Hyperspace House Concerts   global playlist
Music only a select few people knew until now, discovered by hyper-local Spotify listening around the world...
Los Angeles   California
Los Angeles   California
Chicago   Illinois
New York   New York
Houston   Texas
Dallas   Texas
Seattle   Washington
Atlanta   Georgia
Minneapolis   Minnesota
Charlotte   North Carolina
Phoenix   Arizona
Miami   Florida
Denver   Colorado
San Francisco   California
Brooklyn   New York
Austin   Texas
Columbus   Ohio
San Antonio   Texas
San Diego   California
Nashville   Tennessee
Philadelphia   Pennsylvania
Sacramento   California
Indianapolis   Indiana
Orlando   Florida
Portland   Oregon
Las Vegas   Nevada
Boston   Massachusetts
Omaha   Nebraska
Baltimore   Maryland
Riverside   California
Tampa   Florida
Detroit   Michigan
St Louis   Missouri
Washington   District of Columbia
Windsor   Connecticut
Birmingham   Alabama
Kansas City   Missouri
Pittsburgh   Pennsylvania
Cincinnati   Ohio
Arlington   Virginia
Plymouth Meeting   Pennsylvania
Cleveland   Ohio
San Jose   California
Tucson   Arizona
Schertz   Texas
Santa Ana   California
Baton Rouge   Louisiana
Akron   Ohio
New Berlin   Wisconsin
Flushing   New York
Annapolis Junction   Maryland
El Paso   Texas
Jacksonville   Florida
Roseville   California
Oklahoma City   Oklahoma
Ashburn   Virginia
New Castle   Delaware
Louisville   Kentucky
Lubbock   Texas
Oakland   California
Richmond   Virginia
Buffalo   New York
Saint Paul   Minnesota
Rochester   New York
Milwaukee   Wisconsin
Memphis   Tennessee
Fort Worth   Texas
Westland   Michigan
Honolulu   Hawaii
New Orleans   Louisiana
Albuquerque   New Mexico
Anaheim   California
Jersey City   New Jersey
East Providence   Rhode Island
Newark   New Jersey
The Bronx   New York
Tulsa   Oklahoma
Fresno   California
West Jordan   Utah
Raleigh   North Carolina
Norfolk   Virginia
Wayne   Pennsylvania
Grand Rapids   Michigan
Syracuse   New York
Bakersfield   California
Tacoma   Washington
Jackson   Mississippi
Colorado Springs   Colorado
Corona   California
Long Beach   California
Boise   Idaho
Madison   Wisconsin
Spokane   Washington
Wichita   Kansas
Chula Vista   California
Oxnard   California
Lexington   Kentucky
Mililani Town   Hawaii
Anchorage   Alaska
Eugene   Oregon
Durham   North Carolina
Fort Wayne   Indiana
Salinas   California
Little Rock   Arkansas
Columbia   South Carolina
Charleston   South Carolina
Santa Barbara   California
Charlottesville   Virginia
Asheville   North Carolina
Bellingham   Washington
Bellmore   New York
Burbank   California
Chattanooga   Tennessee
Chinle   Arizona
Columbus   Georgia
East Los Angeles   California
Huntersville   North Carolina
Lafayette   Louisiana
Montgomery   Alabama
Palestine   Texas
Pensacola   Florida
Provo   Utah
San Luis Obispo   California
Shreveport   Louisiana
Summerville   South Carolina
house concert   playlist
1DJ Grace "Thru The Trap"577
2R3 Da ChilliMann "Big Money Threezy"497
3Raydamoneychaser "Can't Hang With Us"443
4Los Ondeados de California "El Amigo"387
5Lewis Lovebump "Mallorca"386
6Moneyy Suedee "2am In Dallas"384
7The Treedome "Beauty of It"382
8Benedetto Giulio "Str8 Brick"375
9Forsythia "Pretty Lungs"370
10Grupo Recien "Agradecido Estoy"364
11Tommy Caru "There is the moon"364
12Gaah "1ª Cypher Jordan"359
13Riketa "Lean"345
14Lil Duece "Outside (Tiny Yung Freestyle)"340
15Dody6 "Section"334
16The Shondelles "Wonderful One - Remastered"318
17Alyalysolo "Without stopping"317
18Hooligans "Hooligans -Doggum (Free Doggum)"300
19WeSSmont SSkeme "So ruff So tuff in L.A"293
20The Royal Five "Gonna Keep Lovin' You"292
21Bossmann "Split Wigs"288
22Ahead Of Our Time "It Ain't Fair"282
23Ahruh "Show It"280
24La Flavour "Mandolay"277
25Estelle Zamme "Fistonne"275
26$paz "Dead Presidents"274
27Vendetta Norteño "La Rutina"269
28RIO KOSTA "Ancients"265
29Friendly Fire "Public Enemy"263
30LR Productions "Freestyle"258
31BG Fa$t "Gang Shit"257
32Jxseph "Fancy"257
33LIP "Pocket Money"256
34NMS R.O. "Until The End"256
35Safety Pins "SLUGGED OUT"254
36B Code "Feel Good - Power Mix"253
37Austin Sour "Off The Stoop"250
38Dr. Beat From San Sebastian "Mediterraneo - Dj Harvey's ‘Beach To The Bar’ Mix"248
39GMoney "Knee Deep"247
40Amador Sons "3am"247
41Grevvy "Drink & Repeat"242
42THA M3NACE "Duo"242
43MaccMall "Bench Press"241
44LowBottom Swiss "No Relations"240
45OhhZee "BIG BODY"239
46The Delicates "I Want to Get Married - Remastered"239
47CERES "Star"238
48TorsEMY "Do not doubt"236
49Shirley Combs "Why Should We Stop Now"236
50Benny nerone "Water bubbles"236
51Au$tin The PacMan "Trappin' & servin'"235
52Fk FrontLXne "H60dstas"234
53Allfrumtha I "County Jail"234
54Anthoe the Great "All Star Team"233
55The Lost Generation "The Sly, Slick And The Wicked"233
56CORTEZ X2 "Till I'm Rich"233
57Sash "Dangerous (feat. Super Sako)"233
58Diego Pine "Spirits"230
59DoKnow "Holding Back"229
60Clue Dog "Ya Ain't Fuckin' Wit Us (feat. Suga Free & Papi Rico)"228
61D.I.O. "All the Way"228
62Sławski "Ona Znowu/A Ja Znowu"228
63Shady80babyy "Energy"228
64Kekkhyni "Like fire"226
65Pure Luxury "Not Yo Nigga"226
66The M&M's "Open Your Eyes - Remastered"224
67Jetpack Juulz "Hypocrite"223
68trouble p "Step To Me"223
69DANNI ROYAL "Lucky Charm"222
70Freedom Machine "Stop Doubting My Love"222
71The Lovations "I Keep Singing (La La La Ooh)"222
72meninojazz "Persistir"222
73Theniggaleo "The Show"220
74The Younghearts "I've Got Love For My Baby - Remastered"217
75MASSIVE AKA MASSDOG "Whats Your Fantasy"216
76Alfie Wallace "Tourist of The Earth"216
77FL Pabhlo "POUNDTOWN"216
78Hollow Wake "Burnt Out"216
79Charlene & The Soul Serenaders "Love Changes"216
80Rappa "Real One"215
81Elijah & The Ebonies "I Confess (feat. Mary Sexton)"215
82winning team bo "Need Motivation"215
83Aesthetic Sounds "The Best Part"215
84The M-M's And The Peanuts "Open up Your Eyes"214
85Stefon Eustache "Tell Me Why"214
86Mackboy Burger "Two Freaks"214
87Kan "In Your Eyes"214
88Yvonne Carroll "Gee What a Guy"213
89Gary Haygo "Leila"213
90Shprot "Етд кгам"212
91The Sa-Shays "Boo Hoo Hoo"210
92the great nothing "dirty dishes"209
93The Six Teens "A Casual Look"209
94The Marvelows "In The Morning"209
95South Central Riot Squad "S.C. Drunx"208
96Esoh "Dior Privée"208
97FV8 "The Groaning Machine"207
98Timflows "How You Want It"207
99Mario Ferro "Without stories"207
100The Joy Tones "This Love (That I'm Giving You)"207

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