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The Sound of Oxford Choir
See also Intro, Pulse or 2020; or the Sounds of British Choir, University Choir, Norwegian Choir, Orthodox Chant, Polish Choir, Australian Choir, Georgian Polyphony or American Choir; or much more at everynoise.com.
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Intro to Oxford Choir
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The Pulse of Oxford Choir
16:24Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina"Sicut cervus"201706-16Like as the Hart 1↑ 
22:23Antonio Vivaldi"Gloria in D Major, RV589: 1. Gloria in excelsis"199701-01Vivaldi: Gloria/Nisi Dominus/4 Cantatas etc.   
33:17Maurice Duruflé"Requiem, Op. 9: Introït"2008Duruflé: Requiem Op. 9   
45:37Elaine Hagenberg"The Music of Stillness - SATB"201805-21Oxford Choral Highlights 2017   
57:39Charles Villiers Stanford"St. Patrick's Breastplate "I Bind unto Myself Today" (Version for Choir & Organ)"200101-11The Complete New English Hymnal, Vol. 8   
64:30Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina"Missa Papae Marcelli: Kyrie"199204-29Palestrina: Missa Papae Marcelli   
73:33William Harris"Bring Us, O Lord God"201702-06single   
84:27Ola Gjeilo"Sacred Origins"201310-28The Merton Collection: Merton at 750 1↑ 
93:44The Arcadian Singers of Oxford University"Poulenc: Vinea Mea Electa"200710-26Salvator Mundi   
106:56James Whitbourn"Luminosity: I. Lux in tenebris"201002-23Whitbourn, J.: Luminosity   
118:01Johann Sebastian Bach"Ich habe genug, BWV 82 (version for choir and orchestra): Aria: Ich habe genug"199501-18Bach, J.S.: Magnificat in D Major, Bwv 243 / Ich Habe Genug, Bwv 82   
129:35William Byrd"Tristitia et anxietas"202101-05single 7↓ 
133:35Sarah Quartel"God with me - SATB"202106-17Choral Music from Oxford with Gesualdo Six 6   
144:09The Chapel Choir Of Worcester College"Leighton: Missa brevis: Leighton: Missa brevis - Gloria"200710-27There is a Spirit: Music from Worcester College, Oxford   
155:24Thomas Tallis"Sancte Deus, Sancte fortis"199201-01Magnum Mysterium II: A Special 2 ½ Hour Collection of Sacred Music Classics   
166:34Rudolf Mauersberger"Wie liegt die Stadt so wust"201304-02The Lost City: Lamentations Through the Ages   
173:32Jacob Clemens non Papa"Ecce quam bonum: Ecce quam bonum"200505-10Clemens non Papa: Behold, How Joyful   
185:37Jonathan Dove"For An Unknown Soldier: VIII. The Wind on the Downs"201611-04Jonathan Dove: For an Unknown Soldier   
198:05Charles Villiers Stanford"For Lo, I Raise up"201405-28Anthems and Motets of the English Romantic Tradition   
202:52Kenneth Naylor"How Shall I Sing That Majesty"201306-01How Shall I Sing That Majesty?   
213:09Max Kuhn"Classical solo"200001-15Good Friday by John Caldwell   
224:46Antony le Fleming"Nocturnes: Slumber Song"1997Some Shadows of Eternity... Choral Music by Antony Le Fleming   
234:32The Oxford Gargoyles"America (Live)"201808-04Twenty   
243:01The Choir of Keeble College, Oxford"O Thou Who Camest from Above"201403-04Christ the Lord Is Risen Today - Easter Hymns   
252:51The Oxford Oratory"Ave Maria Stella"200801-07Pray the Rosary: The Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries   
262:16John Bennet"All creatures now are merry merry-minded"201402-01A Garland of the Elizabethan   
272:22Vivaldi's Women"Gloria: Gloria in excelsis"201102-15Vivaldi - Gloria   
282:21Anonymous"Mirie it is"200501-01Medieval Music (Music for A Merry Monarch)   
296:09François Couperin"Lauda Sion salvatorem"201201-03Couperin: Exultent superi - Motets choisis   
302:57Charles Villiers Stanford"The Blue Bird"200401-01Music for A Summer Afternoon (Favourites for Drifting and Dreaming)   
312:41Musica Beata"The Cloud-Capped Towers"201205-20Songs of Springtime   
323:26The Oxford Belles"Songbird"201807-28Women of Note 4   
333:40Oxford University Press"The Arrow and the Song - SSATB with alto solo"202107-12Breath of Song   
342:48Jonathan Dove"Missa Brevis: III. Sanctus & Benedictus"202002-02To Be a Light   
353:41Hubert Parry"Dear Lord and Father of Mankind"201404-04Stanford, Parry & Edwards: Choral Works   
366:41Orlando Gibbons"Praise the Lord, O my soul"201104-01Gibbons: Church Music   
372:32Robin Milford"Mass a 5, Op. 84: Agnus Dei"201301-01Requiem Aeternam   
388:57Hildegard von Bingen"O Euchari in leta via"199504-24Hildegard Von Bingen: Heavenly Revelations   
393:22Charles Villiers Stanford"Eight Part-songs, Op.119: The Bluebird"200001-01Bluebird - Music Of Contemplation   
404:27George Frideric Handel"Israel in Egypt, HWV 54 / Pt. 1: Exodus: 15. "And Israel saw" 16. "And believed the Lord""197604-01Handel: Israel in Egypt   
413:05Maurice Duruflé"Requiem, Op. 9: Kyrie"2008Duruflé: Requiem Op. 9   
423:24Sarah Quartel"The Birds' Lullaby - Upper Voices"201812-17Sarah Quartel: Voice on the Wind   
435:08Gustav Holst"This have I done for my true love"1998Lux Mundi   
445:20Edgar Leslie Bainton"And I Saw a New Heaven"201702-06single 37↓ 
452:57John Tavener"Mother Of God, Here I Stand"201411-24The Marian Collection   
463:27The Arcadian Singers of Oxford University"Holst: Nunc Dimittis"200710-26Jubilate Agno   
476:09James Whitbourn"He carried me away in the spirit"201002-23Whitbourn, J.: Luminosity 37↓ 
483:16Déodat de Séverac"Tantum ergo"199404-29Fauré: Requiem / Messe Basse 40↓ 
496:50John Taverner"Mater Christi"201702-03Virgin and Child: Music from the Baldwin Partbooks II   
502:54Becky McGlade"My song is love unknown - SSATB"202106-17Choral Music from Oxford with Gesualdo Six 6   
513:29The Chapel Choir Of Worcester College"Leighton: Missa brevis: Leighton: Missa brevis - Agnus Dei"200710-27There is a Spirit: Music from Worcester College, Oxford   
524:18William Byrd"Sanctus from Mass for Five Voices"199201-01Magnum Mysterium II: A Special 2 ½ Hour Collection of Sacred Music Classics   
533:32Pablo Casals"O vos omnes"201304-02The Lost City: Lamentations Through the Ages   
543:07Jacob Clemens non Papa"Missa Ecce quam bonum: Et iterum"200505-10Clemens non Papa: Behold, How Joyful   
554:09Jonathan Dove"For An Unknown Soldier: I. 1914"201611-04Jonathan Dove: For an Unknown Soldier   
567:52Samuel Sebastian Wesley"Blessed be the God and Father in E-Flat Major"2014The Church Music of Samuel Sebastian Wesley   
572:58Maurice Bevan"There's a Wideness in God's Mercy"201306-01How Shall I Sing That Majesty?   
583:41Oxford Pro Musica Singers"Fragments from His Dish: Christmas 1666"2003Deep River   
594:43The Oxford Gargoyles"When She Loved Me/Blackbird"201808-04Twenty   
603:32Oxford Camerata"Requiem, Op. 48: Pie Jesu"199404-29Faure: Requiem / Messe Basse   
613:23Charles Villiers Stanford"Beati quorum via"200001-01Bluebird - Music Of Contemplation   
625:47John Taverner"Missa Gloria tibi Trinitas: Sanctus"200705-30Misa Gloria tibi Trinitas 59↓ 
633:31The Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford"I will exalt Thee"201011-30The English Anthem Anthology, Volume I (1540-1870)   
644:38Elaine Hagenberg"A Farewell - SATB"201805-07Oxford Choral Highlights 2018 60↓ 
652:38Anonymous"Veni, Creator Spritus "Come Holy Ghost, Our Souls Inspire""200101-11The Complete New English Hymnal, Vol. 8   
664:09George Frideric Handel"Dixit Dominus, HWV 232: De torrente"201305-13Dixit Dominus   
673:55Ēriks Ešenvalds"Merton College Service: Magnificat"201310-28The Merton Collection: Merton at 750   
683:44The Arcadian Singers of Oxford University"Blow: Salvator Mundi"200710-26Salvator Mundi   
693:47James Whitbourn"Eternal Rest"201002-23Whitbourn, J.: Luminosity   
703:20William Byrd"Miserere mei Deus"201307-01Libera Nos: The Cry of the Oppressed   
712:49Antonio Vivaldi"Gloria in excelsis Deo"199502-06Vivaldi: Gloria, Rv 589 / Beatus Vir, Rv 597   
723:24Malcolm Archer"Drop, drop slow tears - SATB"202106-17Choral Music from Oxford with Gesualdo Six 6   
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