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The Sound of Wrock
See also Intro or Pulse; or the Sounds of Rock Català, Friese Muziek, Classic Greek Rock, Czech Folk Rock, Classic Swedish Pop, Dutch Rock, Indie Català, Rogaland Musikk, Soft Rock or Memphis Americana; or much more at everynoise.com.
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Intro to Wrock
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The Pulse of Wrock
12:10The Whomping Willows"Wolfstar"201803-231975   
23:20Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls"Just a Hufflepuff"201411-01The Bare Bones Collection   
32:51Swish and Flick"Draco Malfoy"200901-01In the House of Slytherin 3↑ 
43:52The Mudbloods"I Wish You'd Be My Witch"200803-28A War Amidst Pop Songs 9↑11↑
53:01Draco and the Malfoys"99 Death Eaters"200601-01Draco and the Malfoys 4↓ 
64:09The Blibbering Humdingers"No Shame in Hufflepuff"201203-26Free Awkward Hugs   
72:46The Butterbeer Experience"Hey Harry Potter"201107-05Love Will Prevail: Songs from the Final Battle 2↑5↑
83:24The Weasel King"Luna"201005-20Musical Decree Number Twenty-Four 3↓1↓
94:28Hawthorn and Holly"My Friends Are Wizards"201010-01My Friends Are Wizards   
102:25Ministry of Magic"House Song"201012-10Magic Is Might 6↓ 
113:36The Remus Lupins"Teenage Werewolf"200710-06I Was a Teenage Werewolf 3↑ 
123:17The House Of Black"Death Eater, Baby (Live)"201608-17LeakyCon 2011: Live at the Leaky Cauldron II   
133:11Lauren Fairweather"Hufflepuff"201810-23With You, Whatever Happens 5↓ 
143:09The Moaning Myrtles"And Then I Died"200707-12Toilet Humor 3↓3↓
153:03Harry and the Potters"Save Ginny Weasley"200301-01Harry and the Potters   
163:42Gred and Forge"Ginny Gets Around (Live)"201608-17LeakyCon 2011: Live at the Leaky Cauldron II   
173:15Witherwings"In Defense of Ginny Weasley"201008-01On Lighter and Darker Matters   
183:48Hogwarts Trainwreck"Muggle Magic"2007Hogwarts Trainwreck   
193:20The Parselmouths"Black Family Anthem"200807-07Pretty in Pink (And Green) 9↓14↓
203:42The Cruciatus Curse"Wrockstar"202109-01single   
213:59RiddleTM"The Sorting Hat"201010-29This Time Around 6↓ 
222:40Switchblade Kittens"Ode To Harry"200608-08The Weird Sisters   
232:40Tonks & the Aurors"Ravenclaw"201206-12A Familiar Beat 11↓ 
242:40Kingsley and the Shacklebolts"The Battle of Hogwarts"200908-15The Adventure Lives On...   
254:13Steph Anderson"Annabeth"201110-05Gods & Monsters 5   
263:09The Swedish Shortsnouts"The Hufflepuff Blues"201001-01Ett litet ägg   
273:33The Hinky Punks"I Can't Breathe"202011-02single   
282:44Mc Kreacher"House Elf 4 Life (Live)"201608-17LeakyCon 2011: Live at the Leaky Cauldron II   
296:39Potter Puppet Pals"The Apparate! Suite"201306-18single 11↓ 
302:15The Giant Squidstravaganza"Jingle Spells"201111-30Jingle Spells 5   
312:38Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar Quills"Expelliarmus (Live)"201608-17LeakyCon 2011: Live at the Leaky Cauldron II   
322:29Madam Pince and the Librarians"'Tis the Season to Be Guilty"201009-01Stacked   
334:32Voldemort"Three Years"201710-24single   
343:12Muggle Relations"Beneath Your Scar"200908-29I Must Not Tell Lies 5   
353:24Lena Gabrielle"The Peverell Story"201406-16This Is (Not) My Story: The Best of Lena Gabrielle 18↓14↓
363:19Diagon Alley"Ron Loves Hermione"201306-07Pissed, Drunk, and Fighting for Justice   
372:27Grace Kendall"Carmelita Spats"2017A Series of Unfortunate Songs   
382:46Pussycat Dolores"Ministry Has Fallen"202001-01Boss Witch   
397:24The Firebolts"Everybody Party (Get Down) - Re-edit"201201-09The Best Of Disco Demands - A Collection Of Rare 1970s Dance Music - Compiled By Al Kent   
402:06RapeSnapeEscape"Fleur Had A Point (But We Still Don't Want Your Bouillabaisse)"201303-08No Pear Here 2   
412:25The Lovegoods"Hogwarts is My Home"201706-16The Lovegoods 5 22↓ 
422:12Gadding With Ghouls"Voldygroove (Shake Your)"201209-06Dare to Gad   
432:23Bradley Mehlenbacher"The Lake, the Lake"201009-15The Giant Squidstravaganza Presents: A New Hope: A Tribute to the Giant Squidstravaganza   
446:18Hogwarts Hotel"Ballad of the Squid"201009-15The Giant Squidstravaganza Presents: A New Hope: A Tribute to the Giant Squidstravaganza   
452:46The Ravenclaw Revolution"Calimira"201009-15The Giant Squidstravaganza Presents: A New Hope: A Tribute to the Giant Squidstravaganza   
462:44Dawlish and the Archies"Giant Squid's Kitchen"201009-15The Giant Squidstravaganza Presents: A New Hope: A Tribute to the Giant Squidstravaganza   
473:57The Whomping Willows"Hey Remus"200802-01III   
484:51The Mudbloods"A Pensieve Full of Unrequited Love"200803-28A War Amidst Pop Songs   
492:29Draco and the Malfoys"Potions Yesterday"200601-01Draco and the Malfoys   
503:53Swish and Flick"Like a Death Eater"200901-01In the House of Slytherin   
512:38The Blibbering Humdingers"Dark Lord Sleeping on My Sofa"201010-16Nobody Expects 48↓50↓
523:40Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls"Mischief Managed"201411-01The Bare Bones Collection 50↓ 
533:30The Butterbeer Experience"Helena's Story"201107-05Love Will Prevail: Songs from the Final Battle   
542:49The Weasel King"Red Hair"201005-20Musical Decree Number Twenty-Four   
553:50Hawthorn and Holly"Timeturner"201010-01My Friends Are Wizards   
563:52The House Of Black"House of Black (Live)"201608-17LeakyCon 2011: Live at the Leaky Cauldron II   
573:54The Remus Lupins"Young Sirius Black's Flying Motorcycle"200710-06I Was a Teenage Werewolf   
583:23Ministry of Magic"Harry Potter Is Dead"201012-10Magic Is Might   
592:23The Moaning Myrtles"Sitting on the Toilet"200707-12Toilet Humor   
602:56Lauren Fairweather"It's Real for Us"201107-06The Prince's Tale   
613:06Harry and the Potters"Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock!"200401-01Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock!   
622:42Gred and Forge"Save the Quibbler (Live)"201608-17LeakyCon 2011: Live at the Leaky Cauldron II   
632:54Witherwings"The Tale of Tom Riddle"201008-01On Lighter and Darker Matters   
642:31Hogwarts Trainwreck"Don't Cry For Neville"2007Hogwarts Trainwreck   
653:25The Parselmouths"My Obsession"200807-07Pretty in Pink (And Green)   
663:20Switchblade Kittens"Secret Keeper"200608-08The Weird Sisters   
673:58Tonks & the Aurors"Weasley Brothers"201206-12A Familiar Beat   
683:39RiddleTM"Hairy Heart"201010-29This Time Around   
692:31Kingsley and the Shacklebolts"The Adventure Lives On..."200908-15The Adventure Lives On...   
703:22Steph Anderson"Jackass"201211-06Bartlet for America 6   
712:57The Swedish Shortsnouts"The Snape Song"201001-01Ett litet ägg   
723:33The Hinky Punks"The Pursuit Of Sanity"201107-18The Black Album   
733:47Mc Kreacher"We Are Wizards (Live)"201608-17LeakyCon 2011: Live at the Leaky Cauldron II   
743:07The Giant Squidstravaganza"Glory Days"201009-15The Giant Squidstravaganza Presents: A New Hope: A Tribute to the Giant Squidstravaganza   
752:22Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar Quills"Hagrid Drank All My Eggnog"201111-30Jingle Spells 5   
762:11Madam Pince and the Librarians"No Squeeing in the Library"201009-01Stacked   
782:26Muggle Relations"Ascension"200908-29I Must Not Tell Lies 5   
793:13The Mudbloods"Cho Chang"200605-01Out of the Forbidden Forest   
802:57The Blibbering Humdingers"Hermione's Beaded Bag"201203-26Free Awkward Hugs   
815:21Swish and Flick"Pure-Blood"200901-01In the House of Slytherin   
822:33Draco and the Malfoys"Voldemort is Awesome"200601-01Draco and the Malfoys   
836:12Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls"End Of An Era [acoustic]"201107-14End Of An Era EP 4   
843:20The Butterbeer Experience"Death Eaters Rejoice"201107-05Love Will Prevail: Songs from the Final Battle   
854:13The Whomping Willows"Draco and Harry"200812-01Rock N' Roll Redux 6   
862:59The Weasel King"They Can't Catch Us All"201005-20Musical Decree Number Twenty-Four   
873:53Hawthorn and Holly"I Don't Want My Dad to Go to Azkaban"201010-01My Friends Are Wizards   
883:27The House Of Black"The Black House (feat. MC Kreacher)"201208-10Beyond the Veil   
893:23The Remus Lupins"Marauders Forever"200806-10Nevermind the Furthermore   
903:09Ministry of Magic"Gryffindor Rally Cry"200903-30Onward and Upward   
912:29The Moaning Myrtles"Prefects Are Hot"200707-12Toilet Humor   
923:13Lauren Fairweather"Home"201810-23With You, Whatever Happens   
932:34Harry and the Potters"I Am a Wizard"200301-01Harry and the Potters 77↓ 
942:50Gred and Forge"We Love It (Live)"201608-17LeakyCon 2011: Live at the Leaky Cauldron II   
953:19Witherwings"The Eye On the Door"201008-01On Lighter and Darker Matters   
963:41Hogwarts Trainwreck"Hermione Might Be Hot"2007Hogwarts Trainwreck   
972:11The Parselmouths"What Kind of Name Is Hermione?"200807-07Pretty in Pink (And Green)   
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