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The Sound of Hull Indie
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14:45The Glass Delusion"The Right Honourable Reverend Doctor Smith"201206-18The Right Honourable Reverend Doctor Smith +1hull indie
22:54La Bête Blooms"Saw You on the TV"201709-22singlehull indie
33:02Foolish Atoms"The Harrowed North"201511-09Earth and Ashhull indie
43:09Dead Hormones"End Credits"201810-12singlehull indie
53:08Cannibal Animal"I Feel Alive"201602-12singlehull indie
62:09No Nothings"A Country Song"201607-22No Nothings 6hull indie
75:53LIFE"Friends Without Names"202111-16singleenglish indie rock, garage rock revival, hull indie, uk post-punk revival
83:03Pearl’s Cab Ride"Vehicle (Live at Smokestack, Leeds)"201802-01Autumn EP 4hull indie
94:04Vulgarians"Naturally Nothing"201607-01Life’s Successful Death 4hull indie
104:25Ysabelle Wombwell"We Livin'"200901-01British Urban Collective (Volume 1)hull indie
112:07My Pleasure"Eleanor Rigby"202103-05Revolverhull indie
124:11The Holy Orders"Paper/Scissors/Stone"201307-14For the Ears of Dogs to Comehull indie
133:46bdrmm"Gush"202007-03Bedroombedroom pop, chamber psych, garage psych, hull indie, nu gaze
143:56Counting Coins"Don't Look Down"201512-07Counting Coinsdub punk, hull indie, modern ska punk
152:56Jody McKenna"Bending Reality"2010The North Windhull indie, yorkshire folk
163:50Endoflevelbaddie"Baddie Theme #2"201803-30E.O.L.B.hull indie
172:40Serial Chiller"Life's Rough"201607-26Life's Rough +1hull indie
183:00Bud Sugar"Viral"201706-25singlehull indie
194:21LUMER"By Her Teeth"202101-29The Disappearing Acthull indie, uk post-punk revival
203:48The Hubbards"Seven or Eleven"201909-20singleenglish indie rock, hull indie
213:41VIALETTERS"Places of Residence"202111-05Places of Residence +1hull indie
223:59The Escape Artist"Misery Made Its Home in Me"202109-24singlehull indie
233:06Brosnan"Part Timers"202104-30singlehull indie
243:18NEWMEDS"Nothing Is Heavier Than the Mind"202009-25singlehull indie
255:35Oedipus the King"Network - Radio Edit"201207-11Colossus 3hull indie
263:52MAURITIA"Skin"201703-22singlehull indie
272:50FRONTEERS"Youth"201507-04Youth +1english indie rock, hull indie
283:54Yasmin Coe"Cheap Leather"202103-12The Mill Sessions 4hull indie
294:20The Dyr Sister"See, Hear, Speak"201704-07Three Minute Heroes: #HearMeOuthull indie
303:10Black Lime"Mania"201809-18singlehull indie
312:23The Evil Litter"Boom Boom Mamma"201903-01Keep Yourself Afraidhull indie
323:29The Paddingtons"Panic Attack"200501-01First Comes Firstbritish indie rock, hull indie
334:00Attack The Embassy"Night Time Town"201503-29Hull's New Breed: Vol. 1hull indie
343:56Cameo Brooks"Milli"202103-22singlehull indie
353:01Joe Duncan"Paris"201509-14Throw Me to the Lionshull indie
362:47Fonda 500"Eight Track"201610-12Eight Track +2hull indie
374:08The Froot"I Want You Near"201906-28singlehull indie
382:44Chambers"Disappear"201606-18Disappear +1hull indie
392:51The Denim Turtles"She's Trapped"201511-18Weekend Romance 6hull indie
402:44Bloodhound"Everyone Is My Friend"202001-31Fragile Skeletonhull indie
413:54Church Of Non Believers"Living A Lie"202102-05Living A Lie +2hull indie
423:57Matt Edible & the Obtuse Angels"Nightclubbing"201803-02Stairgazinghull indie
432:18FALLEN IDOL"The Feeling"201707-28singlehull indie
444:01The Black Delta Movement"Hunting Ground"201808-03Preservationhull indie
453:50Marx"Student Loan"202001-06singlehull indie
463:37Walking Primrose"Jumpstart"201811-16singlehull indie
472:18System Paralysis"Remedy"201501-31First Steps to Psychosishull indie
484:01Left Ahead"Take Control"201503-29Hull's New Breed: Vol. 1hull indie
494:05Emma Fee"Where I Was"201208-04Emma Fee - EP 4hull indie
502:43Natterers"Not Long Left Now"201810-05Head in Threatening Attitudehull indie
514:28The Mighty and the Moon"Broken Town"2013singlehull indie
523:15Henrietta Lacks"Bone Spurs"201709-22Henrietta Lacks EP 3hull indie
533:28NOUR"Pyramids"201712-0127/TEEN EP 5hull indie
545:20Pavey Ark"Cuckoo"202003-20Close Your Eyes and Think of Nothinghull indie, yorkshire folk
554:00King's Horses"You Shouldn't Keep It to Yourself"202102-15Waveforminghull indie
562:16Katie Spencer"Incense Skin"201903-01Weather Beatenhull indie, yorkshire folk
574:56The Glass Delusion"Apple Soup"201205-01The Glass Delusion 5hull indie
582:17La Bête Blooms"Breaking In"201609-30singlehull indie
593:23Foolish Atoms"Smaller Circles"201301-01Songs for Insomniacs and Narcolepticshull indie
604:13Dead Hormones"Nothing, Nothing... Then Something"201602-26Nothing, Nothing... Then Something +3hull indie
615:28Cannibal Animal"Simply Sinking"201803-16A Decline In Morality 4hull indie
622:42No Nothings"All The Good Ones"201607-22No Nothings 6hull indie
633:41Pearl’s Cab Ride"Sunshine of Your Love - Live at Smokestack, Leeds"201805-31Sleeping EP 3hull indie
644:07Vulgarians"Dead People Are Easier to Love"201809-10singlehull indie
653:08Ysabelle Wombwell"The Story of My Life"201108-15Ysabelle Wombwellhull indie
663:35LIFE"Bum Hour"201909-20A Picture Of Good Healthenglish indie rock, garage rock revival, hull indie, uk post-punk revival
672:48My Pleasure"Yellow Submarine"202103-05Revolverhull indie
685:03The Holy Orders"Sherlock"201307-14For the Ears of Dogs to Comehull indie
693:47bdrmm"Happy"202007-03Bedroombedroom pop, chamber psych, garage psych, hull indie, nu gaze
703:39Counting Coins"What Gives You The Right?"201512-07Counting Coinsdub punk, hull indie, modern ska punk
714:23Jody McKenna"Callows Eve"201703-10Eastboundhull indie, yorkshire folk
724:15Endoflevelbaddie"Move Shake Drop"201507-22Autofire 5hull indie
733:06Serial Chiller"Fuck Right Off"201607-26Life's Rough 2hull indie
744:30Bud Sugar"Shudup"201609-01VIBE 6hull indie
752:46LUMER"She's Innocent"202101-29The Disappearing Acthull indie, uk post-punk revival
763:02The Hubbards"Your Love, Your Love (Your Love)"201811-30Petty Grudge Pop 4english indie rock, hull indie
773:49VIALETTERS"Geosmin"201807-20singlehull indie
785:00The Escape Artist"Daydreaming"201805-18singlehull indie
793:03Brosnan"Octopus"202007-17singlehull indie
802:57NEWMEDS"Twenty Three"202010-16singlehull indie
816:57Oedipus the King"Amicable - Radio Edit"201207-11Colossus 3hull indie
823:13MAURITIA"The Plunge"202011-14singlehull indie
833:08FRONTEERS"Full Moon"201607-05Streets We're Born In EP 4english indie rock, hull indie
844:25Yasmin Coe"Lost"201710-14singlehull indie
853:21Black Lime"Down and Out"201604-22singlehull indie
862:11The Evil Litter"Feels Like Silver"201903-01Keep Yourself Afraidhull indie
873:03The Paddingtons"50 To A £ - Album ver"200501-01First Comes Firstbritish indie rock, hull indie
883:12Attack The Embassy"Dead"201503-29Hull's New Breed: Vol. 1hull indie
893:03Cameo Brooks"Genius"202107-24singlehull indie
904:58Joe Duncan"Siren"201509-14Throw Me to the Lionshull indie
914:29Fonda 500"Jenny #1"200806-30Je M'Appelle Stereohull indie
923:37The Froot"Salient Eye"201808-17Forbidden Froothull indie
932:48Chambers"Sister Doom"201702-24singlehull indie
944:30The Glass Delusion"The Definitive Text"201205-01The Glass Delusion 5hull indie
955:30La Bête Blooms"All for You"201410-13La Bête Blooms 4hull indie
963:20Foolish Atoms"Desert and Dust"201301-01Songs for Insomniacs and Narcolepticshull indie
973:06Dead Hormones"Easy"201602-26Nothing, Nothing... Then Something 4hull indie
983:46Cannibal Animal"Lack of Skin"201803-16A Decline In Morality 4hull indie
992:03No Nothings"Love Majority"201607-22No Nothings 6hull indie
1004:40Pearl’s Cab Ride"The Only One"201609-23Beat Routeshull indie
1013:34Vulgarians"Life's Successful Death"201607-01Life’s Successful Death 4hull indie
1022:53Ysabelle Wombwell"Goodbye My Cynical Friend"201108-15Ysabelle Wombwellhull indie
1032:34My Pleasure"Five Stars"201904-05singlehull indie
1042:34LIFE"Excites Me"201909-20A Picture Of Good Healthenglish indie rock, garage rock revival, hull indie, uk post-punk revival
1054:45The Holy Orders"Prairie Dogs"202110-14singlehull indie
1064:04Counting Coins"Freak Show"201512-07Counting Coinsdub punk, hull indie, modern ska punk
1073:35bdrmm"Momo"202007-03Bedroombedroom pop, chamber psych, garage psych, hull indie, nu gaze
1084:03Jody McKenna"Stew's Song"201703-10Eastboundhull indie, yorkshire folk
1093:22Endoflevelbaddie"Robots Are All Around Us"202103-26Robots Are All Around Ushull indie
1102:22Serial Chiller"Composure"202003-27When It's Party Time 4hull indie
1114:08Bud Sugar"VIBE"201609-01VIBE 6hull indie
1124:42LUMER"Blood on Suits"201807-02singlehull indie, uk post-punk revival
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