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The Sound of Panpipe
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Intro to Panpipe
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The Pulse of Panpipe
13:39The Instrumental Pan Pipes Band"Unchained Melody"201005-20Pan Flute Vol.5 —  
24:12Orchestra Panpipes Gold"Take My Breath Away"200905-22Romantic Panpipes 1↑ 
33:10Dinu Radu"I Have A Dream"200705-12I Have a Dream - Romantic Instrumentals: Panflute 1↓ 
42:51Quechua y su flauta de los Andes"The Sound of Silence"201302-18Pan Pipes: Relax & Chillout —  
53:17Pan Pipes Band"Moonlight Shadow - Pan Pipes"201002-1880'S Instrumental Pan Pipes —  
63:50Pickwick Panpipers"Eternal Flame"199601-01Pan Pipes Moods 1↑ 
74:38Nazca"COMANDANTE CHE GUEVARA"2002NAZCA - Spiritual Music   
84:30Marco Vinicio"El sonido del silencio (Panflute version)"201011-23Panpipe Hits. Flauta de Pan   
96:54Wayra"Ponchito"201305-29Music Of The Andes   
103:22Gheorghe Zamfir"Theme From Limelight"199101-01Spotlight On Gheorghe Zamfir   
113:30Petruta Küpper"Once Upon A Time In The West"201001-18Panträume 9↑ 
126:02Saiwa"Ly O Lay Ale Loye"200911-12Native Indians Secrets   
133:55Romantic Flutes Ocarina"Can You Feel The Love Tonight"200905-22Los Mejores Temas De Ocarina Vol.II 5↓27↑
143:37Marc Ross"Sellado Por Un Beso"200004-29Música De Oro - Instrumental Flauta (Pan Pipes) 5↓ 
155:44Tarahumara"Quantanamera"200607-11Relaxing Harmony   
167:18Panpipe Orchestra"No Woman No Cry"201504-28Sound of Pan Pipes 6↓ 
174:57Jorge Rico"Cacharpaya Del Indio"200201-01A Journey To The Andes   
183:20The Panpipe Orchestra"I Have A Dream"200801-01Romantic Pan Pipes  34↑
192:58The Blue Mountain Panpipe Ensemble"Green Green Grass of Home"1995Haunting Pan Pipe Favourites 9↑ 
204:42The Royal Pan Pipes Orchestra"Circle Of Life - Pan Pipes"201002-18Pan Pipes Vol.2   
214:02Salasacamanda Shamushpa"Woman in Love"201209-14Melodias Del Corazon, Vol. 2 (The Best Of Relax Flute)   
223:40Daniela de Santos"El Condor Pasa"199801-01Diamonds   
234:01Damian Luca"You Raise Me Up"201912-26Flûte de pan 7↓33↑
244:27Joaquim Sanchez & Pipes Of The Enamorates"My Heart Will Go On"200108-20Pan Pipes Songs Of Love — 20↓
253:58Free The Spirit"Love Is All Around"201103-09Panpipe Moods: Conquest 4↑21↑
264:22Inishkea"Angels"2003100 Pan Pipe Chillouts 6↑33↑
275:44Inca Son"Mi Cambio (My Change)"199701-01(Volume #4) Mi Cambio (My Change) 6↑ 
282:57Banda Andina De Ocarina"El Padrino-Tema Central"201105-20Ocarina-Song Of Ocarina 9↓23↓
292:39Dalila Cernatescu"Forbidden games"201912-26Flûte de pan   
305:00Subsonica Orchestra"Concierto De Aranjuez"199804-29Songs of Ocarina - Instrumental Flauta (Pan Pipes) 7↑61↑
313:08Pablo Montoya"The Sound of Silence"2010Les plus grands succés de la flûte de Pan aux synthétiseurs 5   
324:02The Pan Pipes Band"Time To Say Goodbye"200908-28Flauta Magica 15↓— 
334:16Inkas Heart"Rio Abierto"201602-01Of the Andes (Instrumental) 6↑ 
343:54Quechua, et son Flûte Indienne"Pour L'amour d'Une Femme"201306-06Flûte De Pan, Pan Flûte: Relax & Chillout 7↑79↑
353:40Georges Schmitt"Song Of Ocarina"200901-01The Best Of Authentic Pan Pipes, Flûte De Pan, Pan Flöte   
364:14Pierre Belmonde"I Believe I Can Fly"199707-01Reflections - The Haunting Sounds of the Pan Pipes — 27↑
373:39Simion Luca"Always on My Mind"1998Hooked on Panflute   
385:06Pan Pipes Orchestra"My Heart Will Go on (Love Theme From Titanic) (Panpipe Version)"201111-02Pan Pipe Romantic 8↓14↓
394:12Nikos Mirakis"He Aint Heavy, He's My Brother"201004-01Romantic Panpipes Volume 3 3↑ 
404:16Pan Flute Pan Pipe Flute De Pan Nick Tacu"2.Shalom"201201-25Jewish Music and Hymns Pan Flute   
413:41Los Mayas"Song of Ocarina"1995Le top de la flûte de Pan   
423:49Nazca, Wayra Rodriguez"Shamans dance"201007-23Indian Dance 2↓65↑
434:42Roberto Danova"My Heart Will Go On"201907-14Pan Pipe Moods  32↓
445:02Michael Cramtu"Angie"200106-01Panpipe Romantics Vol. 2 18↓20↑
453:55Never Mind The Pan Pipes"Seven Nation Army"200712-09Indie Pan Pipe Hits   
464:02The Panpipers"Lonely Shepherd"2002The Magic of Panpipes   
473:13Dimo Dimov"Good Bye, My Love, Good Bye"200802-29Schätze Der Panflöte - Candle in the Wind - Panpipe 16↓33↓
484:15Panpipes Romantics"Only For Love"200512-27Pop Masters: Tell Him   
492:34Nicolae Pîrvu"Hora După Nuntă"199206-01Nai   
502:48Fernando Montenegro"The House of the Rising Sun"201208-22The Magic of Pan Flute - Vol. 1 (Pan Memories Collection)   
512:42Giovanni Battista Pergolesi"Siciliano - Andantino"202012-23Pergolesi - Great Recordings   
527:25Wayra and Nazca"Shamans dance"2003WAYRA AND NAZCA - DREAM CATCHER   
535:28Jules Massenet"Thais: Meditation"2010Impressionen 1990-2010 - Jubiläums-Ausgabe - Teil 2   
545:17Radu Simion"Serenade (Franz Schubert)"199703-21Classical Panpipe   
553:08Emerald Isle Ensemble"Spinning Wheel"200711-08Panpipe Irish Dreams - 16 Beautiful Melodies Played On Panpipes   
563:56Franco Lorca"The Lady In Red"1998The Ultimate Pan Pipe Love Album 22↓36↓
574:56Francesco Maria Veracini"Largo"1998L'art de la flûte de pan   
583:56Chayag"Morenada Idilio"201608-25Chayag Andean Music   
595:16Niveos"Rio Sereno"200706-10Pan Flute Serenity   
604:54Munay"Imapac"201208-02Panflute Legend (By Marcelo Chico) 12↓71↑
612:21Los Craneos"Titicaca"201402-21Music Around The World: El Condor Pasa   
623:57Venuss Ocarin"Nothin's Gonna Change My Love for You"201008-16Ocarina   
633:15Edgar Villarroel"Paloma Quiero Contarte"198801-01Inti Raymi   
643:51Tarahumara - Jorge Rosas"Fiesta De San Benito"2003Vol. 1   
657:18Santiago J"Baby Sleep"200701-01Calm your Baby and easy sleep   
664:26Wolfgang Remo"My Way"200910-19Smooth PanPipes, Vol. 3   
673:29NAZCA PERU"Tusuy - Dancing"2003INKARU   
684:50Elmer Angeles"Chiquitita"200906-01The Best on the Flute Pan (Romantic Instrumental Series)   
692:54Fusión Inka"Amazonas (Tobas)"200807-01Sueños   
703:55Lounge Panpipe"El Último Mohicano"201006-01Relaxing Chillout 1   
713:55Hans Eiter"Je T'aime Mon Amour"200802-18Welthits auf der Panflöte 22↓66↑
723:38Shane Maguire"May It Be (Lord of the Rings)"199911-02The Very Best of Enya On Panpipes   
733:21Paul Brooks"To Make You Feel My Love"201106-15Chillout Dreams   
742:15Rapsozii Gorjului"Doina haiduceasca"1994Roumanie: Flûtes et cordes des virtuoses d'Olténie – Romania: Flutes and Strings of Oltenia Virtuosos   
753:45Alex Syrik"El condor pasa"200812-16Panfløjte 31↓43↑
764:10Miski Soncco"Va pensiero"2003ITALIAN PAN FLUTE  39↑
782:25Cochabamba"Mburucuya"198405-15Les plus grands succes d'Amérique Latine   
794:21WM Gyula"Waiting For a Girl Like You"200301-01Woman In Love   
805:53Ecosound"Victima de Afecto"201407-12Latin Cumbia (Musica Latina Americana)   
812:14Panpipe Players International"What A Wonderful World"200807-01The Greatest Panpipe Collection Ever Made 31↓31↓
822:37Pan Flute Dreamsound"La Cucaracha"201205-15Panflöten Träume 39↓55↓
833:03Pan Pipe Players"Don't Cry for Me Argentina"200908-10The Sound of Pan Pipes, Vol. 1   
843:39Wayna Picchu"Chiroco Andino"201805-14Authentic South America, Vol. 10: The Andes 3   
852:47Panpipe Ensemble"And I Love Her"201406-01Love...the Panpipes   
863:43Lars Van Kampt"Unchained Melody (from "Ghost")"201109-23Pan Flutes   
874:09Jose Angel Velasco Hevia"Snow On the Sahara"201207-31Pan Flute Greatest Hits! (Snow On the Sahara, Hero, Chiquitita, Careless Whisper, Am I Love Her, Hotel California...)   
882:59Yvonne De Paris"All I Have To Do Is Dream"200706-21Magic Flute (Vol.1)  33↓
893:43Pop Du Monde Orchestra"Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman"1999In the Mood for Love   
904:16The Instrumental Pan Pipes Band"Lonely Shepherd"201005-20Pan Flute Vol.1   
913:35Orchestra Panpipes Gold"Fields Of Gold"200905-22Romantic Panpipes   
924:31Dinu Radu"The Power Of Love"200705-12I Have a Dream - Romantic Instrumentals: Panflute   
933:35Quechua y su flauta de los Andes"Without You"201302-18Pan Pipes: Relax & Chillout  67↓
943:59Pan Pipes Band"Flashdance - What A Feeling - Pan Pipes"201002-1880'S Instrumental Pan Pipes   
954:20Marco Vinicio"Pastor Solitario (Panpipe version)"201011-23Panpipe Hits. Flauta de Pan   
963:37Pickwick Panpipers"Unchained Melody"199601-01Pan Pipes Moods   
974:07Nazca"MAY IT BE (Enya)"2002NAZCA - Indians, Songs, Nature, Dreams 85↓ 
985:32Wayra"Echoes of Time"200301-01Voices Of The Wind   
995:14Gheorghe Zamfir"Elvira Madigan"198701-01Harmony   
1005:18Saiwa"Amanecer"200911-12Native Indians Secrets 78↓ 
1014:12Petruta Küpper"Fly The Lonely Shepherd"201001-18Panträume   
1023:32Romantic Flutes Ocarina"Dolannes Melody"200905-22Song Of Ocarina   
1033:21Marc Ross"El Condor Pasa"200004-29Música De Oro - Instrumental Flauta (Pan Pipes)   
1044:05Panpipe Orchestra"Angels"201504-28Sound of Pan Pipes  103↓
1055:01Tarahumara"The Lonely Shepered"2003The Shadow Of The Incas 91↓92↓
1064:59Jorge Rico"Caballo Viejo"200201-01A Journey To The Andes   
1075:26The Panpipe Orchestra"Crazy"200801-01Moods Pan Pipes 72↓ 
1083:51The Blue Mountain Panpipe Ensemble"Killing Me Softly with His Song"199609-23Sensuous Panpipes   
1093:16The Royal Pan Pipes Orchestra"Candle In The Wind - Pan Pipes"201002-18Pan Pipes Vol.2 86↓102↓
1104:20Salasacamanda Shamushpa"Vivo por Ella"201208-18Melodias Del Corazon, Vol. 1 (The Best Of Relax Flute) 85↓77↓
1112:42Daniela de Santos"Stonehenge"199801-01Diamonds 93↓63↓
1125:40Joaquim Sanchez & Pipes Of The Enamorates"Nothing Compares 2U"200108-20Pan Pipes Songs Of Love   
1133:14Damian Luca"Island In The Sun"200206-01The Peace Of Panpipe   
1143:59Free The Spirit"Can You Feel the Love Tonight?"201103-09Panpipe Moods: Conquest   
1153:23Inishkea"Eternal Flame"2003100 Pan Pipe Chillouts   
1165:33Inca Son"El Tren Que Nos Separa (The Train that Separates Us)"200201-01(Volume #8) Cuando El Cielo Llora (When the Heavens Cry)  19↑
1173:00Banda Andina De Ocarina"El Condor Pasa"201105-20Ocarina-Song Of Ocarina   
1183:14Dalila Cernatescu"Dalila Song"201912-26Flûte de pan   
1195:26Subsonica Orchestra"Song Of The Seas"199804-29Songs of Ocarina - Instrumental Flauta (Pan Pipes)   
1203:12Pablo Montoya"El Condor Pasa"2010Les plus grands succés de la flûte de Pan aux synthétiseurs 5  9↓
1214:48The Pan Pipes Band"Killing Me Softly With His Song"200908-28Flauta Magica   
1225:34Inkas Heart"La Nueva Era"201602-01Of the Andes (Instrumental)   
1232:48Quechua, et son Flûte Indienne"Mes Mains sur tes Hanches"201306-06Flûte De Pan, Pan Flûte: Relax & Chillout   
1243:08Georges Schmitt"Ave Maria (Gounod)"1996The authentic Panpipes (flûte de pan) 103↓95↓
1254:30Pierre Belmonde"My Heart Will Go On (from "Titanic")"200101-01All Time No. 1 Love Songs   
1264:14Simion Luca"Too Much Love Will Kill You"1998Hooked on Panflute   
1273:45Pan Pipes Orchestra"Woman in Love (Panpipe Version)"201111-02Pan Pipe Romantic   
1284:02Nikos Mirakis"El Condor Pasa"201107-11Sunrise: Spirit of the Andes   
1293:57Los Mayas"Concerto pour une voix"1995Le top de la flûte de Pan 91↓19↓
1306:16Nazca, Wayra Rodriguez"Ancient voices peace and unit"201007-08Indian Romance   
1314:12Roberto Danova"Don't Cry for Me Argentina"201907-14Pan Pipe Moods   
1323:27Michael Cramtu"Big Big World"200106-01Panpipe Romantics Vol. 2   
1333:47Never Mind The Pan Pipes"When You Were Young"200712-09Indie Pan Pipe Hits   
1343:19The Panpipers"Sounds Of Silence"2002The Magic of Panpipes   
1354:00Dimo Dimov"Candle In The Wind"200605-12Time To Say Goodbye   
1364:48Panpipes Romantics"Road To Love"200512-27Pop Masters: I Swear   
1374:29Nicolae Pîrvu"Balada Din Carpati"199206-01Nai   
1383:56Fernando Montenegro"The Sound of Silence"201208-22The Magic of Pan Flute - Vol. 1 (Pan Memories Collection)  72↓
1393:40Enya"The Lord of the Rings: May It Be (arr. N. Reiser and M. Keller)"201102-01Cinema Concertante   
1405:19Wayra and Nazca"The wolf dance"2003WAYRA AND NAZCA - DREAM CATCHER   
1413:31Giovanni Battista Pergolesi"Siciliano"2008Méditation Romantique - Meditative Musik mit Panflöte und Harfe   
1423:10Radu Simion"Neică Ce Dragoste-Avem"197101-01Radu Simion - Nai, Vol. 4   
1432:58Franco Lorca"Love Changes Everything"1998The Ultimate Pan Pipe Love Album   
1442:07Grigoras Dinicu"Hora staccato"1998L'art de la flûte de pan   
1454:16Chayag"Blue Sky"201608-25Chayag Andean Music   
1465:02Niveos"Nature"200706-10Pan Flute Serenity   
1474:33Munay"L'ultimo dei Moicani"201208-02Panflute Legend (By Marcelo Chico)   
1482:02Los Craneos"Rosita"201607-01Pan Pipe Music, Vol. 2   
1493:21The Instrumental Pan Pipes Band"Wind Of Change"201005-20Pan Flute Vol.5   
1504:18Orchestra Panpipes Gold"He Ain' T Heavy He'S My Brother"200905-22Romantic Panpipes  148↓
1513:54Dinu Radu"Can You Feel The Love Tonight"200705-12I Have a Dream - Romantic Instrumentals: Panflute   
1522:17Quechua y su flauta de los Andes"What a Wonderful World"201302-18Pan Pipes: Relax & Chillout   
1533:43Pan Pipes Band"We'Ve Got Tonight - Pan Pipes"201002-1880'S Instrumental Pan Pipes   
1543:51Marco Vinicio"Titanic (Panpipe version)"201011-23Panpipe Hits. Flauta de Pan 148↓ 
1554:28Pickwick Panpipers"I Will Always Love You"199601-01Pan Pipes Moods  127↓
1564:03Nazca"I Will Always Love You"2002Nazca - The Spiritual Healing - Pan Flute Relaxation   
1574:14Wayra"Sonido del Silencio"201209-07Melodias del Corazon (Flute - Soñar Despierto Y Volar En La Imaginacion)   
1583:34Gheorghe Zamfir"Blue Navajo"201010-01single   
1595:29Saiwa"White Bufalo"200911-12Native Indians Secrets   
1604:50Romantic Flutes Ocarina"Song Of Ocarina"200905-22Song Of Ocarina   
1613:32Petruta Küpper"Memory"201001-18Panträume  93↓
1623:57Marc Ross"Yesterday"200004-29Música De Oro - Instrumental Flauta (Pan Pipes)   
1634:45Panpipe Orchestra"Trouble"201107-01Bar de Lune Presents Relaxing Pan Pipes   
1643:53Tarahumara"The Sound of Silence"199401-01Virtual Dream   
1654:18Jorge Rico"Theme From Picnic At Hanging Rock"200001-01Essential Panpipes   
1664:00The Panpipe Orchestra"Sunny"200801-01Moods Pan Pipes   
1672:45The Blue Mountain Panpipe Ensemble"I Will Always Love You"199506-05Pan Pipe Love Songs   
1684:57The Royal Pan Pipes Orchestra"Nikita - Pan Pipes"201002-18Pan Pipes Vol.2   
1694:44Salasacamanda Shamushpa"Ave maria"201208-18Melodias Del Corazon, Vol. 1 (The Best Of Relax Flute)   
1703:08Daniela de Santos"Du bist mein erster Gedanke"200909-25Fantasie der Panflöte   
1713:56Joaquim Sanchez & Pipes Of The Enamorates"The Sound of Silence"1998Favourite Panpipe Spirit   
1723:52Lloyd Webber and Nunn"Memory"1987Concerto For My Love - Romantic Guitar & Magic Flute   
1734:29Free The Spirit"I Want to Know What Love Is"201103-09Panpipe Moods: Union   
1743:21Inishkea"Can You Feel The Love Tonight"200601-01The Greatest Love Songs, Vol 3.   
1754:00Inca Son"Rio Amazonas"199806-28Peru - A Musical Journey   
1762:28Banda Andina De Ocarina"Concierto De Aranjuez"201105-20Ocarina-Song Of Ocarina   
1772:53Dalila Cernatescu"Pan-flûte concerto"201912-26Flûte de pan   
1784:12Subsonica Orchestra"Conquest Of Pradise"199804-29Songs of Ocarina - Instrumental Flauta (Pan Pipes)   
1793:25Pablo Montoya"Song of Ocarina"2010Les plus grands succés de la flûte de Pan aux synthétiseurs 5   
1804:28The Pan Pipes Band"Secret Garden"200908-28Flauta Magica   
1814:49Inkas Heart"Alegria Tradicional"201602-01Of the Andes (Instrumental)  87↓
1823:00Quechua, et son Flûte Indienne"Une Meche de Cheveux"201306-06Flûte De Pan, Pan Flûte: Relax & Chillout   
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