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The Sound of Rotterdam Indie
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14:39Dawn Brothers"Vampire"201703-24Stayin' out Latedutch americana, dutch blues, dutch indie, dutch rock, rotterdam indie
24:38Lewsberg"Cold Light of Day"202003-27In This Housedutch indie, dutch indie rock, rotterdam indie
33:38Rats On Rafts"Cashmere Carey"202112-16singledutch indie, dutch indie rock, rotterdam indie
43:42De Likt"Ja Dat Bedoel Ik"201504-18De Liktdutch rock, rotterdam indie
53:30Hausmagger"Man In De Metro"200909-01Dicht & Sloopwerkdutch indie, rotterdam indie
62:39The Madd"Je Suis Parti - Bonus"200710-29Ongeneeslijk Beatdutch indie, rotterdam indie
73:42El Pino and the Volunteers"Waiting, Honey"201602-12El Pino and the Volunteersdutch americana, dutch indie, rotterdam indie
83:42Face Tomorrow"Worth The Wait"2002For Who You Arerotterdam indie
92:24The Jerry Hormone Ego Trip"Josefien"201611-11Stout! Stout! Stout!rotterdam indie
102:38Elle Bandita"Go Your Own Way"201110-21De Wereld Draait Door Recordingsrotterdam indie
113:09Jibber Jabber & the Jams"Liberté Toujours"201802-27Liberté Toujours 5rotterdam indie
124:05The Sweet Release of Death"Sway"201904-18singlerotterdam indie
133:21The Lumes"Anguish"201710-06Envy 6rotterdam indie
142:56Goodnight Moonlight"Teen Jeans"201506-18Mountain Boyrotterdam indie
153:05The Apers"Jamie Oliver"201411-11Confetti On the Floordutch punk, dutch punk rock, power-pop punk, rotterdam indie
162:53Standup '69"At Your Own Game"201410-04Standup '69rotterdam indie
174:49The Afterveins"Wet"201503-23Showersrotterdam indie
183:36Half Way Station"Mind over Matter"201202-24Moonshinerotterdam indie
192:49Goslink"Wil Je Me Voeren"201008-16Stil Levenrotterdam indie
202:42Kid Harlequin"Apoca_Politics - Single Edit"201904-05singlerotterdam indie
213:23The Riplets"Hey Mickey"200507-18Love Special Delivery Boyrotterdam indie
222:10Convoi Exceptional"Happy Happy Sheik"201708-01HoutjeTouwtjeStroGebouwtjerotterdam indie
233:41Pig Frenzy"Second Nature"201806-01Pig Frenzy 4rotterdam indie
243:30Beryl Anne"Burden"202110-08singlerotterdam indie
254:15Scarlet Mae"Direction South"201311-22Scarlet Maerotterdam indie
263:06The Bullfight"Jenny's got a gun"202109-01La Chasserotterdam indie
274:57Ac Berkheimer"Slow Down"201010-14We Tell Them Tonightindie shoegaze, rotterdam indie
282:25Bear Valour"Iron heart"202112-24DOVER 5rotterdam indie
293:05Gymnast"Up In Arms"201409-26Wild Fleetrotterdam indie
302:24KUZKO"My Mama Says"202101-29singlerotterdam indie
313:20Cusack"Oysters"201802-05Oysters +1rotterdam indie
322:46El Fatso"Rodion"201709-26singlerotterdam indie
333:00Paterzonen"Are You Reacting"201812-19singlerotterdam indie
344:06Caffeine"Lips Won't Let Me"201809-14Windowrotterdam indie
354:19Black Horse Society"BHS"2015Columbo 5rotterdam indie
363:19Leoparte"Masks"201803-17Masks 5rotterdam indie
373:51The Cosmic Carnival"Unicorn"201410-31Mon Cher Amourdutch americana, dutch indie, rotterdam indie
383:26Anemone"Where'd You Go"201808-31Silver Starrotterdam indie
393:24Boeije"Sluit Mijn Beide Ogen"2014Drie Lange Dagen 3rotterdam indie
402:44Jules Deelder"Voor Ari"201911-08Totaal Lossrotterdam indie
414:52The Arthurs"Ghosts of Time"202106-25Glassrotterdam indie
422:37Beach Coma"Two Dollars"201903-19Beach Comarotterdam indie
432:57Hallow Bright"Veins"201411-23Veins EP 4rotterdam indie
443:06Logue"Keep Me From Pain - Mixed"202105-28fabric presents Danilo Plessow (MCDE)rotterdam indie
453:32Certain Animals"Younger Than Now"202109-03singlerotterdam indie
465:34SiP"Barnacle Road"201811-09singlerotterdam indie
473:18LONE WOLF"Get Along"201809-08Lone Wolfdutch punk rock, rotterdam indie
484:55Sumerian Fleet"On to You"201405-26Just Pressurerotterdam indie
493:06The New Shining"One by One"201910-25Elephantrotterdam indie
505:04Weissmuller"Endlessly Fall"201301-16Equestrian Friendsrotterdam indie
513:37Baer Traa"Until the Sun Comes Up"202010-23singlerotterdam indie
524:27Lewsberg"The Smile - Original Edit"201810-19The Smile 2dutch indie, dutch indie rock, rotterdam indie
533:38Dawn Brothers"Vista Cruiser"202107-16Duskdutch americana, dutch blues, dutch indie, dutch rock, rotterdam indie
542:50Hausmagger"Die Stad Is Van Ons"200909-01Dicht & Sloopwerkdutch indie, rotterdam indie
555:11Rats On Rafts"Osaka"202110-14singledutch indie, dutch indie rock, rotterdam indie
564:05De Likt"Zelf Doen"201802-23De Derdedutch rock, rotterdam indie
573:05The Madd"Step into the Sun"200908-24The Madd Are Pretty Quickdutch indie, rotterdam indie
583:07El Pino and the Volunteers"There's No Cure for Stupidity"200911-16The Long-Lost Art of Becoming Invisibledutch americana, dutch indie, rotterdam indie
593:47Face Tomorrow"Sign Up"2004The Closer You Getrotterdam indie
603:19The Jerry Hormone Ego Trip"Is dat nou je vriend?"201611-11Stout! Stout! Stout!rotterdam indie
613:25Elle Bandita"Ubersex"200902-22Queen of Foolsrotterdam indie
622:57Jibber Jabber & the Jams"Love You Anyway"201802-27Liberté Toujours 5rotterdam indie
633:20The Sweet Release of Death"Orange Blanket"201910-10The Blissful Joy of Living 6rotterdam indie
644:21The Lumes"Who Makes Me Try?"201709-20singlerotterdam indie
652:36Goodnight Moonlight"Mind Game (68)"201903-15singlerotterdam indie
662:37The Apers"Almost Summer"200302-20The Buzz Electricdutch punk, dutch punk rock, power-pop punk, rotterdam indie
676:35Standup '69"Feels Like Lying"201803-30Communicaterotterdam indie
685:29The Afterveins"Wanking in the Shower"201503-23Showersrotterdam indie
695:10Half Way Station"Elephant Drums"201202-24Moonshinerotterdam indie
702:03Goslink"Marietje"201008-16Stil Levenrotterdam indie
714:18Kid Harlequin"The Nationalist"201904-30Apoca_Politics 5rotterdam indie
722:13The Riplets"Bugs"200210-22Rock 'N Roll Beatrotterdam indie
732:15Convoi Exceptional"Rainy Galway"201708-01HoutjeTouwtjeStroGebouwtjerotterdam indie
742:14Pig Frenzy"Consent Creeps"201901-28Hogtied 5rotterdam indie
753:09Beryl Anne"Thirty-Three Times"202108-27singlerotterdam indie
763:16Scarlet Mae"No Good for Me"201102-01Scarlet Mae 4rotterdam indie
773:55The Bullfight"Astonishing blue"202109-01La Chasserotterdam indie
783:38Ac Berkheimer"Joy"202011-13singleindie shoegaze, rotterdam indie
793:30Bear Valour"We went to the sea"202112-24DOVER 5rotterdam indie
804:18Gymnast"Sirens"201409-26Wild Fleetrotterdam indie
812:08KUZKO"Pills"202105-14singlerotterdam indie
823:06Cusack"Divide"201802-05Oysters 2rotterdam indie
834:04El Fatso"Thirsty"202006-26singlerotterdam indie
844:31Paterzonen"Insomnia"201905-24singlerotterdam indie
854:35Caffeine"Forever on My Heart"201809-14Windowrotterdam indie
863:36Black Horse Society"Columbo"2015Columbo 5rotterdam indie
874:03Dawn Brothers"In My Dreams"202107-16Duskdutch americana, dutch blues, dutch indie, dutch rock, rotterdam indie
883:40Lewsberg"Getting Closer"202110-29In Your Handsdutch indie, dutch indie rock, rotterdam indie
892:42Hausmagger"K-K-K"201306-06Het Onderste Uit De Mandutch indie, rotterdam indie
905:40Rats On Rafts"A Trail Of Wind And Fire"202101-29Excerpts From Chapter 3: The Mind Runs A Net Of Rabbit Pathsdutch indie, dutch indie rock, rotterdam indie
913:19De Likt"Rotterdam"201504-18De Liktdutch rock, rotterdam indie
922:24The Madd"Jump Now!"200710-29Ongeneeslijk Beatdutch indie, rotterdam indie
933:51El Pino and the Volunteers"Umami"201602-12El Pino and the Volunteersdutch americana, dutch indie, rotterdam indie
945:03Face Tomorrow"My World Within"2004The Closer You Getrotterdam indie
952:48The Jerry Hormone Ego Trip"Kaketoekan"201611-11Stout! Stout! Stout!rotterdam indie
964:16Elle Bandita"Poison She"200902-22Queen of Foolsrotterdam indie
973:15Jibber Jabber & the Jams"It's Ok To Be A Girl"201802-27Liberté Toujours 5rotterdam indie
982:56The Sweet Release of Death"Post Everything"201610-07The Sweet Release of Deathrotterdam indie
993:31The Lumes"Compulsion"201709-18singlerotterdam indie
1003:50Goodnight Moonlight"Letters to Japan"201805-03singlerotterdam indie
1012:40The Apers"Whatever It Takes"200911-03You Are Only as Strong as the Table You Dance ondutch punk, dutch punk rock, power-pop punk, rotterdam indie
1025:45Standup '69"Not Like Home"201603-185x69 5rotterdam indie
1032:36The Afterveins"Citywise"201503-23Showersrotterdam indie
1044:54Half Way Station"Tree House"201202-24Moonshinerotterdam indie
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