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The Sound of Wisconsin Indie
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15:38Disq"Communication"201901-25Communication b/w Parallel 2wisconsin indie
24:31Feed the Dog"Buffalo"201808-10Tenderloinwisconsin indie
34:23Volcano Choir"Byegone"201309-03Repaveeau claire indie, indie folk, indie rock, stomp and holler, wisconsin indie
42:55Christopher Gold & the New Old Things"Devils"201705-12You Are a Ghostwisconsin indie
53:40Horace Greene"Sunflower Silo"201806-01The Diamond Enginewisconsin indie
73:29Kyle Megna & The Monsoons"Taking You Back"202107-012020-2021 6wisconsin indie
83:09Proud Parents"Baby"201806-22Proud Parentswisconsin indie
94:19Kurt Gunn"Paper Champions"202005-15singlewisconsin indie
103:58Nick Anderson and The Skinny Lovers"Run"201911-08singleeau claire indie, wisconsin indie
114:20The Present Age"Culture Industry"202203-25Avenues of Widespread Consumptionwisconsin indie
123:50The Chocolateers"Joyride"201905-18Way Downwisconsin indie
132:36Dusk"Eyes in Dark Corners"201806-15Duskwisconsin indie
143:27Nosebleeds"I'm Fine"201803-16singlewisconsin indie
153:40Barely Civil"Box for My Organs"202009-04I'll Figure This Out5th wave emo, diy emo, wisconsin indie
162:58Seasaw"Pick Me Up"201809-07Big Dogswisconsin indie
175:18FEATherWOLF"Wisconsin"201607-01To: You, From: Mewisconsin indie
183:07Yam Haus"Groovin' (That Feel Good Song)"201806-08Stargazerwisconsin indie
193:37RedHawks"Phase"201608-19Phasewisconsin indie
203:34Blessed Feathers"Wide World"2014Order of the Arrowstomp and flutter, stomp pop, wisconsin indie
214:27Kalispell"Windfall"201606-03Printer's Sonwisconsin indie
223:16The Belle Weather"The Accomplice"201307-13Hold On.wisconsin indie
232:04Wood Chickens"Time Don't Stop for Nobody"201706-02Countrycidewisconsin indie
242:49Paul Otteson"Peter Psittacosaurus"201903-26Dinocorewisconsin indie
254:03More Then Merry"Doctor's Orders"201703-08Long Live Vinyl 6wisconsin indie
266:21Bottom of the Lake"Marcus"201803-19Split 2wisconsin indie
273:24Well-Known Strangers"Sidewalk"201805-04Path Away 5wisconsin indie
283:11The Lately"Sleep It Off"202205-09singlewisconsin indie
293:08The Daredevil Christopher Wright"I & Thou"201209-24The Nature of Thingseau claire indie, wisconsin indie
302:56Astronaut Husband"Stay"201301-18Supergiant Blues / Dripwisconsin indie
315:07Karate School"Morning's Song"201603-11Karate School - EP 5wisconsin indie
324:54PHOX"Slow Motion"201406-24PHOXchamber pop, wisconsin indie
334:01The Priggs"Oh Natalie"201708-07Mete the Priggswisconsin indie
344:03Nicholas Raymond"This Side"201809-10Summer Shoeswisconsin indie
353:58Fools and Lovers"Black Smoke"201804-03singlewisconsin indie
362:53Olive Sings"Mawsynram Rains"201506-20Olive Sings 5wisconsin indie
373:46Holly and the Nice Lions"Dead Sounds"201808-03Black Moonwisconsin indie
382:36Walt Hamburger"A Thousand Roads"201909-03One Week Recordacoustic rock, wisconsin indie
393:33Galynne Goodwill"Every Little Part"200701-01Every Little Part 6wisconsin indie
402:02The Hussy"Have to Hide"201909-27Loomingwisconsin indie
413:25Sons of Kong"L.A."201704-13SOK 4wisconsin indie
425:36Nature: The Band"Hold On"201612-03singlewisconsin indie
433:46The Hook Up"Hold Your Breath"201705-11Expressions - EP 6wisconsin indie
443:39Verona Grove"Revolution"200701-01The Story Thought Overdeep pop emo, wisconsin indie
453:47Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons"Never Meant To Love You"201206-26Old Believerswisconsin indie
464:58Fun With Atoms"I'll Be There (Remastered)"201511-13Main Street (30th Anniversary Remastered Edition)wisconsin indie
473:32David Paul Martin"Love Doesn't Have a Color"201806-01singlewisconsin indie
483:05Stalgic"Used"201912-13The Better Way Homewisconsin indie
493:31Auralai"Love in Everything"201607-21Songs for Dogs (That Sleep on Beds)wisconsin indie
505:57Grim Waters"Black and White"201703-08Latchkey Yearswisconsin indie
513:20Leading the Blind"Intentions"201510-16In Through the Red Doorwisconsin indie
524:12Cold Soda Club"Happens Every Time"202203-24singlewisconsin indie
534:23Gentle Brontosaurus"Morgan"201805-12Bees of the Invisiblewisconsin indie
544:00Redshift Headlights"The Skyline of Those Times"201809-22Oshkoshwisconsin indie
553:41Kainalu"Finding Peace of Mind"201906-18Lotus Gateneo-psychedelic, wisconsin indie
562:32Pudge"Out of Sight"201807-27Pachyderm Sessions 4wisconsin indie
572:32Disq"(With Respect To) Loyal Serfs"202208-30(With Respect To) Loyal Serfs +2wisconsin indie
583:46Feed the Dog"Beer for Breakfast"202109-10Ding Dangwisconsin indie
594:35Volcano Choir"Comrade"201309-03Repaveeau claire indie, indie folk, indie rock, stomp and holler, wisconsin indie
603:47Christopher Gold & the New Old Things"Burn the Boats"201906-21singlewisconsin indie
613:54Horace Greene"Ladron de Almas"201806-01The Diamond Enginewisconsin indie
633:47Kyle Megna & The Monsoons"Myrtle Street"202107-012020-2021 6wisconsin indie
642:29Proud Parents"Ducktales"201806-22Proud Parentswisconsin indie
655:09Kurt Gunn"Four Letter Words"201807-17Long Drive to Nowherewisconsin indie
663:52Nick Anderson and The Skinny Lovers"What's My Age Again"201908-02singleeau claire indie, wisconsin indie
673:01The Present Age"Panic"202203-25Avenues of Widespread Consumptionwisconsin indie
684:44The Chocolateers"John Jordan"201905-18Way Downwisconsin indie
694:26Dusk"Hey, Soozie"201806-15Duskwisconsin indie
703:28Nosebleeds"Bread for Breakfast"201805-19Good Boy!wisconsin indie
713:19Barely Civil"Bottom of the Lake"202009-04I'll Figure This Out5th wave emo, diy emo, wisconsin indie
723:07Seasaw"One Foot in Front of the Other"202209-07One Foot in Front of the Other +1wisconsin indie
735:16FEATherWOLF"Lakeshore Drive"201807-20In the Living Roomwisconsin indie
742:23Yam Haus"Pop Game"202010-23singlewisconsin indie
753:28RedHawks"Reappear II"201608-19Phasewisconsin indie
764:40Blessed Feathers"Wyoming / Dakota"201510-09There Will Be No Sad Tomorrowstomp and flutter, stomp pop, wisconsin indie
774:32Kalispell"Gary, In"201606-03Printer's Sonwisconsin indie
783:46The Belle Weather"Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town"201909-03Don't Let Your Blood Run Stillwisconsin indie
795:07Wood Chickens"King of Siam"201706-02Countrycidewisconsin indie
804:03Paul Otteson"The Battle of Prairie Du Chien"201310-05Prairie Du Chien 5wisconsin indie
813:39More Then Merry"Down"202106-07Truthwisconsin indie
826:06Bottom of the Lake"Everybody Knows Everything About Everyone"201705-22Everybody Knows Everything About Everyone 5wisconsin indie
833:37Well-Known Strangers"Splinter"201608-05singlewisconsin indie
843:12The Lately"Take You Home"201308-03Behind the Scenes 6wisconsin indie
856:23The Daredevil Christopher Wright"The Animal of Choice"201209-24The Nature of Thingseau claire indie, wisconsin indie
863:50Karate School"It's What Keeps Us Going"201603-11Karate School - EP 5wisconsin indie
873:56Astronaut Husband"Make Believe"201301-18Supergiant Blues / Dripwisconsin indie
883:29PHOX"1936"201406-24PHOXchamber pop, wisconsin indie
893:26The Priggs"Patron Saint"201708-07Mete the Priggswisconsin indie
902:41Nicholas Raymond"Lights & Sounds & Colors Collide"201809-10Summer Shoeswisconsin indie
913:46Fools and Lovers"Old Man"201812-07I've Been Here Beforewisconsin indie
923:19Olive Sings"Work Hard"201708-17Photosynthesis & Lightwisconsin indie
934:09Holly and the Nice Lions"Noble Trouble"201808-03Black Moonwisconsin indie
942:52Walt Hamburger"Whiskey and Jen"201909-03One Week Recordacoustic rock, wisconsin indie
956:57Feed the Dog"The Stage"201808-10Tenderloinwisconsin indie
963:03Disq"If Only"202208-10If Only +1wisconsin indie
974:57Volcano Choir"Tiderays"201309-03Repaveeau claire indie, indie folk, indie rock, stomp and holler, wisconsin indie
982:23Christopher Gold & the New Old Things"Roll On"201605-13Whichever Way Homewisconsin indie
993:48Horace Greene"Midnight Fuse"201806-01The Diamond Enginewisconsin indie
1005:01SHOOBIE"LET ME SEE"202206-09WE ALL COME FROM THE SAME PITwisconsin indie
1014:03Kyle Megna & The Monsoons"Sunshine"201405-08Cat Fish Joewisconsin indie
1022:19Proud Parents"Hypnotoad"201806-22Proud Parentswisconsin indie
1033:51Kurt Gunn"Old Winding Roads"201903-09Northern Townwisconsin indie
1042:07Nick Anderson and The Skinny Lovers"Bike Cops"202012-29singleeau claire indie, wisconsin indie
1053:25The Present Age"Juncture"202203-25Avenues of Widespread Consumptionwisconsin indie
1063:05The Chocolateers"Peckin'"200912-08Rockin' At Midnight At The Parrot Club (Digitally Remastered)wisconsin indie
1073:25Dusk"Stained Blue"201806-15Duskwisconsin indie
1085:29Nosebleeds"100,000 Miles"201805-19Good Boy!wisconsin indie
1094:15Barely Civil"North Newhall"202009-04I'll Figure This Out5th wave emo, diy emo, wisconsin indie
1102:57Seasaw"Pinky Promise"202202-14singlewisconsin indie
1113:04FEATherWOLF"Crazy Woman Lazy Man"201607-01To: You, From: Mewisconsin indie
1123:47RedHawks"Secrets"201608-19Phasewisconsin indie
1134:45Blessed Feathers"Huaycán Song #2"201510-09There Will Be No Sad Tomorrowstomp and flutter, stomp pop, wisconsin indie
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