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The Sound of Dark Folk
See also Intro, Pulse or 2021; or the Sounds of Rune Folk, Experimental Folk, Icelandic Experimental, Irish Experimental, Cello, Bow Pop, Kundalini, Theremin, Chinese Instrumental or Ambient Pop; or much more at everynoise.com.
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Intro to Dark Folk
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The Pulse of Dark Folk
16:46Tenhi"Pojan Kiiski"201112-02Saivo 1↑ 
22:58Vàli"Nordavindens Klagesang"201308-30Skogslandskap 2↑ 
36:03Nebelung"Mittwinter"201402-18Palingenesis 2↓ 
47:00Havnatt"Dagen Og Natta"201010-29Whom the Moon a Nightsong Sings   
54:49Ainulindale"A Year of Silence"201010-29Whom the Moon a Nightsong Sings 1↑ 
64:48Musk Ox"Solstice"201010-29Whom the Moon a Nightsong Sings   
72:07Arrowwood"Funeral Lullaby"201712-13Dark Fairytales 2↑ 
83:19Cataplus"Hoyfjeldsbilde"2008My own wolf: A new approach to Ulver 4↑7↑
95:51Subaudition"Raindrops"200604-21The Scope   
103:15Prag 83"The Silent Earth"201803-09Fragments of Silence   
113:54The Hare And The Moon"The Willows"201302-11Hail Be You Sovereigns, Lief And Dear: Dark Britannica III   
127:35Wolcensmen"Lorn and Loath"201909-20Fire in the White Stone 9↓ 
132:56Splinterskin"Something In The Walls"2009Wayward Souls   
145:24Thayer Cabin"Road I Know"201502-06Chapter 1: The Lonesome Hills   
155:20Stroszek"Secret of the Earth"201403-25Wild Years of Remorse and Failures   
165:11Urze de Lume"Da Tua Ausência"201803-10As Árvores Estão Secas e Não Têm Folhas 9↓14↓
175:22Din Brad"Amar"201204-20Dor   
185:43Alor"Wooden Whispers"2014Haerfest   
193:47Naervaer"Dose Dager"200108-14Skiftninger   
208:59Green Elder"The Last of Our Leaves"201710-26Litterfall   
213:30Lönndom"Språnget Ur Ursprunget"201010-29Whom the Moon a Nightsong Sings   
228:26Disemballerina"Sundowning"201406-28Undertaker 8↓11↑
235:06Har Belex"The End of the Summer"202203-31Campo De Urnas   
243:31Suldusk"The Elm"201904-12Lunar Falls 19↓ 
253:09Nocturnal Poisoning"Elsewhere From Here"201507-31A Misleading Reality   
264:03Wapentake"Saxon Pastoral"201801-13Saxon Pastoral +2   
275:54Wöljager"Van't Liëwen un Stiäwen"201604-29Van't Liëwen un Stiäwen   
283:59Night Profound"I Am Initiation"201811-11Via Nocturna   
295:15Destroying Angel"Oil Town"201605-13Conversations With Their Holy Guardian Angels   
303:26Brannten Schnüre"Feldweg"201601-14Sommer Im Pfirsichhain   
313:51Cinder Well"No Summer"202007-24No Summer   
325:47Fedrespor"Fra en vugge i fjellet"201811-23single 21↓ 
335:12Ruumisto"Siinä on sijasi valmis"201907-11Saatto ja syntymä   
366:36Harm Wülf"Descend, I've Been Waiting"201608-26Hijrah   
374:40Eridu Arcane"Embitterment"200206-01The Dying Of An Ageless Day   
384:43Dolven"Inhale"201604-22Navigating the Labyrinth   
397:32Aerial Ruin"How Far"201906-21Nameless Sun   
402:06Akrabu"Summoning the Desert Winds from the Scorpion's Domain"201804-23Kispu Ina Ina Nekelmu   
417:41Ak'chamel, The Giver Of Illness"The Funeral of a Woman Whose Soul is Trapped in the Sun"202003-27The Totemist   
434:43Lisa Cuthbert"The Host Wants a Parasite"201605-13Hextapes   
444:18Spectrale"Sagitarius"201608-19Split In Cauda Venenum Spectrale Heir   
453:17Autumn Shade"Home"200702-13Ezra Moon   
464:28Marja Mattlar"Koiranelämää"200303-10Tuli   
475:49Wejdas"The World Without Limbs"200812-15Wejdas   
495:59Midnartiis"Faustian Path"202112-31Sinew of Sol   
505:28Zeresh"The Ways of Death"201909-01Farewell   
512:34Fletcher Tucker"Dark Teaching"201706-30Cold Spring   
522:52Reserva Espiritual de Occidente"Ansia Fiera"201906-19Cristo de la Atlántida   
538:06Giles Corey"No One Is Ever Going to Want Me"201509-25Giles Corey   
543:38Dead Raven Choir"The Eyes of Beauty ~ a palace plundered by wolves"200712-04Wine, Women and Wolves   
556:18Vradiazei"Falling Water"202002-28Split   
567:54Evergreen Refuge"Evergreen Refuge"201207-08Evergreen Refuge   
573:40Tenhi"Saivon Kimallus"201112-02Saivo   
583:05Vàli"Dypt Inne I Skogen"201308-30Forlatt   
603:33Havnatt"Havnatt"201202-15Havdøgn 52↓55↓
625:56Musk Ox"Inheritance, Pt. 1 (Premonition)"202107-09Inheritance   
632:08Arrowwood"Fairy Ring Daydream"201712-13Dark Fairytales   
645:32Subaudition"Now That We've Spent All the Light"200911-27Light on the Path   
652:26Prag 83"The Devil's Heart"201604-15Metamorphoses   
662:45The Hare And The Moon"The Three Ravens"201202-13We Bring You A King With A Head Of Gold   
673:20Splinterskin"The Skarekrow (October Roads)"2009Wayward Souls   
686:19Wolcensmen"Lady of the Depe"201901-11Songs from the Mere 4   
693:40Thayer Cabin"Strangers"201410-29single   
705:03Stroszek"A Nightwalk in Partille"201311-05Songs of Remorse   
714:48Urze de Lume"As Árvores Estão Secas e Não Têm Folhas"201803-10As Árvores Estão Secas e Não Têm Folhas   
724:00Din Brad"Dor"201204-20Dor   
735:20Alor"There are Eyes in the Dusk"2014Haerfest   
749:54Naervaer"VI Sâ'Kke Land"200108-14Skiftninger   
755:35Green Elder"Upon Her Silent Morning"201901-18single   
764:17Lönndom"Dröj kvar"201002-22Viddernas tolv kapitel   
775:46Disemballerina"Ozma's Prison"201406-28Undertaker   
785:43Har Belex"Lo Invisible"202203-31Campo De Urnas   
793:45Nocturnal Poisoning"Prisoners Of Their Own Needs"201410-03Doomgrass   
805:14Suldusk"Solus Ipse"201904-12Lunar Falls   
816:24Wapentake"The Rufus Stone"201801-13Saxon Pastoral 3   
822:52Wöljager"Swatte äer"201604-29Van't Liëwen un Stiäwen   
836:59Night Profound"I Am the Return"201811-11Via Nocturna   
845:58Destroying Angel"Force the Occasion"201907-19Making Beds in a Burning House   
852:24Brannten Schnüre"Vom Baum Im Hof"201601-14Sommer Im Pfirsichhain   
864:49Cinder Well"Pulling Bracken"202202-15I Am A Youth That’s Inclined to Ramble 2   
889:33Ruumisto"Ruumisto"201907-11Saatto ja syntymä 73↓ 
914:02Harm Wülf"Put the Kettle on (They've All Gone Away)"201608-26Hijrah   
924:43Eridu Arcane"The Season To Rejoice"200206-01The Dying Of An Ageless Day   
935:13Dolven"Collector"202204-25The Tyranny of Time   
953:32Vàli"Naar Vinden Graater"201308-30Forlatt   
974:17Havnatt"Sovande Gard (Tolkning 1)"201308-15Etterlatte   
985:38Ainulindale"The Parting"201403-30Nevrast   
996:02Musk Ox"Memoriam"202107-09Inheritance   
1002:04Arrowwood"Bells in an Old Forest"201712-13Dark Fairytales   
1015:29Subaudition"Alms of the Sun"200911-27Light on the Path   
1023:26Prag 83"Roads"201803-09Fragments of Silence 89↓ 
1036:37The Hare And The Moon"A Whisper In The Woods"2016The Forest / The Wald   
1043:33Splinterskin"Still At The Windowsill"2009Wayward Souls   
1053:42Thayer Cabin"Hatchet Jack"200803-10Thayer Cabin   
1065:24Wolcensmen"Foreboden & a Gainsaying"201909-20Fire in the White Stone   
1074:07Stroszek"The Unlucky Ones"201311-05Life Failures Made Music   
1084:40Urze de Lume"Outono Eterno"201703-01Vozes Na Neblina 4   
1094:39Din Brad"Doina"201204-20Dor   
1103:16Alor"When at Night the Shadows Rise..."2014Haerfest   
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