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The Sound of Guitar Case
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12:48Dave Slomin"Wendell Gee"200607-17Strikeguitar case
23:28Matt Stamm"Beautiful"202104-30singleguitar case
32:33Stephen Temple"Crush"200702-05You Are 6guitar case
43:25Ryan Fawcett"Oh, God"200807-02Ryan Fawcettguitar case
53:39Luke Boor"Marietta"201410-21Skeletons (EP) 5guitar case
63:19Manny Trevin"Hello Again"200609-25Brokenguitar case
74:05Jordan Janzen"Cinderella"200809-24Crazyguitar case
83:38Eren Cannata"(lol)"201909-04singleguitar case
93:07Pat Hyland"Smooth Running"200904-17Realizationguitar case
104:20Eddie Prez"So Far Away"200407-20Two Weeks Noticeguitar case
114:17Jesse Rice"Gettin' Down in a Pirate Town"201205-08The Pirate Sessionsguitar case
123:35Ethan Chandler"True Romance - Club Mix"201608-05singleguitar case
133:50Kyle Stevens"Matches In the Walls (Live)"201006-01singleguitar case
143:40Nathan Finfrock"Fade to Grey"200604-26Upon This Roadguitar case
153:48Greg Hyde"Cool Guys"200401-19Testing The Waterguitar case
164:50Jake Oken-Berg"Angels"200901-01Find Love EP 5guitar case
173:10Rod Lunn"Forever"200705-15Rod Lunnguitar case
184:00Case Shannon"I Tried"200708-28Still-Lifeguitar case
194:32Jason Adamo"Purple Sky"200801-01Sunflowerguitar case
203:30Cameron Vail"Slow Down"200701-01Cameron Vailguitar case
212:58Cameron Dobb"Safe"200701-01The Rideguitar case
223:53Landon Smith"Already Down (Acoustic Version)"200908-25Had I Knownguitar case
236:31Steve Gregory"On the Radio - Steve Gregory Soul Mix"2012On the Radioguitar case
242:30Josh Halverson"House Of The Rising Sun - The Voice Performance"201610-11singleguitar case
253:17Doug Painter"Into Your Love"200501-01Doug Painter EP 6guitar case
263:38Nate McDonough"New day"200601-01New Dayguitar case
274:00Jon Hainstock"Until The Next Time"200606-02Jon Hainstockguitar case
283:52Scott Celani"Christmas By The Lake"200705-23Wired For Nostalgiaguitar case
294:08Jimmy Rule"I'll Be Around"201405-13High and Lowguitar case
303:26David Thiele"Fall For Love"200401-01The Opening Actguitar case
313:42Qwill"Ghost (Remastered)"201511-01Phoenixguitar case
324:44Jerry Fuentes"What It Is"200807-25A Kid On 4th 5guitar case
333:13Russ Bonagura"My Place"200801-07Songs For Peopleguitar case
342:54Ryan Hammer"Famous"201006-15CANADIAN AMERICAN SIZZLIN' HOT SUMMER RADIO SINGLESguitar case
353:01Rick Knowles"Dance with Ya"202101-12singleguitar case
363:17Michael Bourne"Hold My Breath"200710-19Closer Than Nowhereguitar case
373:31Jim Major"Eddie Would Go"201205-12Eddie Would Goguitar case
384:40Jordan Tyler"Postcards From Salem"200301-01So Far Awayguitar case
394:32Jon Davidson"Dust and Promises"201610-08Hymnguitar case
404:14Tim Corley"Beautiful"200101-01Anywhere But Hereguitar case
414:26Ed Nicholson"Restoration"200405-30Out Of My Handsguitar case
423:53Blake Bollinger"Falling Faster"200701-01No Holidayguitar case
433:47Craig Demelo"So Be It"200701-01The Whiskey Poetguitar case
445:57Chase Thompson"Hollow/We Are Lifted"200704-16Shoot You Down 5guitar case
453:28Adam Miner"Starring Out of Cars"201309-24Precious Felonsguitar case
464:40Kef"Zapevala sojka ptica"200910-01Kefguitar case
474:23Garfield Mayor"Invisible"201505-01Take and Takeguitar case
483:42Nathan Anderson"Sweet Misery"200701-01Using Dreamsguitar case
493:30Seth Bradley"Chasing The Habit"200808-06Waking Up On Broadway 5guitar case
504:10Ryan David"Moonwalkin'"202101-12singleguitar case
512:35alexander webb"Bring It on Home to Me (Live) [Loop Pedal Version]"201505-12Live Acousticguitar case
524:38John Cotiguala"Maggie"200701-01Shineguitar case
533:48Marc Ribler"Shattered"202102-26Shattered +1guitar case
543:40Phil Marshall"Bones"201503-16Embersguitar case
554:47John Frank"Fast Car"200909-14singleguitar case
562:59Zack Nichols"Slow Dancing in the Street (Bonus Track)"200804-01Bright Eyes EP (Bonus Track Version)guitar case
573:33Garrett Ramquist"Fire and Ice"201512-08Resting Place 3guitar case
583:15Joe Cameron"Fallin'"201406-04Encoreguitar case
593:29Albright Green"She"200001-25No Need to Mowguitar case
603:48James Kinne"The Better Off"202102-01James Kinneguitar case
613:47Ron Irizarry"Build A Bridge"200810-02What You Hide Is What You Findguitar case
622:47Jon Patrick McClaren"I Do"200612-22The Day After Todayguitar case
632:56Nick Rallis"Story De Ma Vie"200712-06Nick Rallisguitar case
643:52Taylor Carson"Chain Reaction (feat. Marc Roberge & Andy Poliakoff)"201304-30With Innocenceguitar case
654:38Nate Schierman"Up and Down My Heart (Acoustic)"201803-27Fall Foreverguitar case
663:36Joe Beleznay"A Little Love"200701-01never changeguitar case
672:52Jim Gaven"Stay"200910-03The Gift of Love (Bonus Edition)guitar case
683:37Nate Davenport"Comearound"201103-01singleguitar case
695:49Chad Harris"Whisper in My Ear"201607-15Glorious Godguitar case
703:38Rob Attaway"Love Is the Answer"200910-20Catalyst Music Projectguitar case
712:22Scott Ivey"My Side of the Fence"201511-16singleguitar case
722:28Billy Floyd"My Oh My"201209-07Cooler Than Ice: Arctic Records and the Rise of Philly Soulguitar case
734:04Pete Mroz"Waiting for You"202001-15The Silence in Betweenguitar case
744:47Alton Cove"So Sick"200604-26Water Rose - The Acoustic LPguitar case
753:46ERIC AZ"Angelina"201908-15singleguitar case
764:02Jared Campbell"Life Is Good"2004Rest Outguitar case
773:48Kip Fox"Let Me Count the Ways"201602-05singleguitar case
783:29Timothy Chaisson"The Money Is All Gone"200705-29Evenguitar case
794:11Bob Pepek"Silver Lining"202103-31singleguitar case
805:30Patrick Alan Brown"Shoes Untied"200901-04Where You Can Just Be Youguitar case
813:43Mik Morley"Give Myself"200701-01Give Myself 5guitar case
823:46Aaron Howard"Dangerous Love"202006-01singleguitar case
834:49Brian Stewart"Hypnotized"201707-03singleguitar case
844:31Mark Baldonado"I Love You"200701-01Mark Baldonado 4guitar case
854:01Greg Talmage"Girls That Play Games Are Stupid"200801-10The Way It Goesguitar case
864:29Jim Dugan"Om Shanti"200301-01Marigoldguitar case
873:03Jim Mullin"The Dream"202103-12singleguitar case
884:44Karlton Coffin"Lines In A Song"200801-01Ghost in the Glassguitar case
894:01Mitch Barrington"Gonna Be Alright"201003-22Breathe More Easilyguitar case
903:46Mikal Blue"Gold"200804-15Goldguitar case
914:08Will Bowen"Send Me To The Moon"200708-09Love Is Warguitar case, modern uplift
923:03Brian Chartrand"New York State Of Mind"200802-27Sleeping With Giantsguitar case
934:44Jared Dunn"Among The 100 Other Million Things That People Do"200806-19The First Tryguitar case
945:59MATTIE"Human Thing"202102-24Human Thing +1guitar case
954:21Troy Young"World Away"200810-17Perfect Dreamguitar case
963:49Francis SA"Rain"201001-23Cornerstoneguitar case
973:03Rob Benton"No Diggity"201605-01Homeguitar case
984:44John McMillan"Glory to You"201409-09Voices Liftedguitar case
994:36David DiGioia"Simple Creatures"200801-01The Envelopeguitar case
1004:14James Kappen"Invitation"200301-01Radianceguitar case
1013:37Chris Bryan"Turning Circles"2003Shades of Blueguitar case
1022:45Christopher John"Irish Adventure"201507-27Irish Celebration: The Music of Irelandguitar case
1034:39Roy Ashen"Eclipse"201006-01Eclipseguitar case
1043:27Dominic Camany"Tequila"201804-13singleguitar case
1053:55Ian Walsh"Goodbye"200709-25Moondance Alexander Soundtrackguitar case
1063:53Mark Aston"The Rhyme"202009-21Of Dust and Dreamsguitar case
1075:11Zach Spencer"I Am Able"200901-01When I Found You 5guitar case
1083:30Dan Ferrari"Never Not Want You"200707-03Don't Let It Fallguitar case, modern uplift
1093:08Little Mojo"Something On Your Mind"202006-19Gargano's Garage: Lavender, Magenta, Indigo, & Blue Fin Labelsguitar case
1103:52Josh Damigo"Pocket Change"200905-08Rawguitar case
1112:56Jonah Brockman"She's So Clean"200503-29Merciless Morningguitar case
1123:27Adam Swink"Save Me"200804-29Seasonal Delivery 5guitar case
1134:49Tyler Henderson"Stand In Your Love"200805-27When Worlds Collideguitar case
1144:11Chuck Carrier"Oyster Mud"2003Songs For 27guitar case
1154:41Remington Rafael"Show Me The Way"200501-01Lettersguitar case
1163:32Jim Ivins"Don't Go It Alone"202010-23Quarantunesguitar case
1172:50Cary Judd"Valentine"200903-03Goodnight Humanguitar case
1183:23Steve Garrett"I Am A New Creation"201105-15The Best Worship Songs For The Church…Ever!guitar case
1192:20Jesse Keller"Welcome Home"201308-22Travis: a Soldier's Story (Original Soundtrack)guitar case
1202:57Michael Nappi"Don't Wanna Do"201411-14Songs of the Brazilian Novelas, Vol. 1guitar case
1214:44Matt Woods"Deadman's Blues"201405-13With Love From Brushy Mountainguitar case, nashville americana
1227:20Ben Green"Falls"202103-11singleguitar case
1234:38Corey Tut"Into the Light"201809-14Into the Lightguitar case
1243:52Jordan Tyler"Appetite"201710-20Welcomeguitar case
1255:03Chad Perrone"Minor Letdowns"201411-22Kaleidoscopeguitar case
1263:22Olly Hite"Rage"202009-11singleguitar case
1274:02Luke Huch"Don't Go"201304-12Lion Eyes 5guitar case
1283:12James Guffee"Come Back to Me"200501-01So Much for Secretsguitar case
1294:04Mission Hill"Save Me from Me"201407-24Mission Hill 6guitar case
1303:23Damian Hagger"Butterfly"200401-01Half My Mindguitar case
1314:28Matt Lowell"Calling"201107-11Drop Your Guns 4guitar case
1323:26Jon Robert"Summer's Over"200906-02Meant to Beguitar case
1333:52Kef"Hottie Boombalottie (LP version)"200001-01Poppaloopaguitar case
1342:39Dave Slomin"Dandelion"200607-17Strikeguitar case
1353:43Stephen Temple"So Hard To Leave You"200702-05You Are 6guitar case
1364:24Matt Stamm"Anymore"202101-22singleguitar case
1373:33Ryan Fawcett"Run Away"200807-02Ryan Fawcettguitar case
1383:14Luke Boor"Skeletons"201410-21Skeletons (EP) 5guitar case
1393:41Manny Trevin"Sid's Song - Acoustic"200609-25Brokenguitar case
1403:39Jordan Janzen"Focus"200809-24Crazyguitar case
1413:29Eren Cannata"Tip Top"201101-01The YMCA of Greater Tri-Valley presents: Hope Is In Me-A Musical Journeyguitar case
1423:48Pat Hyland"Shadows of Relief"200904-17Realizationguitar case
1433:22Eddie Prez"April Fools"200407-20Two Weeks Noticeguitar case
1444:34Ethan Chandler"Desertstorm - Club Mix"201601-22singleguitar case
1453:14Kyle Stevens"Thicker Than Leather"200710-18Songs From The Orange Room 6guitar case
1463:32Nathan Finfrock"Riddle"201004-05Distant Shores 6guitar case
1473:30Jesse Rice"Key West Time"201205-08The Pirate Sessionsguitar case
1483:14Greg Hyde"Round and Round"201601-29Count Loveguitar case
1494:37Jake Oken-Berg"What Goes Up"200901-01Find Love EP 5guitar case
1506:16Rod Lunn"Stripped"200711-16You And Iguitar case
1514:20Case Shannon"Wish You Well"200708-28Still-Lifeguitar case
1523:52Jason Adamo"Jackie"200801-01Sunflowerguitar case
1532:45Cameron Vail"Sweet Sweet Love"200701-01Cameron Vailguitar case
1544:30Cameron Dobb"Goodbye Bad Luck"200701-01The Rideguitar case
1553:28Landon Smith"Collide"200712-28Collideguitar case
1567:17Steve Gregory"On the Radio - House Bros Vocal Mix"2012On the Radioguitar case
1574:10Doug Painter"Homeless"200701-01singleguitar case
1583:10Josh Halverson"Whiskey And You - The Voice Performance"201610-31singleguitar case
1594:16Nate McDonough"Breathe"200601-01New Dayguitar case
1604:56Jon Hainstock"Is There Anybody Out There"200606-02Jon Hainstockguitar case
1613:43Scott Celani"Saturday"200403-28Saturdayguitar case
1623:53Jimmy Rule"Never Walk Away"201405-13High and Lowguitar case
1632:13David Thiele"Mystic Drive"202002-19Indie Electro, Vol. 2guitar case
1643:14Qwill"Rage"201511-01Phoenixguitar case
1653:27Jerry Fuentes"Secrets"201208-13Standing in Lineguitar case
1663:35Russ Bonagura"Thirtysomething"200801-07Songs For Peopleguitar case
1673:04Rick Knowles"Does Anybody Know"202001-10singleguitar case
1684:13Michael Bourne"Haven"201402-05Second Fret Fireguitar case
1693:06Jim Major"Under The Moon"200308-30One Blue Eyeguitar case
1705:23Jordan Tyler"You're Missed"201503-21singleguitar case
1714:07Jon Davidson"Going Home"201006-04Perfect Cliché (Deluxe Edition)guitar case
1724:41Tim Corley"Turnaround"200602-02Like Starsguitar case
1733:24Ed Nicholson"Joette"200405-30Out Of My Handsguitar case
1743:27Blake Bollinger"Picture"200901-01Blake Bollingerguitar case
1754:04Craig Demelo"Sweet Hangover"202103-01Strong Watersguitar case
1763:25Chase Thompson"Blue Lillies"200704-16Shoot You Down 5guitar case
1773:16Adam Miner"Christina"201809-01Christinaguitar case
1785:01Kef"Krivo Sadovsko horo"200910-01Kefguitar case
1794:18Garfield Mayor"Higher States"201505-01Take and Takeguitar case
1804:30Nathan Anderson"Driving With The Brakes On"200701-01Using Dreamsguitar case
1814:33Seth Bradley"Broadway"200808-06Waking Up On Broadway 5guitar case
1823:34Ryan David"Let Go"202003-20Dominion in Darknessguitar case
1833:38alexander webb"empty canvas"200605-02the hourglass ep 6guitar case
1843:14John Cotiguala"Call"200701-01Shineguitar case
1854:26Marc Ribler"Hand Me Down"202102-26Shattered 2guitar case
1864:03Phil Marshall"Supernatural"201503-16Embersguitar case
1873:40John Frank"This Town"200601-01Anywhere But Hereguitar case
1883:33Zack Nichols"Dust in June"200804-01Bright Eyes EP (Bonus Track Version)guitar case
1894:29Garrett Ramquist"Innocence"201512-08Resting Place 3guitar case
1904:15Joe Cameron"She Don't Need Music"200802-05Vancity 6guitar case
1913:18Albright Green"Lookin' Back"200001-25No Need to Mowguitar case
1923:52Ron Irizarry"Scared Away"2000Ron Irizarryguitar case
1933:12Jon Patrick McClaren"Hopeful Despair"200612-22The Day After Todayguitar case
1943:07Nick Rallis"Is It Love"200712-06Nick Rallisguitar case
1953:00James Kinne"Stronger"202102-01James Kinneguitar case
1963:52Taylor Carson"Josephine"201812-04After the Tamer Has Goneguitar case
1973:22Nate Schierman"Necessary"200710-16Riskguitar case
1982:13Joe Beleznay"You & I"201405-06What Are You Waiting for? 5guitar case
1992:42Jim Gaven"Forever in Love"201112-22Forever in Love - EP 3guitar case
2003:46Nate Davenport"All That I Can Say"200902-17Sweet Disasterguitar case
2015:30Chad Harris"Your Blood Still Speaks"201607-15Glorious Godguitar case
2023:07Scott Ivey"Stop Me"201306-19Underneath the Pale Moon, Midnight Skyguitar case
2032:44Billy Floyd"Time Made You Change (Your Mind)"201209-07Cooler Than Ice: Arctic Records and the Rise of Philly Soulguitar case
2042:54Pete Mroz"Cattle Call"201305-14You Don't Know Me: Rediscovering Eddy Arnoldguitar case
2054:45Alton Cove"Unstoppable"200604-26Water Rose - The Acoustic LPguitar case
2064:31ERIC AZ"Lollipop"201101-22singleguitar case
2073:42Jared Campbell"Beyond the Gray"200801-01Beyond The Grayguitar case
2086:00Kip Fox"This Dust"201104-26This Dustguitar case
2093:26Timothy Chaisson"So Much More"200705-29Evenguitar case
2104:09Patrick Alan Brown"You Don't Know"200901-04Where You Can Just Be Youguitar case
2113:48Bob Pepek"Open Your Heart To Me"200901-29From The Let Go 5guitar case
2123:17Mik Morley"Would You Ask Me"201708-01singleguitar case
2133:06Aaron Howard"This High"202009-30singleguitar case
2143:33Brian Stewart"Why'd You Leave (Acoustic)"200901-01Unravel the Romanceguitar case
2153:20Mark Baldonado"Its So Weird"200701-01Mark Baldonado 4guitar case
2163:15Greg Talmage"Measure Up"200801-10The Way It Goesguitar case
2174:04Jim Dugan"Stay With Me"200301-01Marigoldguitar case
2184:34Karlton Coffin"If I Ever Did"200801-01Ghost in the Glassguitar case
2194:05Mitch Barrington"Breathe More Easily"201003-22Breathe More Easilyguitar case
2203:46Mikal Blue"Paige"200804-15Goldguitar case
2213:31Dave Slomin"Einstein Blue"200607-17Strikeguitar case
2222:46Stephen Temple"Happy"200702-05You Are 6guitar case
2233:20Ryan Fawcett"Ohio Skies"200807-02Ryan Fawcettguitar case
2243:51Matt Stamm"Find Yourself"202103-12singleguitar case
2253:36Luke Boor"Don't Let Me Down Easy"201410-21Skeletons (EP) 5guitar case
2263:53Manny Trevin"Beautiful Baby"200609-25Brokenguitar case
2273:03Jordan Janzen"Always An Answer"200809-24Crazyguitar case
2282:57Pat Hyland"Set Me Free"200904-17Realizationguitar case
2293:32Eddie Prez"One And One"200407-20Two Weeks Noticeguitar case
2304:36Ethan Chandler"Break the Rules - Club Mix"201511-20singleguitar case
2313:10Kyle Stevens"Getaway Car"200710-18Songs From The Orange Room 6guitar case
2324:26Nathan Finfrock"Normal"201004-05Distant Shores 6guitar case
2333:46Jesse Rice"Sweet Kinda Summer"201102-02Somethin' Strongguitar case
2343:36Greg Hyde"Sunrise Today"201601-29Count Loveguitar case
2352:48Jake Oken-Berg"Last Time"201110-11It's Meguitar case
2364:06Rod Lunn"You And I"200711-16You And Iguitar case
2374:02Case Shannon"Fade Away"200708-28Still-Lifeguitar case
2384:59Jason Adamo"Purple Sky (Unplugged)"200801-01Sunflowerguitar case
2393:40Cameron Vail"Do What You Do"200701-01Cameron Vailguitar case
2403:38Cameron Dobb"Bee Sting"200701-01The Rideguitar case
2413:47Landon Smith"Another Night"200908-25singleguitar case
2425:58Steve Gregory"Samba - Main Mix"2013Samba 3guitar case
2433:49Doug Painter"Postcard Pretty"200501-01Doug Painter EP 6guitar case
2442:46Josh Halverson"Forever Young - The Voice Performance"201609-26singleguitar case
2453:44Nate McDonough"Make me lose"200601-01New Dayguitar case
2463:35Jon Hainstock"I'll Get Over Myself"200606-02Jon Hainstockguitar case
2473:30Scott Celani"Video Killed The Radio Star"200705-23Wired For Nostalgiaguitar case
2483:32Jimmy Rule"I Would Take You for a Ride"201405-13High and Lowguitar case
2493:36David Thiele"As Long As We're Dreaming"200401-01The Opening Actguitar case
2505:34Qwill"Learning"201008-01The Past Must Presentguitar case
2513:35Jerry Fuentes"Brenda's Dream"201208-13Standing in Lineguitar case
2523:43Russ Bonagura"Take My Heart"200801-07Songs For Peopleguitar case
2533:20Rick Knowles"GTO"201710-24Inside Out 6guitar case
2544:33Michael Bourne"Change My Direction"201402-05Second Fret Fireguitar case
2555:50Jim Major"You Can't Always Get What You Want (Live)"200601-01Sometimes Recorded Live (feat. Sandy Norton)guitar case
2565:00Jordan Tyler"Can't Walk Away"200301-01So Far Awayguitar case
2574:03Jon Davidson"Sunrise"201006-04Perfect Cliché (Deluxe Edition)guitar case
2584:25Tim Corley"Half An Hour"200602-02Like Starsguitar case
2594:13Ed Nicholson"Canyons (You Lift My Voice)"200405-30Out Of My Handsguitar case
2604:01Blake Bollinger"London"200901-01Blake Bollingerguitar case
2614:16Craig Demelo"My Will"202103-01Strong Watersguitar case
2624:25Chase Thompson"Lifeless"200704-16Shoot You Down 5guitar case
2633:25Adam Miner"Fool"200701-01Dangerous Eyesguitar case
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