Freaks And Clowns"The End Song"202010-16Justice Elite    
597:47Heroes Of Vallentor"The Sword of Heroes"201410-10The Warriors Path, Pt. I    
604:02Mayhammer"Calling Valhalla"202004-17A D 793    
614:12Eternal Fear"Dream Stealer"202012-01single    
623:53Beyond Visions"Pay My Price"201710-27Catch 22    
633:37Raven Heretic"Boys Night Out"202001-13Under The Sign    
645:48The Citadel"The Creeper"2007Brothers Of Grief    
655:17Angel Blake"Alone"200804-23The Descended    
663:59Exoskelett"Unholy Alliance"201708-21Collected Bones    
673:14Corrosive Sweden"Blood and Panic"201904-26Blood and Panic 45↓  
683:32Stone Brigade"Forsaken"201908-22Madman's Paradise    
693:47Locomotive Breath"Locomotive Breath"201412-09Train Of (New) Events    
709:08Avengeus"The End (Is a New Beginning)"201601-25New Beginning    
715:04House Of Heavy"Billy's Got A Gun"200902-03House Of Heavy    
724:40Mental Hippie Blood"Don't Talk"199302-03Mental Hippie Blood    
735:36Taiwaz"Dragon Born"201910-11I Am All    
744:48STONETRADE"Fight the Fate"201208-21In the Middle of the Monster 3    
754:54Bajen Death Cult"Nidvisa"201811-16Bajen-a-Voo-Doo 4    
763:30Hoggatah"Scared"201412-08Happyplace 4    
777:16Eldkraft"Gammal Krigare"201305-24Shaman    
784:15Fallen Mankind"Bleak Ocean"201609-15Bleak Ocean    
794:11Revelations"Strange Dreams"201305-16Warning 4    
805:00Mud & Blood"Evil god"201905-01Evil god    
813:35Oxidize"One Reason"202101-22single    
825:00Black Web"Basterd Son"200701-01Old Habits Die hard    
835:10Descendant"Devoured by Waves, Pt. 1"201605-31Imperio Mundi    
854:46Mercury Fang"Identity Crisis"200404-16The Sweet According to Sweden    
862:13Skellington"Legions of Hate"200712-05Last Human Standing    
875:10Damned Nation"Stonecold Woman - Remastered"201403-28Grand Design (Deluxe Edition) [Remastered]    
883:31Ambush"Possessed by Evil"201510-30Desecrator    
894:55Mindless Sinner"Turn on the Power"198601-01Turn on the Power (Expanded)    
903:07Screamer"Shadow Hunter"201910-11Highway of Heroes    
916:02Axewitch"The Lord of Flies"1983The Lord of Flies 74↓55↑ 
933:27Wolf"Shark Attack"201409-02Devil Seed 84↓87↓ 
943:49Torch"Knuckle Duster"202009-25Reignited    
954:34Steelwing"Solar Wind Riders"201201-01Zone Of Alienation    
974:32Air Raid"Line of Danger"201709-29Across the Line    
984:29Lethal Steel"Sirius"2015Legion of the Night 82↓55↓ 
994:42Astral Doors"Night of the Hunter"201904-26Worship or Die  87↓ 
1003:19In Solitude"He Comes"201309-30Sister    
1015:26Dream Evil"The Book of Heavy Metal (March of the Metallians)"200407-13The Book of Heavy Metal 96↓  
1024:07Silver Mountain"Aftermath"198303-01Shakin' Brains    
1034:38Trial (swe)"Die Young"202101-29Sisters of the Moon 2    
1045:42Dead Kosmonaut"Black Tongue Tar"202001-31Gravitas    
1053:33Keen Hue"Fly Away Honey"201911-29Heydays    
1063:57Syron Vanes"Angelchild"201701-27Chaos from a Distance    
1076:09Painful Pride"Lost Memories"201805-22Lost Memories    
1084:45Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall"Queen Of Fire"202006-10We Are The Night (Japan Edition)    
1096:53Helvetets Port"Lightning Rod Avenger"201911-08Exodus to Hell    
1104:25Scarblade"United as One"201605-13The Cosmic Wrath    
1113:42Brothers of Metal"Prophecy of Ragnarök"201704-01Prophecy of Ragnarök 100↓  
1124:34Cult Of The Fox"A Witch Shall Be Born"201108-04A Vow of Vengeance    
1133:46Crystal Pride"Rock'n Roll Gun"198511-24Crystal Pride    
1145:15StoneLake"Dreams"201804-25Thunder and Rain    
1163:52Night Viper"No Escape"201710-20Exterminator    
1195:09SlingBlade"Slasher on the Loose"201201-11The Unpredicted Deeds of Molly Black    
1204:36Lizard Eye"Garden Of Hope - 2011 edition"2011Flames Of The Sun    
1215:12Quicksand Dream"Daughters of Eve"201611-25Beheading Tyrants    
1223:55Sweet Lich"Rebellion"201701-02Never Satisfied    
1233:59Hellennium"Red, White and Black"201205-30Hellennium    
1244:16Poison Pill"Poison Pill"201711-07Poison Pill    
1255:48Highrider"A Burial Scene"201709-15Roll for Initiative    
1263:52Blacksmith Legacy"Far from the Light"201911-29Battalions of the Northern Realm 102↓18↓ 
1274:52Hellspray"Artificial Love"201201-01Part of the Solution    
1284:25Neptune"Fallen Nations"202011-06Northern Steel 110↓71↓ 
1294:41Gallows End"Nemesis Divine (Trial of the Gods)"201006-22Nemesis Divine    
1304:18Jayce Landberg"Break the Spell (feat. Goran Edman)"200803-26Break the Spell    
1312:43Ludor"Ride The Vapor"201301-01777 - The New 666    
1325:05Stormburner"Demon Fire"201912-06Shadow Rising    
1334:31LECHERY"We're All Born Evil"201802-02We Are All Born Evil    
1343:27Laudamus"I'm on My Way"200606-06Laudamus    
1354:31Thundermaker"The Winged Maiden"201803-09Gods of the Earth    
1363:13Trotoar"Far Away from Home"202005-08No Salvation    
1373:18Devil's Gun"Queen of Destruction"201904-12Sing for the Chaos    
1383:54Jan Akesson's Shadow Rain"I Can't Tell You No"201708-25Ascension    
1393:45Hungry Head Hunters"Danger High Voltage - 2021 Mix"201703-08Wreck Creation (2021 Mix)    
1404:29Pearly White"Way Of Life"201408-09Way Of Life    
1414:34Eddy Malm Band"Heart of a Warrior"201612-09Northern Lights    
1424:00Snakeskin Angels"Black Moon Curse"201302-15Follow the Snake to the Core    
1433:37Human Cometh"Wolves At the Door"201308-18Mayan Logic    
1443:35Whyte Ash"Die Alone"201006-24I Will Remain    
1454:22Freaks And Clowns"Justice Elite"202010-16Justice Elite 116↓49↑ 
1464:45Heroes Of Vallentor"Warriors Path"201410-10The Warriors Path, Pt. I    
1474:26Ambush"Hellbiter"202003-13Infidel  142↓ 
1483:33Mindless Sinner"Live and Die"198601-01Turn on the Power (Expanded)    
1493:27Screamer"Ride On"201910-11Highway of Heroes    
1505:32Axewitch"In Pitch Black Darkness"202104-30Out of the Ashes into the Fire    
1513:12Enforcer"Die for the Devil"201904-26Zenith    
1523:22Wolf"Midnight Hour"202003-13Feeding The Machine    
1533:48Torch"Warlock"200903-30Torch (Bonus Version)    
1545:24Steelwing"Roadkill (…Or Be Killed)"201001-01Lord Of The Wasteland    
1553:54Air Raid"Aiming for the Sky"201709-29Across the Line    
1565:41Bloodbound"Moria"201103-18Unholy Cross    
1575:16Lethal Steel"Nattsvart"2015Legion of the Night    
1584:45Astral Doors"Desperado"201904-26Worship or Die    
1594:37In Solitude"Death Knows Where"201309-30Sister    
1604:17Silver Mountain"Always"198303-01Shakin' Brains    
1614:59Trial (swe)"Motherless"201704-07Motherless    
1623:10Dream Evil"My Number One"200607-13United (Deluxe Version)    
1634:41Dead Kosmonaut"Iscariot's Dream"202001-31Gravitas    
1643:55Keen Hue"Crossfire"201911-29Heydays    
1657:47Syron Vanes"Trial of Spirit"201701-27Chaos from a Distance    
1665:22Painful Pride"Into the Fire"201805-22Lost Memories    
1675:37Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall"Temples And Towers"202006-10We Are The Night (Japan Edition)    
1683:01Helvetets Port"Helvetets Port"201911-08Exodus to Hell  70↓ 
1695:22Scarblade"Point of No Return"201605-13The Cosmic Wrath    
1704:14Brothers of Metal"Kaunaz Dagaz"202001-10Emblas Saga    
1713:21Cult Of The Fox"Killing the Black Dog"201804-20By the Styx    
1724:24Crystal Pride"Let You Go"198511-24Crystal Pride    
1733:38StoneLake"Hold on to You"201804-25Thunder and Rain    
1752:58Night Viper"Summon the Dead"201710-20Exterminator    
1764:02Chronus"Heavy Is the Crown"202004-24Idols    
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