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The Sound of Kids Dance Party
See also Intro, Pulse, Edge, ♀Filter or 2020; or the Sounds of Children's Music, Zespol Dziecięcy, Er Ge, Música para Crianças, Muziek Voor Kinderen, VBS, Musik Anak-Anak, Kodomo No Ongaku, Música Infantil or Musica Per Bambini; or much more at everynoise.com.
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Intro to Kids Dance Party
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The Pulse of Kids Dance Party
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The Edge of Kids Dance Party
13:51Cupid"Cupid Shuffle"200709-11Time For A Change    
20:33Bunny Hop Dance Party"You Are My Sunshine"201111-30Bunny Hop Dance Party 38↑  
34:03Mr. C The Slide Man"Head Snappin (Radio Edit)"201204-06Head Snappin 2    
41:47Cooltime Kids"Alphabet Song"202109-22Iskolakezdés: Gyerekdalok 2021 2↑  
58:31Mr. C"E-Motion - Original"201601-21E-Motion    
64:04The Party Cats"I Like To Move It From Madagascar"200601-01Kids Dance Party    
74:36Mixx Master Lee"Featuring Mixx Master Lee & Red Rum (Main Version)"200601-01The Mississippi Cha Cha Slide A.K.A. STOMP 2007 32↑  
81:43Amy Liz"Slippery Fish"201112-12Kid Hits 7↓  
92:30Diego, Dora & Friends"Down By The Bay"200604-04Diego, Dora & Friends' Animal Jamboree 5↓  
103:48Stanky Legg Crew"Stanky Legg"200902-03single    
112:52Big Mucci"Trail Riders Shuffle"201906-06Big Mucci the Bikers Shuffle & Line-Dance / Slide Collection    
123:46Wobble Baby Wobble Baby"Wobble"201212-06single 26↑  
132:23Patty Shukla"Choo Choo Train"201305-31Wiggle it! 11↓  
140:42Dora The Explorer"Dora The Explorer Theme"2004Dora The Explorer    
151:54The Fresh Beat Band"Here We Go"201201-31Music from the Hit TV Show    
162:42Dr. Jean Feldman"Tooty Ta"199805-21Dr. Jean and Friends 13↓  
173:34Rik Gaynor"Chu Chu Ua (English Translated)"201010-10Party Dances/Mini Disco The Greatest Holiday Album Ever!    
183:20School Jamz"Chasing the Sun"201403-28Sleepover Party Mix    
196:58Halloween Party Kids"The Dead Pianist"202010-26Scary Halloween Music: Hauntingly Spooky Music and Sound Effects for Parties    
202:51DJ Huffness"Run Around That town"201202-14single    
216:26Mr. C"Cha Cha Slide (Re-Recorded) [Remastered]"201209-15Cha Cha Slide 3    
222:12Choo Choo Soul"Chugga Chugga Choo Choo - Original Version"200601-01Choo Choo Soul 13↓  
233:36Chip-man & The Buckwheat Boyz"Peanut Butter Jelly Time - Radio"200808-19Peanut Butter Jelly Time 4    
242:41Mister Rhythm"Duckie Duckie"200910-28Mister Rhythm's Picnic 6↑120↑ 
253:52Poloville"Movie"201112-17Cost to Purp    
261:05Imagination Movers"Jump Up!"200901-01Imagination Movers: For Those About to Hop 14↓  
275:51Grandmaster Slice"Electric Slide (Shall We Dance)"199103-04Electric Slide (Shall We Dance) 14↑  
280:48Imitator Tots"Wild Kratts"201905-03single 13↓  
292:14Have Fun Teaching"Hopping Skipping Song"201005-03Fitness Songs 8↓19↑ 
301:07Little Apple Band"Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)"201903-07Musical Moments from The Magical Kingdom - The Mickey Collection 13↓  
313:13Kids Rock Kidz"Starships - Clean Lyrics"201405-19Kids Rock Party - Sung by Kids for Kids (Clean Lyrics) 8↓  
321:58The Hampsters"Chicken Dance [Deluxe][Dance Mix]"200904-15Hampster Dance: The Hamptons 6↓  
331:17Denise Gagne"Tony Chestnut"1997Singing Games Children Love Volume 2 (Part 2) 23↓30↓ 
340:45The Kiddie Katz"Shimmer and Shine Theme"201702-10Tv Toons 2: Favorite Children Tv Show Themes 18↓101↑ 
353:58GoNoodle"Banana, Banana, Meatball"201709-29GoNoodle Presents Blazer Fresh (Vol. 1) 22↓  
364:59Susan Bowman"You_know_i_want_love_celebration"201104-22Beautiful Girls Crazy    
371:52The Nursery Rhymes Superstar"Five Little Ducks"201410-22Nursery Rhymes    
382:43Basho & Friends"Hello, How Ya Feelin?"201108-25Dance Party On Fun Street 18↓32↑ 
390:54Fancy Nancy - Cast"Add a Little Fancy (Fancy Nancy Main Title)"201806-08Disney Junior Music: Fancy Nancy 25↓  
402:06Boston Soundlabs"Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)"201011-09Just Dance Kids (Original Game Soundtrack) 13↓  
411:04Kids Baby Children Party Music songs for Toddlers"ABC Alphabet Song"201603-04Kids Baby Children Party Music songs for Toddlers 17↓  
423:05Yavel"El Brujito de Bulubú"1989Siempre Niños Con Yavel Vol. 1    
431:41Kidsounds"Pirate Counting to Ten"201311-04Number Songs 11↓  
441:33Nursery Rhymes Music"Quiet Night"201909-0130 Beautiful Melodies to Put Your Kids to Sleep 10↓  
453:04Pancake Manor"Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed"201701-19Happy and We Know It    
460:59Children Love to Sing"Count to Eight"201807-02Counting Songs for Kids    
473:09Spookie Blue"Nothing But Love"201006-11single    
482:07Anuradha Javeri"Ten Little Indians"201311-20Nursery Rhymes: Hooplakidz, Vol. 3 43↓  
493:15Planet L"Shake"201705-19single    
504:26Hampster Dance Kids Party"Shout (Karaoke)"201204-09Hampster Dance Kids    
512:53Hokey Pokey Kids"Hokey Pokey - Faster"201201-31Hokey Pokey Kids Party 29↓72↑ 
521:41Junior Jingles"Alouette"201209-10Bilingual French Nursery Rhymes 7↓  
533:48Miss Melodee"The Freeze Dance"201507-14Find Your Melody 28↓  
542:47Juice Box Heroes"Sound Like An Elephant"201101-06Loose Tooth 17↓  
551:17BeatBo"Freeze Dance"201501-01Fisher-Price BeatBo 4 37↓15↓ 
560:44Kids R Us Party Songs"Happy Birthday To You"201201-01Kids R Us Party Songs    
571:19Daddy Donut"Tyrannosaurus Rex"201308-15Dinosaur Songs 26↓  
580:33Party Time Kids Band"You Are My Sunshine"201305-03100 Kids Party Songs    
592:20Christopher "Zondaflex" Tyler"Jump"201005-19Zonda Dance Hip Hop 101    
600:44Kids DJ's Party Songs"Happy Birthday To You"201110-11KIDS DJ's PARTY SONGS    
612:31Ray Remesch"A Tooty Ta (Tootie Ta)"201307-16single 42↓21↑ 
623:49Pepe Frontera & Friends"El Venao"201309-13Holidays With Macarena    
633:24Preschool Popstars"Juice Box"201110-18Daycare Dance Party 28↓  
642:10Christopher Zondaflex Tyler"The Stretch Song"201109-08Mr Chris Hip Hop Dance Moves 31↓118↑ 
652:57DJ Cotton Eye Joe"Cotton Eye Joe"201112-06Cotton Eye Joe +1    
663:56New Re-Mix Squad"Thrift Shop (Instrumental Version)[As Made Famous by Macklemore & Lewis]"201302-02Thrift Shop - The Clean Mixes 3    
673:50Chicken Dance Mix DJ's"Electric Slide (Faster Version)"201104-15CHICKEN DANCE PARTY 20↓  
682:02Hampster Dance DJ's"Freeze Dance (Karaoke)"201108-05The Hampster Dance Party    
692:33Kids Dance Party"Kid's Luau Party"201003-14Kids Dance Party Mix: Ultimate Party Songs    
703:30Electric Slide Music Makers"The Hampster Dance Song"200107-14Electric Slide: with friends...    
712:56DJ Black Rock"Lean on (feat. Samantha Bosworth)"201708-04The Grass Is Greener    
723:38Wedding DJ's"I Like How It Feels"201107-31WEDDING DANCE SONGS    
730:44Freeze Dance DJ's"Happy Birthday To You"201107-22FREEZE DANCE PARTY 27↓  
743:22Electric Slide Party"You Da One"201111-15Electric Slide Party    
753:23Electric Slide DJ's"Waka Waka"201106-17ELECTRIC SLIDE DANCE PARTY 26↓  
767:45Casper & Col'ta"Cha-Cha Slide (Club )"200008-01The Slide Album    
772:05Line Dances"La Bamba"201107-22Line Dances 27↓  
782:36DJ Chipman"Peanut Butter Jelly Dance"202007-31single    
793:32Kids DJ Mixer"Rum and Raybans (Clean Version)"201308-26Hit Party Songs - Clean Versions    
803:21Dance Dance Dance!"Old Time Rock n' Roll"201102-14Kids Dance Party Classics    
814:58Limbo Rock Kids Party"Limbo Rock - Party Mix"201201-31Limbo Rock Kids Party 45↓  
823:13Ultimate Party Mixers"Hokey Pokey"200605-15Ultimate Party Mix    
837:16Line Dancing"Cha Cha Slide - Party Mix"201109-22Line Dancing    
840:44Electric Slide Dance Party DJ's"Happy Birthday - Sing-A-Long"201108-22Electric Slide Dance Party    
853:55Raggs"Blue Eyes (feat. Mista Snipe)"201501-22single    
867:39Cha Cha Slide Kids"Cha Cha - Fast Party Mix"201201-31Cha Cha Slide Kids Party    
870:44Kiddie Boppers"Happy Birthday to You"201204-11Hokey Pokey Kids    
883:41Cha Cha Slide DJ's"Gangnam Style - Radio Mix"201302-26single    
897:14Mr. C The Slide Man"Head Snappin (Alb Version)"201204-06Head Snappin 2    
903:31Cupid"369 (feat. B.o.B.)"200709-11Time For A Change    
918:37Mr. C"E-Motion - Eugene Black Dub"201601-21E-Motion    
923:19Cooltime Kids"Fifty Nifty United States"201705-26Patriotic Kids' Songs    
934:39Mixx Master Lee"Featuring Mixx Master Lee & Red Rum (D.C. Version)"200601-01The Mississippi Cha Cha Slide A.K.A. STOMP 2007    
943:17The Party Cats"Wooly Bully"201001-01Kids Dance Party: Halloween Jams 83↓  
952:55Diego, Dora & Friends"The Lion Sleeps Tonight"200604-04Diego, Dora & Friends' Animal Jamboree  78↓ 
964:10Big Mucci"The Set Slide"201906-06Big Mucci the Bikers Shuffle & Line-Dance / Slide Collection    
973:15Amy Liz"Goin' to the Zoo"201112-12Kid Hits  90↓ 
982:44Patty Shukla"Shake and Move"201102-14Roar Like a Lion!    
992:27Dora The Explorer"Chicken Dance"200809-09Dora The Explorer Party Favorites 92↓  
1001:47The Fresh Beat Band"Bananas"201201-31Music from the Hit TV Show 72↓  
1010:30Dr. Jean Feldman"Tiny Tim the Turtle"200705-01Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs    
1024:13Rik Gaynor"The Duck Song - Party Dance Mix"201302-06Kids Bopper's Party 73↓  
1033:36School Jamz"When Can I See You Again?"201403-28Sleepover Party Mix    
1046:12Halloween Party Kids"Living Nightmare"202010-26Scary Halloween Music: Hauntingly Spooky Music and Sound Effects for Parties    
1053:24DJ Huffness"Cash Money"201104-26single    
1066:01Mr. C"Casper Slide, Pt. 2 (20th Anniversary Edition)"201909-13single 64↓  
1073:33Chip-man & The Buckwheat Boyz"Peanut Butter Jelly Time - Instrumental"200808-19Peanut Butter Jelly Time 4    
1080:42Mister Rhythm"Hop Little Bunny"200910-28Mister Rhythm's Picnic    
1092:03Choo Choo Soul"ABC Gospel - Original Version"200601-01Choo Choo Soul  11↑ 
1105:06Poloville"Cost to Purp"201112-17Cost to Purp    
1114:00Grandmaster Slice"Thinking Of You"199103-04Electric Slide (Shall We Dance)    
1122:04Imagination Movers"Happy"202107-09single    
1132:49Imitator Tots"Peanut Butter Jelly Time"201503-13single    
1143:00Have Fun Teaching"Walking Song"201005-03Fitness Songs    
1151:24Little Apple Band""C" IS FOR COOKIE"201008-10The Favorite Songs Of Sesame Street    
1163:23Kids Rock Kidz"Dynamite"201405-19Kids Rock Party - Sung by Kids for Kids (Clean Lyrics)    
1173:50The Hampsters"Electric Slide - [Deluxe] [Dance Mix]"200904-15Hampster Dance: The Hamptons    
1181:31Denise Gagne"Head And Shoulders"1997Musicplay Grade 1 Greatest Hits (Part 3)    
1191:06The Kiddie Katz"Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Theme Song"201702-07single    
1214:37Susan Bowman"Viva_la_romance_dj_s_mash_up_remix"201104-22Beautiful Girls Crazy    
1221:48The Nursery Rhymes Superstar"The Itsy Bitsy Spider"201410-22Nursery Rhymes    
1232:53Basho & Friends"Basho's Alphabet"201108-25Dance Party On Fun Street    
1242:09Boston Soundlabs"Happy Birthday to You"201011-09Just Dance Kids (Original Game Soundtrack)    
1251:09Kids Baby Children Party Music songs for Toddlers"Eggbert the Easter Egg"201603-04Kids Baby Children Party Music songs for Toddlers    
1261:05Fancy Nancy - Cast"J'Adore Paris"201806-08Disney Junior Music: Fancy Nancy    
1271:22Yavel"El Sombrero Distraido"1989Siempre Niños Con Yavel Vol. 1    
1281:46Kidsounds"Once I Caught a Fish Alive"201311-04Number Songs    
1291:10Nursery Rhymes Music"Little Boy Blue - Instrumental"201901-20Sing-a-long Nursery Rhymes    
1302:54Pancake Manor"Happy and You Know It"201701-19Happy and We Know It    
1310:32Children Love to Sing"Leo the Lion"201401-10Timeless Treasures    
1321:34Anuradha Javeri"Hokey Pokey"201202-27Hoopla Kidz, Vol. 2    
1333:07Planet L"Can't You Feel the Rhythm"201807-06single    
1342:29Hokey Pokey Kids"Hokey Cokey - Faster Version"201201-31Hokey Pokey Kids Party    
1351:42Junior Jingles"Frère Jacques"201209-10Bilingual French Nursery Rhymes    
1363:37Miss Melodee"Let It Go"201507-14Find Your Melody    
1373:23Juice Box Heroes"Foods I Like"201207-09Raise Your Snack    
1381:15BeatBo"ABC Dance"201501-01Fisher-Price BeatBo 4    
1390:33Kids R Us Party Songs"You Are My Sunshine"201201-01Kids R Us Party Songs    
1402:51Daddy Donut"The Dinosaur ABC"201702-13single    
1411:17Party Time Kids Band"Fur Elise (Short Version)"201305-06100 Kids Favorites    
1422:09Christopher "Zondaflex" Tyler"Toprock Level 1"201005-19Zonda Dance Hip Hop 101    
1430:33Kids DJ's Party Songs"You Are My Sunshine"201110-11KIDS DJ's PARTY SONGS    
1441:07Ray Remesch"English Spanish Color Song"201403-29EFlashApps Nursery Rhymes, Vol. 3    
1453:09Pepe Frontera & Friends"Agadoo"201309-13Holidays With Macarena    
1462:09Preschool Popstars"Wait Until I Cook It"201110-18Daycare Dance Party    
1472:38Christopher Zondaflex Tyler"The Paradiddle Song"201304-29Mr. Chris' Tap Music for Kids    
1489:59Mr. C"E-Motion - Noel Jackson Remix"201601-21E-Motion    
1494:14Cupid"Cornbread & Greens (feat. Big Pokey)"201608-31Dance Party King    
1501:58Cooltime Kids"B-I-N-G-O"202107-23Inglês para Crianças    
1514:31Mixx Master Lee"Featuring Mixx Master Lee & Red Rum (Blues Short Mix)"200601-01The Mississippi Cha Cha Slide A.K.A. STOMP 2007    
1525:09The Party Cats"Macarena"200601-01Kids Dance Party    
1533:29Diego, Dora & Friends"Joy To The World"200604-04Diego, Dora & Friends' Animal Jamboree    
1543:44Big Mucci"Happy Birthday Slide"201906-06Big Mucci the Bikers Shuffle & Line-Dance / Slide Collection 111↓  
1552:41Amy Liz"I Am A Pizza"201112-12Kid Hits    
1562:42Patty Shukla"Stand Up, Sit Down"201102-14Roar Like a Lion!    
1572:05The Fresh Beat Band"Let's Get Loud"201210-09The Fresh Beat Band Vol 2.0: More Music From The Hit TV Show    
1582:51Dora The Explorer"Row, Row, Row Your Boat"200809-09Dora The Explorer Party Favorites    
1591:42Dr. Jean Feldman"Rise and Shine"200405-01All Day Long    
1603:34Rik Gaynor"Superman"201010-10Party Dances/Mini Disco The Greatest Holiday Album Ever!    
1613:44School Jamz"Firework"201309-19Dance Party Mix    
1624:39Halloween Party Kids"Abominable"202010-26Scary Halloween Music: Hauntingly Spooky Music and Sound Effects for Parties    
1634:56DJ Huffness"She Want to Marry Me"201109-13single    
1644:32Mr. C"Roll Like Dis / Cha-cha Slide Part 2"200903-10Mr. C Presents The Cha-cha Slide Greatest Hits    
1651:46Chip-man & The Buckwheat Boyz"Peanut Butter Jelly Time - Short Version"200808-19Peanut Butter Jelly Time 4    
1661:15Mister Rhythm"Rig a Jig Jig"200910-28Mister Rhythm's Farmer's Red Barn    
1672:45Choo Choo Soul"One-Two One-Two-Three - Original Version"200601-01Choo Choo Soul    
1684:24Poloville"T.H.C."201112-17T.H.C. - Single 2    
1695:44Grandmaster Slice"Girls Move Their Butts"199103-04Electric Slide (Shall We Dance)    
1701:00Imagination Movers"Watermelon Meow Meow"201202-28Rock-O-Matic    
1712:35Imitator Tots"Dinotrux"201902-01single    
1724:16Have Fun Teaching"Seasons Song"201102-26Science Songs    
1731:01Little Apple Band"Dinosaur Train Theme"201206-07Kids Favorite Cartoon Themes  82↓ 
1743:08Kids Rock Kidz"Party Rock Anthem - Clean Lyrics"201405-19Kids Rock Party - Sung by Kids for Kids (Clean Lyrics)    
1753:13The Hampsters"Hampster Dance - [Deluxe] [Party Mix]"200904-15Hampster Dance: The Hamptons    
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