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@EveryNoise ·  glenn mcdonald ·  Spotify
This is an ongoing attempt at a useful flattening of the musical genre-space tracked by Spotify into a simple sortable list.
Click any genre to re-sort the list by similarity to that genre.
How We Understand Music Genres explains how this thing got started.
A Retromatic History of Music (or Love) follows these genres across years.
Spotify New Releases by Genre uses them to scour this week's new releases.
We Built This City On follows them to their cities of origin.
Genres by Country breaks them down by strength of association with countries.
Songs From the Edges flings you through a blast-tour of the most passionate genrecults.
Songs From the Ages samples demographic groups.
Songs From the Streets samples cities.
Collidescope makes global metagenre samplers.
Drunkard's Rock wanders around for a really long time.
The Sounds of Places plots countries as if they were genres.
Spotify World Browser shows Spotify editorial programming in different countries.
Every Place at Once is an index of the distinctive listening of individual cities.
Hyperspace House Concerts looks for music playing only in particular places.
Every School at Once is an index of the distinctive listening of students by school.
Genres in Their Own Words maps genres to words found in their song titles.
The Needle tries to find songs surging towards the edges of one obscurity or another.
2021 Around the World surrounds and inhabits a year in music.
The Approaching Worms of Christmas tries to wrap itself around things I usually fight.
The Aqueduct of Youth brings you kids' music so you can listen young.
Every Demographic at Once further explores listening by country, age and gender.
And there's a dynamically-generated daily summary of Spotify Listening Patterns by Gender.
Or some other automatic lists.
Or you can do your own research.