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The Sound of Swansea Indie
See also Pulse or 2021; or the Sounds of York Indie, Aberdeen Indie, Tampa Indie, Sheffield Indie, Newcastle Indie, East Anglia Indie, Bubblegrunge, DIY Emo, Umeå Indie or Adelaide Indie; or much more at everynoise.com.
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The Pulse of Swansea Indie
12:13Trampolene"Uncle Brian's Abattoir"202005-21single  
24:50Pastel"Deeper Than Holy"202103-19single  
32:30The Arteries"Divergence"200901-12Blood, Sweat and Beers  
42:14Bandicoot"Fuzzy"202203-04Black After Dark  
54:24Dream State"Primrose"201910-18Primrose Path  
63:06Beach Fatigue"Drunken Grrrls"201603-04Beach Fatigue  
72:09Ssssnakes"It Follows"201704-28Love Eggssss 5  
84:09Balsamo Deighton"Sky Blue and Black (A Song for Harry's Fund)"201303-24single  
93:39The Storys"Be By Your Side"200510-03The Storys  
104:08Broken Fires"Midnight - Edit"202202-23single  
112:26Hot Mass"I Think I'm Done"2016Nervous Tensions  
123:06Nineteen Fifty Eight"Dark Blue"201704-07single  
134:48The Sweetest Ache"If I Could Shine"199108-01Glass Arcade  
142:55The Pooh Sticks"Working on a Beautiful Thing"1995Optimistic Fool  
153:08Iron Gosling"Reckless"201812-16Happy Hour  
165:34I Digress"Find a Way"201901-04Haunting Me 4  
173:35Heartwork"You & Yours"202108-06Whatever Comes After It  
182:08Only Fools and Corpses"Limping In a Green Bay"202110-01single  
194:01Static Fires"Black Velvet"201808-10Thirteen  
203:53Stonecraft"From the Shadows"200803-23The Call  
214:16Chris Noir"Always Morning"202007-01Always Morning +3  
224:42In with the Jellyfish"Discotechnique"201605-17single  
234:15The Sonic Executive Sessions"Someday Maybe"201011-012010  
242:39Dead Surf Country"Hardbroken"201202-02single  
252:53Red Morning Light"Bang Bang Bang"201612-17Who Am I Today? 5  
263:08Eleri Angharad"Delete It"202103-19single  
273:16Andy Collins"Pretty"202011-24Right Here, Right Now  
283:36Fernando Rey"Embellishing the Absence of Some Other Absolute"201107-25From the Test Tube to the Sky  
293:39Seven Stories High"Apathy"201710-17single  
303:04Vinyl Stickons"Electric Death Song"200301-01Thirteen  
313:36Vanilla Uk"On My Way Home"201903-22single  
327:54Tusk"Glass Eye - Live"201401-13Live in London  
333:05Rag Foundation"Rest the Birds"201506-29The Sparrow and the Thief  
356:52John Izzard"Newyorkcitygirl"201009-28I Would Throw My Arms Around You  
364:01HalfBlind"Eliza"201707-04Hypnotise 4  
373:12Conflicts UK"Defile"201707-27single  
385:44Taxi Rank"Can You Admit That?"201912-27single  
394:05String Theory"17"201807-13single  
405:21The Stray Pursuit"Mess With My Head"201906-22single  
415:09Caffeine Kiss"Horizon"201701-10Biopoiesis  
423:21the Zinvandels"Heartbreaker"201802-13single  
433:06Apathy Avenue"Something Greater"202205-02single  
444:20Pale Angels"Slow Dance"201308-13Primal Play  
454:22World Vs. World"Bohemian Groove"202111-08The Sentinel Paradox  
464:43Lady Dogs"Georgia"201509-12Pleasure Seeking 4  
473:54Greenmailer"Play It Like An Ending"201812-14Greenmailer  
485:11Motel Thieves"Slept for Weeks"202203-25single  
492:55Who's Molly?"Until I Found You"201906-14single  
503:46V A I L S"Megatron's Telethon"201503-30Galactic Triceratops 5  
513:42JayCee"Domino"201606-10JayCee - EP 4  
524:22Inscape"Eris"201912-16Inscape 3  
532:58White Riot"Sid"201902-02The Despair of Going Nowhere 5  
543:46The Riff"Lonely"201903-08single  
552:53Two Til Twelve"Lost At 21"202103-21single  
575:32News from Nowhere"Lost in a Dream"201610-07...And the Human Had Half  
584:06A Night Like This"Blossom"202002-21Your Colours Will Show  
593:39Picsel"Alcohol & Drugs"201909-27Modern Life Discovery  
606:23Estuary Blacks"Fat Jason"201809-15Estuary Blacks  
613:41Kikker"Anxiety Being"202204-15Anxiety Being +1  
625:16Lost Tuesday Society"Universe"201401-05Lost Tuesday Society  
635:18King Of Despair"Common Courtesy"201007-23Harpoon  
644:36Windshake"Saving The Cherry"202112-10Waking Moment  
653:51Pastel"She Waits for Me"202005-01single  
662:37Trampolene"Gotta Do More Gotta Be More"202109-03Love No Less Than A Queen  
672:57The Arteries"No Guts No Glory"200901-12Blood, Sweat and Beers  
683:54Bandicoot"Siren"202203-04Black After Dark  
695:01Dream State"I Feel It Too"201910-18Primrose Path  
704:29Beach Fatigue"Crash"201603-04Beach Fatigue  
713:35Ssssnakes"Ssssnake or Die"201102-07Kissss Thissss  
723:17Balsamo Deighton"Light in the Dark"201602-05Unfolding (Deluxe Version)  
733:09The Storys"Be by Your Side - Radio Edit"200603-13Be By Your Side 2  
743:41Broken Fires"Sharks - Edit"202204-20single  
752:35Hot Mass"Action at a Distance"2016Nervous Tensions  
763:52Nineteen Fifty Eight"It's All You"201507-03When Will I Get To You? - EP 5  
774:55The Sweetest Ache"Tell Me How It Feels"199108-01Glass Arcade  
782:41The Pooh Sticks"Cool in a Crisis"1995Optimistic Fool  
793:47Iron Gosling"Story Time"201812-16Happy Hour  
804:00I Digress"Haunting Me"201901-04Haunting Me +3  
812:58Heartwork"Dysentery Gary"202008-08Enema of the State  
822:55Only Fools and Corpses"I Feel Violent When I Stop To Think"202111-05If Only For a Minute 4  
834:22Static Fires"Hit the Gas"201808-10Thirteen  
843:25Stonecraft"Ships"200803-23The Call  
854:01Chris Noir"Leap of Faith"202007-01Always Morning 4  
863:19In with the Jellyfish"Anatomy Attack"201605-17single  
873:50The Sonic Executive Sessions"17 Over You"201011-012010  
884:16Dead Surf Country"On a Mission"201202-01single  
894:41Red Morning Light"A Thousand Acre Fire"201612-17Who Am I Today? 5  
903:30Eleri Angharad"Nightclub Floor"202108-13Nightclub Floor 5  
914:46Andy Collins"Keeps Me from Thinking of You"202011-24Right Here, Right Now  
924:36Fernando Rey"Architects"201107-25From the Test Tube to the Sky  
935:13Seven Stories High"The A Team (Ed Sheeran Cover)"201501-28EP 3  
942:55Vinyl Stickons"Electric Death Song (Farm Version)"201708-22Money For Old Rope  
953:50Vanilla Uk"See"201810-26single  
964:57Tusk"Fruit - Live"201401-13Live in London  
974:29Rag Foundation"Cuckoos and Kings"1999Minka  
996:23John Izzard"Some Places Look Better In the Rain"201009-28I Would Throw My Arms Around You  
1003:44HalfBlind"Up All Night"201707-04Hypnotise 4  
1015:42Conflicts UK"Manipulate - New Mix"201708-04single  
1024:35Taxi Rank"A Piece Of You"202107-30single  
1036:15String Theory"In Plain Sight"201905-31single  
1043:58The Stray Pursuit"I Don’t Know"201911-23single  
1053:34Caffeine Kiss"Let's Dance Together (Into the Darkness of Eternity)"201701-10Biopoiesis  
1062:50the Zinvandels"Penny Sits Alone"201802-13single  
1072:42Apathy Avenue"Rise Above"201712-04single  
1084:40Pastel"Run Rabbit Run"202108-18single  
1092:54Trampolene"Alcohol Kiss - Swansea to Hornsey"201710-27Swansea to Hornsey  
1102:26The Arteries"Three Cats"200901-12Blood, Sweat and Beers  
1113:33Bandicoot"O Nefoedd!"202203-04Black After Dark  
1122:58Beach Fatigue"High Horse"201603-04Beach Fatigue  
1133:53Dream State"White Lies - Original"201701-12White Lies 3  
1142:24Ssssnakes"Don't Tread on Us"201102-07Kissss Thissss  
1154:01Balsamo Deighton"I Don't Know Why"201207-29single  
1164:53The Storys"Long Hard Road"200804-18Town Beyond The Trees  
1173:32Broken Fires"Dreamer"202103-24single  
1182:28Hot Mass"Get Better"2016Nervous Tensions  
1193:56Nineteen Fifty Eight"Backbiting"201507-03When Will I Get To You? - EP 5  
1203:23The Sweetest Ache"Selfish"199201-01Jaguar  
1213:04The Pooh Sticks"Starfishing"1995Optimistic Fool  
1222:10Iron Gosling"Bad Inside"201812-16Happy Hour  
1232:50I Digress"Not Over It"201901-04Haunting Me 4  
1243:06Heartwork"Dumpweed"202008-08Enema of the State  
1253:29Only Fools and Corpses"Feed the Dog For Me"202111-05If Only For a Minute 4  
1263:38Static Fires"Waste My Time"201603-12Static Fires - EP 5  
1272:43Stonecraft"Mitt Hjerte Alltid Vanker"200803-23The Call  
1285:37Chris Noir"Cellar Door"201607-08Life Is for Midnight 6  
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