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The Sound of Deep Orgcore
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13:45Blocko"Fibs"2003Edmondson Avenue (Expanded Version)deep orgcore
22:28Southport"Turn It Up"201505-20Southern Souldeep orgcore
33:07Four Letter Word"Mighty and Superior"2001Barricades and Broken Dreams - An International Tribute to Conflictdeep orgcore
43:17Hooton 3 Car"Box"199604-01Cramp Like A Foxdeep orgcore
54:59Bitter Pills"Strange Companions"201702-24Night Season 5deep orgcore
64:45Zapiain"Cotton Wool"201104-04Jibberjabberdeep orgcore
72:46Stokoe"Mexican Stand Off"200609-15The Experiment Has Been a Complete and Utter Failuredeep orgcore
83:44The Leif Ericsson"Göttingen"201304-01The Leif Ericssondeep orgcore
94:12K-Line"If I Can't Have You"2013K2TSdeep orgcore
102:59The Great St Louis"Redeye"201003-22In Your Own Timedeep orgcore, orgcore
112:31Shermer"This Years Revolutions"200701-01Hope Is an Anchordeep orgcore
123:08Vanilla Pod"Surrouned by Idiots"201804-06Surrounded By Idiotsdeep orgcore, uk diy punk
133:13Former Cell Mates"Right At Surrey Ridge"200704-24Presented As a Work of Fictiondeep orgcore
144:05New Set Of Bruises"Steer"201002-01New Set Of Bruisesdeep orgcore
153:16I Excuse"As Someone's Like"2003Burn the Empty to the Ashdeep orgcore
163:17Bedford Falls"Paperbacks"200804-21Savings And Loandeep orgcore
173:34Shatterhand"Paradigm Shift"201210-22Chaos and the Art of Dissentdeep orgcore, uk diy punk
182:28Pope"Parkway"201609-051758deep orgcore
193:57Woolworthy"Pretty With Me"200209-01Recyclerdeep orgcore
203:01China Drum"Can't Stop These Things"199601-01Goosefairdeep orgcore
213:22Sinkin' Ships"Broken Hearts Are Blue"200603-13All Signs Are Wrongdeep orgcore
222:06Dropnose"Better Than This"199903-01Punkrock Rendez-Vousdeep orgcore
232:35The Amistad"So This is Where the Fun Times End and the Male Pattern Baldness Sets In"201006-14Kept Under by a Generation of Ghostsdeep orgcore
243:19Dugong"Tonight This Is Perfect"201309-02Hat Dankodeep orgcore
252:26Wordbug"Idiots On Trial"200305-01Losing It Alldeep orgcore
262:29No Choice"This Is Punk Rock"201709-04Full Moon Rising: A Punk Rock Compilationdeep orgcore
272:16Crocodile God"Restart"199702-01Mind The Cat EP 6deep orgcore
282:53Chillerton"Holden"200708-07Bleak Unisondeep orgcore, orgcore
293:04The Jones"Mi Gente - Big Room Remix - Cover ver."201811-16クラブで流れるEDMdeep orgcore
303:11Billy No Mates"If These Streets Could Talk"202101-29S.F. Sourdoughdeep orgcore
312:11Sedaced"Six"200408-02Eh 6deep orgcore
323:10Skimmer"Better Than Being Alone"1998Compitoenaildeep orgcore
336:14For the Day"Another Day"201203-16For Sinners & Saintsdeep orgcore
344:15The Gibbons"More Than Air"200710-19More Than Airdeep orgcore
352:43Shot Baker"Sorry Illinois"200809-30Time To Panic 5chicago punk, deep orgcore, orgcore
363:13You Me and The Atom Bomb"Won't Let Go"200611-14Shake Updeep orgcore
372:18Restless Habs"Slider"202002-14Taking the Fast Way Downdeep orgcore
383:09Lunasuit"The Thing You Live For"200408-01Summer Seasondeep orgcore
392:40Whiskey Sunday"Wedding Ring"201406-20Holy Waterdeep orgcore
403:24Cutman"Bad Party"201110-11Universal Lawsdeep orgcore
413:37Doctor Bison"A Place for Us"201505-25The Bloated Vegas Yearsdeep orgcore
422:54Duncan Redmonds"Rue the Day"2008Bubble and Squeakdeep orgcore
432:27Kover"Buying Time"201205-08Assemblydeep orgcore
442:35Textbook"Just One of Those Things"201410-28All Messed Updeep orgcore
453:53Brock Pytel"Hurrah Hooray"202206-06singledeep orgcore
462:36Funbug"Everything"200909-14Spunkierdeep orgcore
472:17Saturday's Kids"Take a Minute and Step Inside My Head and See How Fucked up It Is in There"201408-04The Lunaticdeep orgcore
482:29The Cut Ups"Exeter"201209-18Building Bridges, Starting Heredeep orgcore, devon indie, uk diy punk
494:42Daysworth Fighting"Warm Hands, Warm Heart"201906-14Can't Stay Foreverdeep orgcore
504:14Remainderfour"Killing Time On The Achensee"201211-26On with the Experimentdeep orgcore
513:48Above Them"For Those Who Paved the Way"200809-29Blueprint for a Better Timedeep orgcore, orgcore
524:31Mad At The Sun"The Last Time"200508-01Hot Snow Fallingdeep orgcore
533:53Anchor Down"Crass a Nova"200912-01Protect 2: A Benefit for the National Association to Protect Childrendeep orgcore
542:13Solutions"I Quit"201510-30Solutionsdeep orgcore
553:21Tokyo Adventures"I Was Only Trying To Help"200407-01The Hunters Handbookdeep orgcore
562:40Milloy"Propofol"200808-04Creating Problems While Practising Solutionsdeep orgcore, west yorkshire indie
572:32The Strookas"Is There Any Reason?"201412-02Daylight ep 4deep orgcore
582:15Assassinate The Scientist"Haterade"200801-01Naked Bingo 5 on the Moondeep orgcore, orgcore
592:45Flamingo 50"Roll On Rolly Wheel"200601-27Tear It Updeep orgcore
602:58The Abs"Grease your Ralph"200806-02A Wop Bop A Loo Bop - A Cough Wheeze Fart!deep orgcore
612:22Billy Reese Peters"Almost Heaven"2006Almost Heavendeep orgcore
625:05The Brown Hound James Band"City Lights Come Down Tonight"201212-17At The Home Of The Heartlandsdeep orgcore
633:21Pocket Genius"Slide"200108-01Tundra Rockdeep orgcore
645:32YourMum"Let Go Now"201012-13Future Rave Anthems 4deep orgcore
653:12The Stay Gones"Home"201012-23No Rest For The Awesome 4deep orgcore
662:53Red Car Burns"Kidult"201906-28Punk Rock Raduno: Three Chords, No Brain, Vol. 4deep orgcore
673:26T One"My Lyfe"202008-25Starting The Kook Up 3deep orgcore
683:16EESCH"October"200001-01Candy Storedeep orgcore
692:33Five Foot Nothing"Make Believe"200102-01Pretty Nucleardeep orgcore
702:43Beauty School Dropout"Hat Thief"1999Teasing The Fat Kidsdeep orgcore
712:36Exit Condition"Zero Gain"201111-07Days Of Wild Skiesdeep orgcore, emocore
722:24Fay Wray"Bi"200006-15I Love Everyonedeep orgcore, new orleans indie
733:14The Commonwealth of American Natives"Self-medication"201011-23Organ Grinder 4deep orgcore
743:16Lithium Joe"This Is Your Life"200003-01Upstairs At Park Streetdeep orgcore
752:0230 Amp Fuse"Blastin' Room"201106-14Cigarettes, Booze and Punk - EP 6deep orgcore
764:22Nothing In Common"Here Comes the Summer"2017Left Unsaid 6deep orgcore
772:38Gan"Vendaval"201609-30Tierra Baldíadeep orgcore
784:10Ghostwood"Leave You Alone"201704-15Dreamcatcher 4deep orgcore
792:10Jonesin'"Shit Fit"200906-01Split (Jonesin', Dude Jams) 4deep orgcore, long island punk, orgcore
804:15Scarper!"Kiss The Bottle"2000Every Turn (Expanded Version)deep orgcore
814:03Blocko"Opener"2003Edmondson Avenue (Expanded Version)deep orgcore
824:00Southport"Bob Marlow"201505-20Southern Souldeep orgcore
832:19Hooton 3 Car"Slug"199604-01Cramp Like A Foxdeep orgcore
843:16Four Letter Word"City Of The Blind"200910-26Follow As The Crow Fliesdeep orgcore
854:20Bitter Pills"Void"201702-24Night Season 5deep orgcore
863:39Zapiain"Zapplecross"201708-01Giantnormousdeep orgcore
873:07Stokoe"9 Stories High"200609-15The Experiment Has Been a Complete and Utter Failuredeep orgcore
882:51The Leif Ericsson"Morecambe"201304-01The Leif Ericssondeep orgcore
892:41The Great St Louis"Closest Enemies"201003-22In Your Own Timedeep orgcore, orgcore
904:25K-Line"Kiss to the Sky - K2TS"2013K2TSdeep orgcore
912:56Shermer"Goonies Never Say Die"200701-01Hope Is an Anchordeep orgcore
923:27Former Cell Mates"Gypsy's Curse"200805-12Who's Dead and What's To Paydeep orgcore
933:01Vanilla Pod"L10"201804-06Surrounded By Idiotsdeep orgcore, uk diy punk
944:02New Set Of Bruises"Tongue Tied"201002-01New Set Of Bruisesdeep orgcore
952:08I Excuse"The Theme of Resigned Man Including Me"2003Burn the Empty to the Ashdeep orgcore
963:35Bedford Falls"Insipid"200804-21Savings And Loandeep orgcore
972:08Shatterhand"Babylon's Burning"201704-07The Dead Memory Housedeep orgcore, uk diy punk
983:13Pope"IJWK"201609-051758deep orgcore
994:38Woolworthy"Wallflower"200209-01Recyclerdeep orgcore
1004:07Sinkin' Ships"Shits Tight"200603-13All Signs Are Wrongdeep orgcore
1012:44Dropnose"Perfect Smile"199903-01Punkrock Rendez-Vousdeep orgcore
1022:26The Amistad"People Who Live In Glasshoughton Shouldn't Throw Stones"201006-14Kept Under by a Generation of Ghostsdeep orgcore
1033:19Wordbug"Everything And Nothing"200305-01Losing It Alldeep orgcore
1043:21Dugong"Honest Industry"201309-02Hat Dankodeep orgcore
1053:49China Drum"Biscuit Barrel F.M.R."199601-01Goosefairdeep orgcore
1062:27No Choice"Nuclear Disaster"202103-19Riot City: Complete Singles Collection: The Sound Of UK 82deep orgcore
1072:22Crocodile God"You G'G Goo"200811-01No Regretsdeep orgcore
1083:38Chillerton"Elephant & Castle"200708-07Bleak Unisondeep orgcore, orgcore
1094:04The Jones"Side Effects - Cover ver."201811-16クラブで流れるEDMdeep orgcore
1102:53Sedaced"One"200408-02Eh 6deep orgcore
1112:52Billy No Mates"Big Cliche"202101-29S.F. Sourdoughdeep orgcore
1122:36Skimmer"October Flowers"201505-28Baby Dinosaurdeep orgcore
1136:03For the Day"Selfish"201203-16For Sinners & Saintsdeep orgcore
1142:32The Gibbons"Where We Belong"200710-19More Than Airdeep orgcore
1153:08You Me and The Atom Bomb"Foot on The Ladder"200611-14Shake Updeep orgcore
1162:41Shot Baker"Falling Apart"2008Take Controlchicago punk, deep orgcore, orgcore
1172:27Restless Habs"Wrong Timing"202002-14Taking the Fast Way Downdeep orgcore
1182:41Lunasuit"Conformist"200408-01Summer Seasondeep orgcore
1192:45Whiskey Sunday"Final Command"200101-01Thanx 4 the Violencedeep orgcore
1203:40Cutman"Nostalgic"201110-11Universal Lawsdeep orgcore
1213:16Duncan Redmonds"Scilacci"2008Bubble and Squeakdeep orgcore
1225:27Doctor Bison"Sweet Embrace"201505-25The Bloated Vegas Yearsdeep orgcore
1232:08Textbook"Only When I'm Breathing"201609-27Only When I'm Breathing - EP 4deep orgcore
1243:43Kover"Blinded and Alone"201205-08Assemblydeep orgcore
1254:32Brock Pytel"Alright"200101-01Second Choicedeep orgcore
1263:13Funbug"Splat!"200909-14Spunkierdeep orgcore
1276:58Saturday's Kids"Neurological Design"201105-30Saturday's Kids 5deep orgcore
1282:33The Cut Ups"End of the Road"201611-18The Nervesdeep orgcore, devon indie, uk diy punk
1293:39Daysworth Fighting"Stay Strong"201906-14Can't Stay Foreverdeep orgcore
1303:45Remainderfour"Waiting Games"201211-26On with the Experimentdeep orgcore
1312:49Above Them"Keep Smiling"200809-29Blueprint for a Better Timedeep orgcore, orgcore
1325:27Mad At The Sun"When Vision Becomes Blurred"200508-01Hot Snow Fallingdeep orgcore
1332:55Anchor Down"This Street"201506-01Pop Punk, Pizza & Cider, Vol. 1deep orgcore
1342:19Solutions"Same Shit"201510-30Solutionsdeep orgcore
1353:59Blocko"No Real Suprise"2003Edmondson Avenue (Expanded Version)deep orgcore
1363:36Southport"Best Of Me"201505-20Southern Souldeep orgcore
1373:05Hooton 3 Car"Hallways"199604-01Cramp Like A Foxdeep orgcore
1384:32Four Letter Word"The Sting"2019singledeep orgcore
1396:43Bitter Pills"I've Been Low"201702-24Night Season 5deep orgcore
1403:57Zapiain"Change The Locks"201104-04Jibberjabberdeep orgcore
1413:15Stokoe"More Magic Than Logic"200609-15The Experiment Has Been a Complete and Utter Failuredeep orgcore
1423:31The Leif Ericsson"Broken Bones"201304-01The Leif Ericssondeep orgcore
1432:50The Great St Louis"Safe"201003-22In Your Own Timedeep orgcore, orgcore
1442:54Shermer"Hope Is an Anchor"200701-01Hope Is an Anchordeep orgcore
1453:56K-Line"We Are Collaboration"201607-10We Are Amigadeep orgcore
1463:58Former Cell Mates"This City Kneels Before Us"200704-24Presented As a Work of Fictiondeep orgcore
1474:22Vanilla Pod"Waterdown"201804-06Surrounded By Idiotsdeep orgcore, uk diy punk
1484:33New Set Of Bruises"Day Destroy Me"201002-01New Set Of Bruisesdeep orgcore
1492:27I Excuse"Respective Battlefield"2003Burn the Empty to the Ashdeep orgcore
1503:16Bedford Falls"Cunningham"201208-27Elegant Balloonsdeep orgcore
1512:37Shatterhand"The System Is Broken"201704-07The Dead Memory Housedeep orgcore, uk diy punk
1523:54Pope"Angel"200901-01Pope 3deep orgcore
1532:24Woolworthy"Too Bad Too Sad"200209-01Recyclerdeep orgcore
1542:07Sinkin' Ships"Where Are You Now?"200603-13All Signs Are Wrongdeep orgcore
1552:37Dropnose"Lesser Evil"199903-01Punkrock Rendez-Vousdeep orgcore
1562:16The Amistad"Shall I Be Mother?"201006-14Kept Under by a Generation of Ghostsdeep orgcore
1573:22Wordbug"Different Illusions"200305-01Losing It Alldeep orgcore
1584:38Dugong"And Now We Are Men"201309-02Hat Dankodeep orgcore
1593:09No Choice"Watzwar"1982Have A Rotten Christmas, Vol. 2deep orgcore
1603:16Crocodile God"Still Bleeding"199408-15Two Days EP 5deep orgcore
1613:15Chillerton"If One Is Three There's Four"200708-07Bleak Unisondeep orgcore, orgcore
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