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The Sound of Montana Roots
See also the Sounds of Montana Indie, Scottish Singer-Songwriter, Manila Sound, Nordnorsk Musikk, Cymraeg, New England Americana, Canadian Folk, New Americana, Musica Etnica or Michigan Folk; or much more at everynoise.com.
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15:57Kitchen Dwellers"Gypsy"201704-21Ghost in the Bottledeep new americana, jam band, jamgrass, montana indie, montana roots, progressive bluegrass
24:58The Lil Smokies"California"201306-28The Lil Smokiesdeep new americana, montana roots, progressive bluegrass
33:38Laney Lou and the Bird Dogs"Time or Tears"201905-03Sweet Little Liesmontana roots
44:38Cole & The Thornes"Vagabond"202011-27singlemontana roots
54:21Jack Gladstone"Buffalo Cafe"199701-01Buffalo Cafemontana roots, native american contemporary
64:20Rob Quist"In Without Knocking"201508-16Songs from Western Harmonymontana roots
74:37Dodgy Mountain Men"Sleep When I'm Dead"201205-25Stronger Than Deathmontana roots
84:22Nick Spear"Our Mother the Mountain"201306-24A River Belowmontana roots
93:31Doug Adkins"Waltz Across Montana"201905-23singlemontana roots, red dirt
102:59Daniel and The Blonde"Something's Got to Give"201311-28Daniel and The Blondemontana roots, washboard
114:01Matt Watts"Joanne"201703-03How Different It Was When You Were Theremontana roots
123:18Cade Slayden"Don't Think Twice, It's All Right"202004-13singlemontana roots
134:30Wolf and the Moons"The Man from Colorado"201911-15Wander Homemontana roots
146:55Larry Hirshberg"Sunny Corner"202006-10Hirshberg's Palace of Imperfectionsmontana roots
154:20Amy Martin"Rise and Shine"200304-03Live in Missoulamontana roots
163:51Quinlan Conley and the I-90 Blues"Mississippi Shores"201806-01When the Fire Goes Outmontana indie, montana roots
172:46Eryn Bent"None Given"202104-09singlemontana roots, santa fe indie
184:50Jeff Berglund"High Time"202001-06High Timemontana roots
193:51Chad Okrusch"Bottomless Lake"200804-21Wisdom Roadmontana roots
203:34Mike Ulvila"From My Home"200909-04Montana Mattersmontana roots
214:54Luke Dowler"Going to Montana"202006-26singlemontana indie, montana roots
224:14Lane Norberg"Summer"201808-31singlemontana roots
233:17Lucy Langlas"Speed"201901-22singlemontana roots
245:43Tarkio"Keeping Me Awake"2006Omnibusmontana indie, montana roots
254:43Andrea Harsell"Caterpillar Fungus (feat. Ric Parnell & Louie Bond)"200712-12Fungal Boogiemanmontana roots
264:08Shane Clouse"Montana on My Mind"200311-01Montana On My Mindmontana roots
273:37Ken Overcast"Montana Lullaby"200001-01Montana Cowboymontana roots
284:04Dodgy Mountain Men"Chili Pepper Mama - Demo"201507-22singlemontana roots
294:59Ryan Winslow"Whiskey Has Her Way"202002-14Evergreenmontana roots
305:28Tj Overcast"Small Town Prison"202104-02Lonely Old Roadmontana roots
315:47Brittany Brook"At Least the Point Is Living"202003-31singlemontana roots
322:52Tim Ryan"Horse with No Rider"1997Tried, True And Testedmontana roots
333:45Kyle Dean"Ocean"201607-01Firelight & Whiskey 5montana roots
343:24John Floridis"Anji"200101-01The Dance of Apollomontana roots
353:09Jaden Decker"Sinnett Chapel"202101-22singlemontana roots
364:17David Walburn"Meat's In The Freezer (Let's Go Skiing)"2003Montana: Life Under The Big Skymontana roots
372:58Jackson Holte and the Highway Patrol"Aspens"202003-29Last Rain of the Summermontana indie, montana roots
384:33Jessica Kilroy"Forevermore"200701-01Big Dreamsmontana roots
395:18The Lucky Valentines"Stable Song"201609-30Lion in the Gardenmontana roots
403:37Tom Catmull"Be Mine"201310-26Words and Maladymontana indie, montana roots
412:28The Timber Rattlers"Rusty Veins"202104-30Last Echomontana roots
427:36Robert Wakefield"A Year Later and Coffee Never Tasted So Bitter"201805-02There Are No Speed Limits in Montanamontana roots
434:46Tophouse"Vanity"202104-16singlemontana roots
444:48Hunter and the Gatherers"Montana Mountain"202005-01CG Recording Demos 3montana roots
454:00Plowed Under Band"Tomorrow Might Not Matter"202004-10singlemontana roots
465:28Wind and the Willows"Coeur D'alene"201902-04Bloom and Fademontana roots
473:30Kyle Shobe & the Walk 'Em Boys"The Auctioneer"201907-31Long Overduemontana roots
483:02100 Proof"Natural Born Sinner"201909-27Lost & Foundmontana roots
496:15The Hawthorne Roots"Two Little Birds"201806-07On Second Thought 5montana roots
506:18Kitchen Dwellers"Visions of Mohr"201704-21Ghost in the Bottledeep new americana, jam band, jamgrass, montana indie, montana roots, progressive bluegrass
514:02The Lil Smokies"Kansas City"201903-08singledeep new americana, montana roots, progressive bluegrass
523:25Laney Lou and the Bird Dogs"Carolina"201905-03Sweet Little Liesmontana roots
536:10Cole & The Thornes"El Viento"201803-08Map Makermontana roots
543:48Jack Gladstone"When the Land Belonged to God"199701-01Buffalo Cafemontana roots, native american contemporary
554:07Rob Quist"A Lady Called Montana"201508-16Songs from Western Harmonymontana roots
564:51Dodgy Mountain Men"Gone Gone Gone"201609-01Changing Lanesmontana roots
574:24Nick Spear"Tap 'er Light"201712-10West Dakota Snakesmontana roots
583:47Doug Adkins"Second Hand Heart"201807-12singlemontana roots, red dirt
592:55Daniel and The Blonde"Hard People"201311-28Daniel and The Blondemontana roots, washboard
603:48Cade Slayden"Carolina"201907-03singlemontana roots
614:06Matt Watts"Many a Friend Too Kind"201703-03How Different It Was When You Were Theremontana roots
625:17Wolf and the Moons"Edge of Seventeen"201911-15Wander Homemontana roots
632:59Larry Hirshberg"Your Prescription"202006-10Hirshberg's Palace of Imperfectionsmontana roots
644:06Amy Martin"Raven's Wings"200501-28Deliverancemontana roots
652:38Quinlan Conley and the I-90 Blues"Boxer's Fracture"201806-01When the Fire Goes Outmontana indie, montana roots
663:38Eryn Bent"Go Down Fighting"201903-22Go Down Fighting 5montana roots, santa fe indie
674:08Jeff Berglund"Feels Like Far"202001-06High Timemontana roots
684:26Chad Okrusch"St Patrick's Day At The M&M"200804-21Wisdom Roadmontana roots
693:16Luke Dowler"Halfway"201412-22West 5montana indie, montana roots
704:18Lane Norberg"Me, the Prodigal"201903-01singlemontana roots
713:49Lucy Langlas"American Radio"201810-19Mountainmontana roots
723:36Andrea Harsell"Nothing Like a Hebeloma (feat. Jason Hicks)"200712-12Fungal Boogiemanmontana roots
733:20Shane Clouse"Leaving Georgia"201005-28Good Thing Going Onmontana roots
742:38Tarkio"Neapolitan Bridesmaid"2006Omnibusmontana indie, montana roots
754:50Ken Overcast"Ride Cowboy Ride"200001-01Montana Cowboymontana roots
763:09Ryan Winslow"Blackout Curtains"202002-14Evergreenmontana roots
774:27Tj Overcast"Lonely Old Road"202104-02Lonely Old Roadmontana roots
784:18Brittany Brook"Toast (feat. Kendra Jo Brook, Marcy MC Guigan & Margaret Désirée Mug)"201704-24The Way to the Lighthousemontana roots
794:14Tim Ryan"The Old Cowboy"1997Tried, True And Testedmontana roots
803:25Kyle Dean"Beargrass in Bloom"201607-01Firelight & Whiskey 5montana roots
814:58Kitchen Dwellers"Mountain"201704-21Ghost in the Bottledeep new americana, jam band, jamgrass, montana indie, montana roots, progressive bluegrass
826:11The Lil Smokies"Mending the Fence"201306-28The Lil Smokiesdeep new americana, montana roots, progressive bluegrass
833:38Laney Lou and the Bird Dogs"By the Fire"201905-03Sweet Little Liesmontana roots
844:24Cole & The Thornes"Manifest"201803-08Map Makermontana roots
854:59Jack Gladstone"Valley of the Little Big Horn"199701-01Buffalo Cafemontana roots, native american contemporary
866:25Rob Quist"Kootenai"201508-16Songs from Western Harmonymontana roots
874:00Dodgy Mountain Men"Chili Pepper Mama"201609-01Changing Lanesmontana roots
884:10Nick Spear"Quiet Little Town"202003-16singlemontana roots
893:19Doug Adkins"Whiskey Salesman"201904-12singlemontana roots, red dirt
904:02Daniel and The Blonde"I Feel Like Drinkin'"201311-28Daniel and The Blondemontana roots, washboard
914:28Cade Slayden"Thousands of Years"202009-18singlemontana roots
923:09Matt Watts"How It Yearns"201112-28Joy and Longingmontana roots
933:34Wolf and the Moons"Around"201911-15Wander Homemontana roots
945:40Larry Hirshberg"Only the River Is Real"202006-10Hirshberg's Palace of Imperfectionsmontana roots
954:45Amy Martin"Waxwing"200304-03Live in Missoulamontana roots
963:06Quinlan Conley and the I-90 Blues"Whistlin' Dixie"201806-01When the Fire Goes Outmontana indie, montana roots
974:28Eryn Bent"25"201405-18Fireflymontana roots, santa fe indie
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