Hyperspace House Concerts   global playlist
Music only a select few people knew until now, discovered by hyper-local Spotify listening around the world...
Los Angeles   California
Los Angeles   California
Chicago   Illinois
Dallas   Texas
Houston   Texas
Atlanta   Georgia
New York   New York
Phoenix   Arizona
Seattle   Washington
Minneapolis   Minnesota
Philadelphia   Pennsylvania
Queens   New York
Miami   Florida
San Antonio   Texas
Charlotte   North Carolina
Brooklyn   New York
Denver   Colorado
Columbus   Ohio
San Francisco   California
Washington   District of Columbia
Las Vegas   Nevada
Sacramento   California
San Diego   California
Riverside   California
Orlando   Florida
Tampa   Florida
Portland   Oregon
Austin   Texas
Indianapolis   Indiana
Boston   Massachusetts
Arlington   Virginia
Oakland   California
Cleveland   Ohio
Oklahoma City   Oklahoma
St Louis   Missouri
San Jose   California
Fort Worth   Texas
Cincinnati   Ohio
Pittsburgh   Pennsylvania
Fontana   California
Honolulu   Hawaii
Newark   New Jersey
Tucson   Arizona
Omaha   Nebraska
Detroit   Michigan
Fort Lauderdale   Florida
El Paso   Texas
Jacksonville   Florida
Albuquerque   New Mexico
Milwaukee   Wisconsin
Kansas City   Missouri
Saint Paul   Minnesota
Nashville   Tennessee
Louisville   Kentucky
Buffalo   New York
Birmingham   Alabama
The Bronx   New York
Stockton   California
Ashburn   Virginia
Richmond   Virginia
Rochester   New York
Memphis   Tennessee
Dayton   Ohio
Fresno   California
Raleigh   North Carolina
Spring   Texas
New Orleans   Louisiana
Bakersfield   California
Colorado Springs   Colorado
Knoxville   Tennessee
Santa Ana   California
Baltimore   Maryland
Spokane   Washington
Grand Rapids   Michigan
Tulsa   Oklahoma
Durham   North Carolina
Westminster   California
Amarillo   Texas
Wichita   Kansas
Madison   Wisconsin
Ann Arbor   Michigan
Henrico   Virginia
Gainesville   Florida
Bloomington   Indiana
Lubbock   Texas
Oxnard   California
Boise   Idaho
Lexington   Kentucky
Baton Rouge   Louisiana
Eugene   Oregon
Lincoln   Nebraska
Reno   Nevada
Anchorage   Alaska
Greensboro   North Carolina
Athens   Georgia
Charleston   South Carolina
Salinas   California
Santa Barbara   California
Lynchburg   Virginia
Greenville   South Carolina
Baldwin Park   California
Bellingham   Washington
Chinle   Arizona
Columbus   Georgia
Glendale   California
Lafayette   Louisiana
Maple Valley   Washington
Montgomery   Alabama
Muskegon   Michigan
Palestine   Texas
Provo   Utah
Santa Cruz   California
Scranton   Pennsylvania
Sebring   Florida
Shreveport   Louisiana
Springfield   Massachusetts
Summerville   South Carolina
Toledo   Ohio
Weehawken   New Jersey
West Covina   California
house concert   playlist
1Teze "First Flight Out"1138
2Lola Rice "Charley Horse"434
3Ace Blizzy "CRUISE"351
4Lamonte Bombay "neal"341
5Twinn Red "White Sheet"340
6The Visitors "Until You Came Along"333
7Spiritual Lyric "You Know"324
8Lewis Lovebump "Mallorca"322
9Zeus "Loving You - On Deck & skemaddox Remix"320
10Lauren Rintoul "see through"313
11Matthias Gohl "The West Title Theme - Instrumental"313
12Young Demon "The Way We Step"294
13StreetSmartz "Do It"291
14Chiico "90 Bars"290
15Asapz "Came a Long Way"290
16The Informers "If You Love Me"289
17The Royal Five "Gonna Keep Lovin' You"288
18Hooligans "Hooligans -Doggum (Free Doggum)"287
19Vandes Jackson "Rage Baby"286
21Willie Beamen "Another Way of Story"285
22PRKR Knows Best "God Bless"280
23Devenaire "Truth Freestyle"279
24Tony Ingham "The Heart Asks Pleasure First - From "The Piano""278
25The Sinceres "Don't Waste My Time"276
26Donny Loc "Birthday"274
27John Gary Williams "In Love With You"273
28The Emulations "These Are the Things"269
29Greta Pasqua "Freeway"269
30Sultanthegiant "RIDE SLOW"267
31Gm$ney "Break Yo Neck"263
32Red Store Bums "Tumbleweed"262
33Azlo Raps "Find A Way"258
34Bmo Kai "CHOPPA TALK`"256
35Dez Cortez "Crunk Aint Dead Freestyle"252
36Allfrumtha I "County Jail"251
37Dro Montana "One Night"251
38Annimeanz "Been Around"250
39The Sa-Shays "Boo Hoo Hoo"248
40Charlie Havenick "Sprinkler Song"246
41Airrica "Defect"245
42FL Pabhlo "POUNDTOWN"243
43Dick McDonough & His Orchestra "There's Frost on the Moon"243
44THA M3NACE "Duo"235
45Kam "The Rebirth"234
46Skitzo BloodLine "Belly Of The Beast"233
47LEÓN "All I Know"229
48The Band Called Sex "Potion Seller - Demo"229
49Addison Shea "Car Wreck"229
50Young Bull "Crash in Japan"228
51LR Productions "Freestyle"228
52Rowdy Racks "LAME BRAIN"225
53Lucas Teague "You Chose Him"223
54Android Seventeen "Good Groove"223
55BME Diego "ShooterzOnGo"220
56The Sensations "Please Baby Please"219
57Johnny and the Expressions "Something I Want to Tell You"218
58The Matadors "Let Me Dream"216
59LowBottom Swiss "No Relations"216
60Frankie & The Spindles "Count to Ten"216
61WeSSmont SSkeme "So ruff So tuff in L.A"214
62Tre Luv "OUTTA HERE"214
63jessu singh "HOLI HAII"214
64The Interpreters "Be Kind to Love"211
65Chronik Kid "KiNDA SORTA"211
66JJ & The Mood "How Many Times"210
67Reece L. Black "Magnificent"209
68Nicki, Tha Great "Look Up"208
69La Flavour "Mandolay"204
70Moneyy Suedee "2am In Dallas"204
71Lil Ro "Tony Montana Freestyle"201
72TOONCHIE5 "Not a Regular Crab"201
73Fritz TheKid "Must Be"199
74The Lovelites "You Said You Wouldn't Break My Heart"199
76Ahruh "Show It"197
77noShift "Filtered Voices"196
78The Deceptions "Of All the Hearts"196
79The Magic Touch "A Woman Will Do Wrong"196
80Payso B "Throw away"196
81P.I.S.S. "Questions?"196
82Perez Bros "Truly Truly Yours"193
83Big Steilo "Out the Mud"192
84Raine "Never Tell"190
85The Delicates "I Want to Get Married - Remastered"190
86G humble "Baecation"190
87Jesse James "I Need You Baby"190
88Yvonne Carroll "Gee What a Guy"190
89The Marvelows "In The Morning"190
90Hi Tech Chaos "Bamboo Path - With Boldin - Radio Edit"189
91WillBandzz "Shiesty on"188
92Bloodstone "Who Has the Last Laugh Now"188
93Tycho Luna "Miscues"188
94Non Plus Temps "Continuous Hinge"188
95Starbright "He's an Aries Man"188
96Arbre De Vie "Jésus tient ses promesses"184
97$paz "Dead Presidents"184
98Chain Gang Mafia "Hot Sauce - Single Version"183
99Dennis Johnson "Don't Owe You a Thing"183
100Asm bop5 "Hit Da Road"182

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