Hyperspace House Concerts   global playlist
Music only a select few people knew until now, discovered by hyper-local Spotify listening around the world...
Los Angeles   California
Los Angeles   California
Chicago   Illinois
Dallas   Texas
Atlanta   Georgia
New York   New York
Houston   Texas
Seattle   Washington
Brooklyn   New York
Minneapolis   Minnesota
Philadelphia   Pennsylvania
Denver   Colorado
San Francisco   California
Arlington   Virginia
Charlotte   North Carolina
Orlando   Florida
Miami   Florida
Boston   Massachusetts
The Bronx   New York
Las Vegas   Nevada
Phoenix   Arizona
Austin   Texas
Sacramento   California
Nashville   Tennessee
Portland   Oregon
San Diego   California
Washington   District of Columbia
Cleveland   Ohio
Detroit   Michigan
San Antonio   Texas
Indianapolis   Indiana
Pittsburgh   Pennsylvania
Anaheim   California
San Jose   California
Cincinnati   Ohio
Tampa   Florida
Fort Lauderdale   Florida
Queens   New York
Columbus   Ohio
Grand Rapids   Michigan
Oakland   California
Fontana   California
Omaha   Nebraska
Birmingham   Alabama
North Hollywood   California
St Louis   Missouri
Santa Ana   California
Albuquerque   New Mexico
Saint Paul   Minnesota
Honolulu   Hawaii
Buffalo   New York
Newark   New Jersey
Fresno   California
Tucson   Arizona
Kansas City   Missouri
Milwaukee   Wisconsin
Fort Worth   Texas
Baltimore   Maryland
Mesa   Arizona
Glendale   Arizona
Raleigh   North Carolina
Stockton   California
Richmond   Virginia
El Paso   Texas
Knoxville   Tennessee
New Orleans   Louisiana
Dayton   Ohio
Colorado Springs   Colorado
Louisville   Kentucky
Oklahoma City   Oklahoma
Rochester   New York
Jacksonville   Florida
Memphis   Tennessee
Spokane   Washington
Madison   Wisconsin
Bothell   Washington
Bakersfield   California
Tulsa   Oklahoma
Lafayette   Louisiana
Arlington   Texas
Wichita   Kansas
Boise   Idaho
Baton Rouge   Louisiana
Durham   North Carolina
Lexington   Kentucky
Lincoln   Nebraska
Gainesville   Florida
Syracuse   New York
Anchorage   Alaska
Akron   Ohio
Eugene   Oregon
Charlottesville   Virginia
Laredo   Texas
Charleston   South Carolina
Tallahassee   Florida
Columbia   South Carolina
Beaverton   Oregon
Athens   Georgia
Chattanooga   Tennessee
Columbia   Missouri
Provo   Utah
Little Rock   Arkansas
Pensacola   Florida
Asheville   North Carolina
Toledo   Ohio
Bellmore   New York
Boone   North Carolina
Chinle   Arizona
Florissant   Missouri
Macon   Georgia
Mobile   Alabama
Montgomery   Alabama
Oberlin   Ohio
Shreveport   Louisiana
house concert   playlist
1Hombres de ley "El Butters"465
2LowBottom Swiss "No Relations"443
3Lambo4oe "Project Buildings"419
4Smiley Ent "Pullin skitz"405
5Vendetta Norteño "La Rutina"394
6The Royal Five "Gonna Keep Lovin' You"389
7Chiico "90 Bars"368
8The Shondelles "Wonderful One - Remastered"332
9MyCrazyRO "Switched Up"324
10Ronnie Walker "Really Really Love You"316
11JayjayGTD "Rocc n Roll"314
12M.C. Frosty & Lovin C "Radio Activity Rapp"301
13Lost Generation "The Sly, Slick & The Wicked"298
14Allfrumtha I "County Jail"292
15Yvonne Carroll "Gee What a Guy"288
16TOONCHIE5 "Not a Regular Crab"287
17Celly Ru "Niggas Dying Today Feat. Celly Ru"285
18Ahead Of Our Time "It Ain't Fair"284
19The Sa-Shays "Boo Hoo Hoo"283
20Mr. Bankroll "Unexpected"278
21Chris Gonzalez El Traficante "Desde Adentro"277
22M.c. Pooh "The Hit"274
23Smash G "I Got"270
24Ayoomeco "Broad Day"269
25Bobbi Row And The English Men "Why'd You Put Me On"267
26The Visitors "Until You Came Along"266
27Ahruh "Show It"266
28The Whoridas "Shot Callin ' & Big Ballin'"263
29Soft Touch "Look up, Look Down"262
30Twoske "Pushaz Ink Shit"261
31Clue Dog "Ya Ain't Fuckin' Wit Us (feat. Suga Free & Papi Rico)"257
32La Infinita "Don't Let Me Down"256
33The Lovations "I Keep Singing (La La La Ooh)"253
34Uriel Valdez "Matame a Besos"251
35The Three Strangers "I'll Be Alright"251
36En-Vitro "Drown"250
37Charlene & The Soul Serenaders "Love Changes"247
38Baby S7one "Pomona 2 Compton"245
39The Lovelites "You Said You Wouldn't Break My Heart"242
40Johnny Andrews & The Enjoyments "If I Lost Your Love"242
41Danny & The Dreamers "Eternal Love"241
42Almighty Malicious "Let it Bang"238
43Bass Man "Planet Rock"238
44The Si-Berians "This Is the Ending of Our Love"238
45Donn John$on "Touch It"235
46Mike And The Censations "Victim of Circumstance, Pt. 1"234
47Bucho "Snow Bunny"233
48Kiddrew "Hidden Ave"233
49The Iceman "How Can I Get over a Fox Like You"233
50Toni & The Hearts "Never Change Our Love"233
51Smakc "Dusse"232
52The Soul Sensations "When I Had You, Baby"231
53Lil Vada "Gangstas & Ratchets"230
54The Mandells "Think Back"230
55Anesthesia "Skanking the Night Away"229
56crush2dust "daffodils"226
57Au$tin The PacMan "Trappin' & servin'"226
58John Gary Williams "In Love With You"226
59The Delicates "I Want to Get Married - Remastered"225
601TakeJay BlueBucksClan "BeastMode"224
61KayDaBandit "White Runtz"224
62Harlem Meat Company "I'm Not Gonna Be Anybody's Fool"223
63B Code "Feel Good - Power Mix"222
64The Players "He'll Be Back"220
65Fenix Flexin Bandz "Try It"219
66Michael Palermo "Sunday Afternoon"219
67YSEP "Loteria"219
68The Heartbreakers "Cradle Rock - Remastered"217
69Antpongo "BLEED THE SCENE"216
70SASH "Young Bizzness Yerevan Mob"216
71Natural Resources "If There's a Tomorrow"213
72The Shells "Baby Oh Baby"213
73FiveStarDjay & Heembeezy "Chevron"212
74Fred Moss "I'll Always Love You"211
75Poke "Orange Laces"211
76DJ Quik Featuring Ludacris "Pacific Coast Remix"210
77Kian Chen "See Her Again"210
78LeaninLo "Case Closed"210
79Gallahads "Lonely Guy"209
80P1 "Big On Big"208
81Sam & Bill "For Your Love"208
82Fat Dom "Answer the Phone"208
83The Sentiments "She Won't Be Gone Long"207
84Roxy & The Daychords "I'm so in Love"206
85The Debonaires "Every Once in a While"206
86The Soul Majestics "I Done Told You Baby"206
87The Joy Tones "This Love That I'm Giving You"204
88Unnatural Funk Band "Living In The Past"204
89Dj Finesse "Anthem"203
90Low Profile "Pay Ya Dues"203
91Holly Maxwell "Only When Your Lonely"202
92Airplane James "Impress Me"200
93Saviii 3rd icee "What's Next Freestyle"199
94The Magic Touch "A Woman Will Do Wrong"199
95South Central Riot Squad "S.C. Drunx"197
96Jonny Benavidez "Tell Me That You Love Me"196
97Los Del Real "Sur De California"196
98Plack Blague "Joie de Blague"196
99La Resistencia "No Puedo Olvidarte"196
100Indian Blue "Fucc Yo Bitch"196

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