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The Sound of Harmonica Jazz
See also Intro or Pulse; or the Sounds of Jazz Català, Soul Jazz, Austrian Jazz, Polca Paraguaya, Jazz Violin, Brazilian Jazz, Jazz Vibraphone, Spanish Jazz, Jazz Saxophone or Jazz Flute; or much more at everynoise.com.
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Intro to Harmonica Jazz
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The Pulse of Harmonica Jazz
14:30Howard Levy"Aha"200910-13Tonight And Tomorrow 2↑2↑
25:24Konstantin Reinfeld"Georgia on My Mind"201512-01Mr. Quilento 3↑2↑
33:30Yvonnick Prené"Koko"201501-10Merci Toots   
45:13Carlos Del Junco"Diddle It"200807-29The Future of the Blues Vol. 3 3↓2↓
53:59Mariano Massolo"Minor Swing"200811-10Mariano Massolo 3↓ 
64:49PT Gazell"The Best Things In Life Are Free"201105-122 Days Out   
74:52Olivier Ker Ourio"Singular Insularity"202001-31Singular Insularity   
83:58Jean-Jacques Milteau"Blue Hop"200912-15Harmonicas: The Very Best of J.J. Milteau's Harmonica Work —  
96:53Jens Bunge"Green Is the Mountain"2008Shanghai Blue   
107:06Daniel Oyarzabal"Visiones I"202302-28Bach & "BACH"   
112:26Greg Zlap"Blues Bend Boogie [Remastered]"200809-29Harmonica Madness (2 CD Box Set) [Remastered] 5↓ 
124:54Howard Levy's Acoustic Express"Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen"201008-14Time Capsules   
134:13Jerry Portnoy"Mood Room Boogie"2002Down in the Mood Room 6↓ 
145:55Hendrik Meurkens"Angel Eyes"199608-31Poema Brasileiro   
153:13Toots Thielemans"Stars Fell On Alabama"198901-08Essentiel Jazz - Harmonica Jazz   
164:30Larry Adler"Claire De Lune"201103-15Larry Adler - Mr Harmonica Legend   
173:08Filip Jers"Waltz for Sonny"202305-05In the Spirit of Toots 13↓ 
183:56Mike Turk"This Here"199901-01A Little Taste Of Cannonball   
193:55Gary Primich"Mr. Freeze"199510-03Mr. Freeze   
203:58Gregoire Maret"Small Town"202004-24Americana   
212:13Claude Garden"Délivre-moi"190001-01Madison, twist (feat. Jerry Van Rooyen et son orchestre) [Mono Version] 4   
228:15Lee Oskar"Before the Rain"197801-01Before the Rain   
233:16Gabriel Grossi"Diz Que Fui por Aí"200504-04Diz Que Fui por Aí   
245:00Hermine Deurloo"Hoop and Pole"201912-06Riverbeast   
254:05Thierry Crommen"What Changed?"201009-05Diversions   
262:44Franco Luciani"La humilde"201007-14Armusa 15↓ 
272:59David Naiditch"Cattle in the Cane"201701-01Bluegrass That Swings   
283:24Michel Herblin"Picotte"202101-01The Melodist Harmonica   
293:24Frederic YONNET"Chicken"200101-01Blowing Your Mind In Every Key of the Harp 5   
306:45Laurent Maur"Enlacés"201804-27La dernière danse   
313:13Sebastien Charlier"Rosalie"201003-01Sensitive Piano   
323:10Alex Rossi"Yardbird Suite"201803-05Something to Say 23↓ 
332:06Giuseppe Milici"Deborah's Theme"202106-29Plays Ennio Morricone   
344:20Alexandre Thollon"Greatness in You"201403-04Opus 4   
353:19Michael Peloquin"Noh-Did-Duh-Lee"200001-01House Of Cards   
363:25Leonardo Amuedo"Una Mujer"201505-26Rosa   
375:01Andy Milne & Grégoire Maret"Headache In Residence"200706-26Scenarios   
382:54Borrah Minevitch"Limehouse Blues"2004Harmonica Swing, années 20-30-40-50   
393:06Richard Gjems"Don't Have To Hunt No More"201504-10Blått rom   
404:46Alberto Varaldo"A Rã"201604-28Balanço   
416:15Alexandre Thollon 5tet"Coffee Break Blues"200511-30The Gate   
422:17Eddie Shu"Justice"200001-01Bethlehem's Finest, Vol. 13   
436:11Edu Tancredi"Hocus Pocus"200803-11Venimos Tumbando   
444:36Federico Linari Grupo"Bluesette"201508-06Federico Linari Grupo   
452:49Max Geldray"Mouth Organ Swing No. 1"2004Harmonica Swing, années 20-30-40-50   
466:24Raphaël Herlem Quintet"Catalyst"201610-29Kairos   
474:55Ron Kalina And Jim Self"Confirmation"200801-01The Odd Couple   
483:38Slide Man Slim & Penny Hanna"64"202004-13The Birthday Sessions   
494:52Howard Levy"The Tristate Boogie"201809-10Art + Adrenaline   
503:27Jacob Do Bandolim"Noites Cariocas (Arr. for Harmonica & Piano)"201901-18Debut   
515:40Yvonnick Prené"Bad April Fool"201911-15New York Moments   
524:26Carlos Del Junco"A Funny Thing"199801-01Big Boy   
534:41PT Gazell"There Is No Greater Love"201105-122 Days Out   
544:14Mariano Massolo"All For Me"200811-10Mariano Massolo   
552:44Olivier Ker Ourio"Panier su la tête, ni chanté"200709-24Oversea   
562:38Jean-Jacques Milteau"Boogie Mix"200912-15Harmonicas: The Very Best of J.J. Milteau's Harmonica Work   
577:47Jens Bunge"Shanghai Blue"2008Shanghai Blue   
586:55Antonio Serrano"Sesame Street Theme - De "Barrio Sésamo""200408-30Sesión Continua   
595:04Howard Levy's Acoustic Express"In My Life"201008-14Time Capsules   
605:41Hendrik Meurkens"Manhattan Samba"202205-20Samba Jazz Odyssey   
615:06Jerry Portnoy"Canadian Sunset"2002Down in the Mood Room   
623:33Larry Adler"Bolero - 1994 Remaster"1994The Mouth Organ Virtuoso   
634:02Greg Zlap"Ascenseur pour l'échafaud / Night Road"200809-29Road Movie(s) [Bonus Track Version]   
642:14Toots Thielemans"Cocktails for Two"198901-08Essentiel Jazz - Harmonica Jazz   
656:18Mike Turk"Pickle in the Bank"200801-01The Nature of Things   
662:40Gary Primich"Caravan"199407-19Travelin' Mood   
674:10Filip Jers"Jätten Jorms sång"202305-05In the Spirit of Toots   
682:08Claude Garden"La route"196101-01Le dernier quart d'heure : Extraits (feat. Jerry Van Rooyen et son orchestre) [Mono Version] 4   
694:29Gregoire Maret"Lembra De Mim"201203-13Gregoire Maret   
703:03Gabriel Grossi"Arapuca"200705-21Arapuca   
714:32Hermine Deurloo"Doctors Wind"201912-06Riverbeast   
724:35Thierry Crommen"Chase Scene"200704-01Versions originales   
733:25Franco Luciani"La Sensiblera"201705-02Anda en el Aire   
742:31David Naiditch"Dixie Hoedown (feat. Pat Cloud & Eric Uglum)"201011-19Bluegrass Harmonica   
752:51Michel Herblin"Tensea"202101-01The Melodist Harmonica   
764:06Lee Oskar"Sunshine Keri"197501-01Lee Oskar   
773:52Frederic YONNET"Days of Wine and Roses"200401-01Front and Center   
784:02Laurent Maur"Ombre et lumière - Flûte"202205-20Fantaisie improbable pour flûtes et harmonicas   
792:41Alex Rossi"Só Tinha De Ser Com Você"201302-15Alex Rossi Quartet Plays Tom Jobim   
803:01Giuseppe Milici"Il Buono, il Brutto e il Cattivo"202106-29Plays Ennio Morricone   
815:24Alexandre Thollon"Unleashed"201403-04Opus 4   
824:48Leonardo Amuedo"Bossa Samba"201505-26Rosa   
835:25Andy Milne & Grégoire Maret"Couch Talk"200706-26Scenarios   
842:22Borrah Minevitch"Hora Staccato"1999Peg O' My Heart & Other Harmonica Favourites   
855:12Howard Levy"You're My Everything"201808-08From the Vaults, Vol. 1: Harmonica Jazz   
863:25Konstantin Reinfeld"Bluesette"201807-20Old Friend   
876:32Yvonnick Prené"Seven Steps To Heaven"202301-20Listen!   
884:26Carlos Del Junco"The Crazy Bastard"201101-01Mongrel Mash   
893:53PT Gazell"A Smooth One"201607-18A Madness to the Method   
902:22Mariano Massolo"I'll See You In My Dreams"200811-10Mariano Massolo   
914:29Olivier Ker Ourio"Payanké"202001-31Singular Insularity   
922:28Jean-Jacques Milteau"Hole in the Wall (Burgers n' Blues)"200810-14Soul Conversation   
932:30Antonio Serrano"Harmonica Rag"202002-27Tootsology   
947:08Howard Levy's Acoustic Express"Jovano Jovanke"201008-14Time Capsules   
956:30Hendrik Meurkens"A RA"200707-07In a Sentimental Mood   
963:02Larry Adler"Body & Soul"200001-01Larry Adler - The Golden Era Of   
972:57Greg Zlap"Solo de Gabrielle"202010-02Rock It   
987:06Mike Turk"East of the Sun"200801-01The Nature of Things   
993:23Gary Primich"The Poodle Bites"199407-19Travelin' Mood   
1002:45Filip Jers"Nature Boy"201909-22Duet 4   
1012:04Claude Garden"Brazil"196101-01Nola / Brazil (feat. Maurice Vander Et Son Orchestre) [Mono version] 2   
1024:54Gregoire Maret"Blueserinho"201906-14Harp vs. Harp   
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