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Doug Bine and His Dixie Ramblers»
Tex Fletchers Lonely Cowboys»
Johnny White and His Rhythm Riders»
Roy Lee Brown and His Musical Brownies»
Shelly Lee Alley & The Alley Cats»
Al Bernard Accompanied By the Goofus Five»
The Swing Billies»
Andy Reynolds & His 101 Ranch Boys»
Milton Estes & His Musical Millers»
Rocky Morgan»
Cliff Bruner & His Texas Wanderers»
Johnny Tyler & His Riders Of The Rio Grande»
Jesse Rogers With the Saddle Pals»
Forth Worth Doughboys»
W. Lee O'Daniels & His Hillbilly Boys»
Johnny Hicks & The Country Gentlemen»
Don Churchill & His Texas Mavericks»
Zeke Manners & His Gang»
Spade Cooley»
Bob Dunn's Vagabonds»
The Light Crust Doughboys»
Jerry Irby & His Texas Ranchers»
Eddie Noack»
Luke Wills Rhythm Busters»
Jewel Cowboys»
Roy Newman & His Boys»
Texas Jim Lewis»
Texas Wanderers»
Derwood Brown & His Musical Brownies»
Lem Fowler's Washboard Wonders»
Adolph Hofner And His SAn Antonians»
Hank Penny & His Radio Cowboys»
Jimmie Ballard's Hillbilly Swingmasters»
Patsy Montana & The Prairie Ramblers»
Modern Mountaneers»
Smokey Wood and The Wood Chips»
Sunshine Boys»
Buddy Jones»
Jack Rhodes & His Lone Star Buddies»
Leon 'Pappy' Selph and His Blue Ridge Playboys»
The Lucky Stars»
Bob Skyles and His Sky Rockets»
Johnnie Lee Wills»
Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers»
The Texas Playboys»
Patsy Montana»
The Quebe Sisters»
Phil Baxter and His Orchestra»
Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys»
Cliff Brunner»
Leon McAuliffe»
Lew Preston and His Men Of The Range»
Red Foley»
Hank Penny and His Radio Cowboys»
The Tune Wranglers»
Homer Clemons & His Texas Swingbillies»
Smokey Wood»
W. Lee O'Daniel & His Hillbilly Boys»
Tex Williams & His Western Caravan»
Cowboy Copas»
Moon Mullican»
Jesse Ashlock»
Range Riders»
Hank Snow & His Rainbow Ranch Boys»
Ocie Stockard & The Wanderers»
The Nite Owls»
Biller & Wakefield»
Lowe Stokes»
Light Crust Doughboys»
Tex Williams»
The Rhythm Wreckers»
Ted Daffan's Texans»
Swift Jewel Cowboys»
Milton Brown & His Musical Brownies»
Johnny Tyler & The Riders Of The Rio Grande»
Crystal Springs Ramblers»
Merle Travis»
Hank Penny»
Jimmie Dolan»
Carolyn Martin»
Johnny Lee Wills»
Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant»
Ray Whitley & His 6 Bar Cowboys»
Luke Wills' Rhythm Busters»
Adolph Hofner and His Texans»
Merrill Moore»
Prairie Ramblers»
Jack Guthrie»
Milton Brown and His Musical Brownies»
Roy Hogsed»
Billy Jack Wills»
Jimmie Revard & His Oklahoma Playboys»
Crystal Spring Ramblers»
The Sunshine Boys»
Sons Of The West»
Ernest Tubb»
The Saddle Tramps»
Tune Wranglers»
Washboard Wonders»
Chuck Hatfield»
Johnny Tyler's Riders Of The Rio Grande»
Al Dexter and His Troopers»
Porky Freeman»
T. Texas Tyler»
Bill Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers»
Fort Worth Doughboys»
Louise Massey & Her Westerners»
Roy Hall and His Blue Ridge Entertainers»
Pee Wee King & His Golden West Cowboys»
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys»
Ocie Stockard»
The Maddox Brothers & Rose»
The Red Headed Fiddlers»
Milton Brown & His Brownies»
Bob Wills»
Jimmie Revard's Oklahoma Playboys»
Leon Mcauliff And His Cimarron Boys»
Milton Brown»
Mountain Mountaineers»
Cliff Bruner's Texas Wanderers»
Sweet Violet Boys»
Jimmie Rodgers»
Spade Cooley & the Western Swing Dance Gang»
Pee Wee King»
Tommy Duncan»
Smith's Garage Fiddle Band»
Leon McAuliffe & His Western Swing Band»
The Range Riders»
Bud Isaacs»
Al Dexter»
Modern Mountaineers»
Sons of the Pioneers»
Jerry Irby and His Texas Ranchers»
Tex Atchison»
Walt McCoy & His Western Wonders»
Bill Boyd's Cowboy Ramblers»
Eddie Miller & His Oklahomans»
Cliff Bruner»
New York's King of Western Swing»
Hank Thompson»
Cliff Bruner and His Boys»
Port Arthur Jubileers»
Slim Harbert & His Boys»
Brown's Musical Brownies»
Spade Cooley & His Orchestra»
The Hi-Flyers»
Ray Krenek's Orchestra»
McGinty's Oklahoma Cowboy Band»
Molly O'Day & The Cumberland Mountain Folks»
Jim Boyd And His Men Of The West»
Porky Freeman Trio»
Slim Harbert and His Boys»
Papa Cairo and his Boys»
Adolph Hofner»
W. Lee 'Pappy' O'Daniel»
swing italiano»
western swing»
traditional country»
country boogie»
vintage western»
cowboy western»
ugandan traditional»
italian gothic»
heavy gothic rock»
dark post-punk»
future rock»
south african metal»
digital hardcore»
estonian metal»
dark rock»
chinese metal»
korean metal»
luxembourgian metal»
latvian metal»
electronic djent»
melodic progressive metal»
rock gotico»
@EveryNoise ·  glenn mcdonald
Every Noise at Once is an ongoing attempt at an algorithmically-generated, readability-adjusted scatter-plot of the musical genre-space, based on data tracked and analyzed for 5,475 genre-shaped distinctions by Spotify as of 2021-06-11. The calibration is fuzzy, but in general down is more organic, up is more mechanical and electric; left is denser and more atmospheric, right is spikier and bouncier.
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