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The Sound of Nantes Indie
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Intro to Nantes Indie
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The Pulse of Nantes Indie
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The Edge of Nantes Indie
13:43Mansfield.TYA"Une danse de mauvais goût"202102-19Monument ordinaire    
23:07Dominique A"Au revoir mon amour"201503-16Éléor    
34:25Voyou"Il neige"201902-15Les bruits de la ville    
43:18Elephanz"Maryland"201710-13Elephanz 3↓  
54:09Minitel Rose"Elevator"200805-28The French Machine 5↑  
63:06KO KO MO"Last Night a DJ Saved my Life"2020single    
74:37Anoraak"Gang"202004-10single 5↓  
83:42College"Can you kiss me first"200803-03Teenage color Ep 5    
93:36Jeanne Cherhal"Les gens qui doutent"200710-29Favourite songs    
104:56The Outrunners"Runaways"200905-27Valerie and Friends    
113:27C2C"Down The Road"201201-01Tetra    
123:16Maethelvin"Lost in Big City"200905-27Valerie and Friends 5↑  
133:34The Patriotic Sunday"Jonas"200910-26Characters    
143:13Pony Pony Run Run"Hey You"200903-31single 8↓  
153:24Papier Tigre"Restless empire"200812-01The beginning and end of now    
162:48Mou"Cha-cha"202004-24Bijoux d'amour 11↓  
173:30Sexy Sushi"Sex Appeal"200803-03Marre marre marre    
183:25French Cowboy"End of the Story"200806-23Share Horses 4↓  
194:40Rhum For Pauline"Walker's Lament"201009-22Miami    
203:21Room 204"Dortmund"200304-01Room 204    
212:38Percevalmusic"Eau Forte"200504-01Viescolaire    
223:29Pegase"Well Bell"201506-22Well Bell +1 15↓  
233:48Von Pariahs"I Want Her"2016Genuine Feelings    
242:56LENPARROT"Les yeux en cavale"201505-05Aquoibonism 5    
255:17Hocus Pocus"Quitte A T'Aimer"200701-01Place 54 10↓  
262:38Inüit"We the People"201810-12Action    
273:09Poésie Zéro"Va niquer ta mère"201701-06L'album bleu 8↓  
282:45Ed Mount"Distant Calls"202203-04Close to Your Heart 16↓  
294:50Faustine Seilman"Laissez-nous Là"201005-24Whispers & Shouts    
306:11[OHM]"Love Boxes"202003-05Dawning    
315:1220 Seconds Falling Man"A Forest"201912-16single    
325:34Will Guthrie"Nightcalla"202109-17People Pleaser, Pt. 2    
332:54Vincent Dupas"As The Stone Slowly Goes By"202203-04Airsteam A Soundtrack 6    
343:50Time for Energy"Black Eye Blues"201709-20Gang of Losers    
356:25The Traveling Lights"Heading South"202003-06There Is a Place    
363:16Zoë Avril"On Ne Changera Pas Le Monde"200804-21Zoë Avril (Edition digitale SFR)    
374:27Triceps"U Know the Game"202109-11Blow Your Mind 2    
382:57Manu"Tes cicatrices"2008Rendez-vous    
397:30So Many Men"Voskhod II"201902-25Voskhod 2    
403:57Royal Air Moon"Le rêveur solitaire"201911-20Derrière la nuit 6    
414:56Forgotten Illusions"Blue Eyed Girl"201711-03Riviera Disco Vol. 7 4    
423:34Madeon"Love You Back"202204-27single    
433:29Damuwa'S"Brise Salée"202008-05single    
453:56Première Fois"Pur sang"202003-25single    
463:48Das Kinø"Wicked Love"201704-14The Call of a Vision    
473:25Ask After B"Find Myself"201702-10single    
483:46Albinos Congo"It's Your Birthday Today"201803-14single    
492:14SamCat"Affaire à Faire"202203-04The Great Dive 28↓28↓ 
504:22Malween"Et si ce soir"201901-25Comme une étoile    
522:17Mansfield.TYA"Petite italie"202102-19Monument ordinaire 48↓  
534:34Dominique A"Éléor"201503-16Éléor    
543:51Voyou"Seul sur ton tandem"201902-15Les bruits de la ville 51↓  
554:06Elephanz"The Catcher in the Rye"201710-13Elephanz    
563:16Minitel Rose"Magic Powder"200805-28The French Machine    
573:11KO KO MO"YOUR KISS"202203-25NEED SOME MO'    
593:29College"The energy story"200811-26Secret Diary    
604:43Jeanne Cherhal"Brandt Rhapsodie (Bonus)"201001-01Charade    
614:42The Outrunners"These Girls Are Dressed To Kill"200909-21Cosmic Balearic Beats Vol. 2    
623:34Maethelvin"Plan B"201504-15Cs005    
643:39The Patriotic Sunday"The Day Wa A Waste"200503-16Lay Your Soul Bare    
653:06Papier Tigre"Home Truth"201203-05Recreation    
663:12Pony Pony Run Run"Alright"201603-04Voyage Voyage    
673:46Mou"Ça va le faire"202004-24Bijoux d'amour    
685:01French Cowboy"La ballade de Baby Face Nelson"200710-22Baby Face Nelson was a french cowboy    
692:35Sexy Sushi"Oublie moi"201007-26Cyril    
703:53Rhum For Pauline"I Can Reach the Top"201201-25Can Reach the Top 5    
715:55Room 204"Q2"200304-01Room 204    
726:40Percevalmusic"Mon Maître"200504-01Viescolaire    
733:12Pegase"Another World"201605-27Another World    
743:04Von Pariahs"Someone New"201309-30Hidden Tensions    
753:21LENPARROT"Ur Boat"201710-20And Then He    
764:02Hocus Pocus"Beautiful Losers"201001-0116 pièces    
773:38Inüit"Dodo Mafutsi"201704-06single 66↓  
782:30Poésie Zéro"TON PAYS C4EST DE LA MERDE"201911-18ALBUM BLEU 3    
793:32Ed Mount"Laurence"202203-04Close to Your Heart    
803:23Faustine Seilman"Ode to the Owl"201705-19The Nightwatcher    
816:21[OHM]"Walking on the Earth"202003-05Dawning    
825:5920 Seconds Falling Man"Dear Lord"202112-03VOID    
835:20Will Guthrie"Thésée"202109-17People Pleaser, Pt. 2    
843:18Vincent Dupas"Octopus Song"202203-04Airsteam A Soundtrack 6    
853:55Time for Energy"Bad Jokes Never Die"201709-20Gang of Losers    
864:54The Traveling Lights"The Hidden Sea"202003-06There Is a Place    
883:37Dominique A"Désaccord des éléments"202209-16Le monde réel 79↓  
893:16Voyou"Malika"202102-19Chroniques terrestres (Vol.1)    
903:19Elephanz"Bullitt - Bonus Track"201710-13Elephanz    
913:44Minitel Rose"Continue"200805-28The French Machine    
924:27KO KO MO"Self Love Age"201903-29Lemon Twins    
935:55Anoraak"Nightdrive with You (Fear Of Tigers Remix) - Bonus Track"200809-08Nightdrive with You (Deluxe Remastered Edition)    
943:45College"Fantasy park"200811-26Secret Diary    
952:44Jeanne Cherhal"Merci"200610-23L'eau    
964:56The Outrunners"Runaway"201109-10Outer Space Nu Disco 5    
973:06Maethelvin"Night Love"201504-15Cs005    
992:57The Patriotic Sunday"Billie Jean"200909-10Jonas 2    
1003:55Papier Tigre"I'm Someone Who Dies"201203-05Recreation    
1013:12Pony Pony Run Run"Walking On A Line"200906-08You Need Pony Pony Run Run    
1023:05Mou"Croissants"202004-24Bijoux d'amour    
1034:06French Cowboy"Room N° 5"200806-23Share Horses    
1043:16Sexy Sushi"A Bien Regarder ; Rachida"200905-07Tu L'As Bien Mérité!    
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