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The Sound of Oklahoma Country
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Intro to Oklahoma Country
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The Pulse of Oklahoma Country
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The Edge of Oklahoma Country
12:37Jean Shepard"A Dear John Letter"199501-01Honky Tonk Heroine: Classic Capitol Recordings 1952-1964 20↑  
22:29Tommy Collins"You Better Not Do That"201301-01Capitol Collectors Series 20↑  
33:41Cal Smith"Country Bumpkin"200001-01Grand Ole Opry 75 Years Volume Two 5↑  
43:21Roy Clark"Yesterday When I Was Young"199603-15Great Picks & New Traditions 20↑  
52:41Henson Cargill"Skip a Rope"1988All-American Cowboy 4↑81↑ 
62:31Carl Belew"Am I That Easy to Forget"1965Am I That Easy to Forget 17↑  
72:36Sammi Smith"Help Me Make It Through The Night"199601-01The Best Of Sammi Smith 5↑  
83:36Joe Diffie"Pickup Man"199407-26Third Rock From The Sun 6↓  
92:35Tommy Overstreet"Heaven Is My Woman's Love"2000Volume One 16↑  
102:19Jody Miller"Queen Of The House"196501-01Queen Of The House 16↑  
113:20Gail Davies"Unwed Fathers"201106-01Gail Davies Greatest Hits    
123:40Wade Hayes"Old Enough to Know Better"1995Old Enough To Know Better 2↑33↑ 
132:59Becky Hobbs"Jones On the Jukebox"200601-01Best of the Beckaroo - Part One 14↑178↑ 
143:22Jeff Carson"Not On Your Love"199504-25Jeff Carson 1↓102↑ 
152:57Jimmy Wakely"Moon Over Montana - Mono"199601-01Vintage Collections 25↑  
165:00Reba McEntire"Fancy"199001-01Rumor Has It    
173:35Hoyt Axton"Boney Fingers - Live"197701-01Bread And Roses: Festival Of Acoustic Music, Vol. 1 (Live At The Greek Theater / Berkeley, CA / 1977) 17↑  
183:06Keith Anderson"Pickin' Wildflowers"2005Three Chord Country and American Rock & Roll 13↓  
194:06Bryan White"God Gave Me You"199908-13How Lucky I Am    
202:24Mel McDaniel"Louisiana Saturday Night"198011-10I'm Countryfied 19↓  
214:00Kellie Coffey"When You Lie Next To Me"200205-06When You Lie Next To Me 9↑  
224:24Ronnie Dunn"Damn Drunk"201611-11Tattooed Heart 11↓  
233:39Cross Canadian Ragweed"Alabama"2001Highway 377    
243:45Vince Gill"Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away"199201-01I Still Believe In You 18↓  
253:22The Great Divide"Yesterday Road"199904-16Revolutions 6↑  
264:46Stoney LaRue"Oklahoma Breakdown"200704-10Live at Billy Bob's Texas 8↓  
273:17Gary P. Nunn"It's About to Get Western"201804-27Friends for Life Vol. 1 11↓133↑ 
283:57Katrina Elam"Would You Love Me Anyway"201103-01Pure Country 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 19↑  
292:38Spade Cooley"Detour"199411-01Spadella! The Essential Spade Cooley 16↑  
303:28Toby Keith"Should've Been A Cowboy"200801-01Toby Keith 35 Biggest Hits 26↓  
312:53Johnny Bond"Stars of the Midnight Range"194506-17Here Comes... Johnny Bond! 12↑  
322:27Roger Miller"King Of The Road"196501-01Golden Hits 17↓  
333:49Kelly Willis"Back Being Blue"201805-18Back Being Blue 3↑  
344:15Bobby Pinson"Don't Ask Me How I Know"2005Man Like Me 2↓  
353:20Carrie Underwood"Before He Cheats"200511-14Some Hearts 16↓  
363:17Justin McBride"Tough"200701-01Don't Let Go 7↓119↑ 
372:47Sanford Clark"The Fool"195612-03Presenting Sandford Clark 12↑  
383:25Blake Shelton"God's Country"201912-13Fully Loaded: God's Country 28↓  
393:18Kevin Welch"Something 'Bout You"199204-10Western Beat    
404:10Burtschi Brothers"You Hold The Whiskey, I'll Hold The Money"2001Ain't Being Treated Right    
413:01Gus Hardin"All Tangled Up In Love (with Earl Thomas Conley)"201805-04The Essential Earl Thomas Conley    
422:44Gene Autry"Back In the Saddle Again"1997Always Your Pal, Gene Autry    
432:25Stoney Edwards"She's My Rock"197301-01She's My Rock 2↓  
444:06Jeff Hobbs"Red River Anthem"200701-01Road To Nowhere    
453:37The Swon Brothers"Later On"201410-13The Swon Brothers    
462:57Bob Childers"Burning Still"2004Dirt And Spirit    
472:08Wanda Jackson"Funnel Of Love"202010-23The Capitol Singles 1959-1961    
483:03Anthony Armstrong Jones"Take A Letter Maria"200111-01Country Story Songs    
492:32Dallas Frazier"California Cotton Fields"197006-01Singing My Songs    
502:38Tim Rushlow"Roll Tide Roll"201001-12single    
513:23Amber Hayes"C'mon"201008-31C'mon 6    
523:57Josh Meloy"Met the Devil in Oklahoma"202005-01Oklahoma 35↓  
532:22Sammy Masters"Pink Cadillac"200007-31Long Gone Daddies    
542:35Terry Stafford"Suspicion"1994Suspicion 6↓  
552:43Ronnie Sessions"Scaredy-Cat"201405-09The Other Side of Bakersfield, Vol. 1; 1950s & 60s Boppers and Rockers From 'Nashville West'    
564:18Krystal Keith"Daddy Dance with Me"201301-01Whiskey & Lace 14↓  
573:34JD McPherson"LUCKY PENNY"201710-06UNDIVIDED HEART & SOUL 13↓  
584:06Lee Hazlewood"Your Sweet Love"196609-17The Very Special World Of Lee Hazlewood (Expanded Edition)    
593:05Mary Kay Place"Baby Boy"201404-11Tonite! At The Capri Lounge...Loretta Haggers (Bonus Track Version)    
606:02Garth Brooks"Friends In Low Places - Live"202008-14The Kings of Country (Live)    
612:07Leon McAuliffe"Columbus Stockade - Original Starday Recordings"1976Stars Of The Steel Guitar (Original Starday Recordings)    
623:33Jeff Wood"Our First Kiss"201405-08The Great Escape    
633:17Levi Parham"These American Blues"201606-24These American Blues    
643:44Mica Roberts"Things a Mama Don't Know (feat. Toby Keith)"200701-01Days You Live For 4    
654:11Jimmy Velvit"Two Bottles of Wine, a Jukebox and Jimmy Reed"201111-11River Bottom Blues    
663:23Willie Mack"Gonna Get Me A Cadillac"200701-01single    
672:27Kenny Vaughan"Country Music Got A Hold On Me"201101-01V 21↓  
682:43Gayla Earlene"Pick Me Up On Your Way Down"201004-01Traditional Sugar    
693:30Kareem Salama"Aristotle and Averroes"201105-24City of Lights    
703:48Zach Bryan"Something in the Orange"202204-22Something in the Orange +3 50↓  
712:42Clyde Stacy"So Young"201202-01Rockabilly Legend    
722:36Mary Sarah"Johnny And June - The Voice Performance"201610-14single    
734:38Dylan Golden Aycock"Lord It Over"201609-15Church of Level Track    
742:07Merle Kilgore"Mama's Killing Daddy"201710-27Singles (1965-1968)    
753:56Billy Parker"The Fidget Hornpipe"201706-05Mandoclectic    
762:16Tommy Allsup"It Don't Hurt Anymore"201501-19Country Classics    
772:44Ty England"Two Ways to Fall"199609-17Two Ways to Fall    
782:16Glen Sherley"Greystone Chapel"197207-30Glen Sherley    
793:23Thomas Martinez"Lineman"201102-16single    
803:52Melodie Crittenden"Broken Road"1998Melodie Crittenden    
812:33Weldon Rogers"So Long, Good Luck & Goodbye"201501-14Rockabilly Essentials, Vol.3    
822:22Kenny O'Dell"Beautiful People"196801-01Beautiful People    
832:14Ralph Mooney"Moon's Boogie"199302-01Wail Man Wail    
843:39Christian Kane"The House Rules"201008-24Christian Kane 5    
856:09Randy Crouch"High as the Price of Gas"200701-01Fishin & Dog Songs    
863:15Verlon Thompson"The Guitar"201104-28Works    
872:13Jean Shepard"Second Fiddle (To An Old Guitar)"199501-01Honky Tonk Heroine: Classic Capitol Recordings 1952-1964  17↓ 
882:42Tommy Collins"What'cha Gonna Do Now?"201301-01Capitol Collectors Series    
893:32Cal Smith"The Lord Knows I'm Drinking"201312-12Classic Country - Bar Room Favorites    
902:36Roy Clark"Thank God and Greyhound"199603-15Great Picks & New Traditions  9↑ 
913:25Henson Cargill"Ruben James"201506-22Skip a Rope    
922:09Carl Belew"You're Driving You out of My Mind"1965Am I That Easy to Forget    
933:29Sammi Smith"Today I Started Loving You Again"199601-01The Best Of Sammi Smith    
944:32Joe Diffie"John Deere Green"199304-20Honky Tonk Attitude    
952:38Tommy Overstreet"Gwen (Congratulations)"2000Volume One    
962:39Jody Miller"He's So Fine"197107-28He's So Fine    
973:16Gail Davies"Someone Is Looking For Someone Like You"201106-01Gail Davies Greatest Hits 64↓  
983:20Wade Hayes"What I Meant to Say"1995Old Enough To Know Better    
992:56Becky Hobbs"Talk Back Tremblin' Lips"200601-01Best of the Beckaroo - Part One    
1003:59Jeff Carson"Butterfly Kisses"199706-10Butterfly Kisses    
1012:48Jimmy Wakely"One Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart) - 1948 Single"199601-01Vintage Collections    
1024:17Reba McEntire"The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia"199101-01For My Broken Heart 99↓  
1032:50Hoyt Axton"Cocaine"1963Thunder 'N Lightnin'    
1043:22Bryan White"Someone Else's Star"1994Bryan White 76↓  
1053:56Keith Anderson"I Still Miss You"200805-30C'MON!    
1064:20Kellie Coffey"I Would Die for That"200701-01Walk On    
1073:13Ronnie Dunn"Young Buck"201611-11Tattooed Heart    
1083:00Mel McDaniel"Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On"198502-22Let It Roll    
1094:33Cross Canadian Ragweed"Sick And Tired"200401-01Soul Gravy 102↓  
1102:56The Great Divide"Pour Me a Vacation"199803-17Break In The Storm    
1115:16Vince Gill"Go Rest High On That Mountain"199401-01When Love Finds You    
1124:09Stoney LaRue"Feet Don't Touch the Ground"200704-10Live at Billy Bob's Texas    
1134:56Gary P. Nunn"Adios Amigo"201203-13single    
1143:45Katrina Elam"Love Is"201103-01Pure Country 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)    
1152:30Spade Cooley"Oklahoma Stomp"199504-19Shame on You    
1163:48Toby Keith"As Good As I Once Was"200501-01Honkytonk University    
1172:46Johnny Bond"Hot Rod Lincoln"194506-17Here Comes... Johnny Bond!    
1182:29Roger Miller"King of the Road - Re-recorded"199601-01Greatest Hits - Finest Performances    
1192:30Kelly Willis"Heaven's Just A Sin Away"199301-01Kelly Willis    
1203:37Bobby Pinson"The Shave"202208-12single    
1213:42Justin McBride"Beer Drinkin' Songs"200701-01Don't Let Go    
1222:30Sanford Clark"It Ain't Nothing to Me"195612-03Presenting Sandford Clark    
1233:01Carrie Underwood"Ghost Story"202206-10Denim & Rhinestones    
1244:24Kevin Welch"That'll Be Me"199301-01Kelly Willis    
1254:49Blake Shelton"Boys 'Round Here (feat. Pistol Annies & Friends)"201303-26Based on a True Story... (Deluxe Edition)    
1266:05Burtschi Brothers"Outlaw Band"200301-01Live In Oklahoma    
1273:01Gus Hardin"All Tangled Up In Love - Live"198803-03Church Street Station Presents: Gus Hardin (Live In Concert) 6    
1282:42Gene Autry"Deep In the Heart of Texas"1982Columbia Historic Edition 89↓  
1292:32Stoney Edwards"Hank And Lefty Raised My Country Soul"197501-01Mississippi You're On My Mind    
1303:53Jeff Hobbs"Twins"200701-01Road To Nowhere    
1313:29The Swon Brothers"Mommas"202011-20Nashlahoma    
1323:44Bob Childers"Mexican Morning"198905-05Circles Towards the Sun    
1332:11Wanda Jackson"Let's Have A Party"195807-21Wanda Jackson 95↓  
1342:22Anthony Armstrong Jones"Proud Mary"200810-01Proud Mary    
1352:28Dallas Frazier"I Just Got Tired of Being Poor"197006-01Singing My Songs    
1363:13Amber Hayes"Cotton-Eyed Joe"201402-24Cowgirls n Angels: Dakota's Summer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)    
1373:35Josh Meloy"You Here Tonight"202208-26single    
1382:20Sammy Masters"Rockin' Red Wing"201808-24Cinnamon: The Golden Age of '60s Pop    
1392:30Terry Stafford"Amarillo By Morning"200705-08Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose    
1403:24Krystal Keith"Anyone Else"201712-08single    
1412:31JD McPherson"North Side Gal"201101-01Signs & Signifiers    
1423:05Lee Hazlewood"Summer Wine - Bonus Track"196609-17The Very Special World Of Lee Hazlewood (Expanded Edition)    
1432:43Mary Kay Place"Dolly's Dive"201404-11Aimin' to Please (Bonus Track version)    
1442:29Jean Shepard"A Satisfied Mind"195909-01This Is Jean Shepard    
1452:10Tommy Collins"Poor, Broke, Mixed up Mess of a Heart"1966The Dynamic Tommy Collins    
1463:25Cal Smith"I've Found Someone Of My Own"1998Cal Smith    
1472:40Roy Clark"I Never Picked Cotton"199603-15Great Picks & New Traditions    
1482:48Henson Cargill"Good Woman Blues"202007-24American Portraits: Henson Cargill    
1492:29Carl Belew"Hello Out There"200501-31Hits Plus Ones I've Written    
1504:19Sammi Smith"City Of New Orleans"199601-01The Best Of Sammi Smith    
1512:51Tommy Overstreet"Send Me No Roses"2000Volume One    
1523:46Joe Diffie"Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox (If I Die)"199304-20Honky Tonk Attitude    
1532:50Jody Miller"Home Of The Brave"196501-01Home Of The Brave    
1542:09Gail Davies"Waiting Here For You"201106-01Gail Davies Greatest Hits    
1553:09Wade Hayes"On a Good Night"199606-25On A Good Night    
1563:24Becky Hobbs"Cowgirl's Heart"200601-01Best of the Beckaroo - Part One    
1573:32Jeff Carson"The Car"199504-25Jeff Carson    
1582:50Jimmy Wakely"Oklahoma Hills - Mono"199601-01Vintage Collections    
1592:46Hoyt Axton"Thunder 'N Lightnin'"1963Thunder 'N Lightnin'    
1604:20Reba McEntire"Does He Love You"199301-01Reba McEntire's Greatest Hits, Volume Two    
1613:43Bryan White"I'm Not Supposed to Love You Anymore"199603-26Between Now And Forever    
1624:23Keith Anderson"Every Time I Hear Your Name"2005Three Chord Country and American Rock & Roll    
1633:49Kellie Coffey"Whatever It Takes"200205-06When You Lie Next To Me    
1643:28Ronnie Dunn"She's Actin' Single (I'm Drinkin' Doubles)"201010-26Country Strong (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)  125↓ 
1652:39Mel McDaniel"Countryfied"198011-10I'm Countryfied    
1663:20Cross Canadian Ragweed"Dimebag"200501-01Garage    
1673:47The Great Divide"College Days"199904-16Revolutions    
1683:11Vince Gill"One More Last Chance"199201-01I Still Believe In You  96↓ 
1693:01Stoney LaRue"Box #10"201510-16Us Time    
1704:30Gary P. Nunn"What I Like About Texas"1997What I Like About Texas - Greatest Hits    
1713:19Katrina Elam"Dream Big"201103-01Pure Country 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)    
1722:36Spade Cooley"Crazy' Cause I Love You"199411-01Spadella! The Essential Spade Cooley    
1732:58Johnny Bond"So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed"194506-17Here Comes... Johnny Bond!    
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