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Austins Ocean Wave Music Project»
Paradise Waves Nature Music»
The Gentle Noise Ocean Music»
Ideal Ocean Wave Melodies»
Fulfill Ocean Water Recordings»
Holy Ocean Sounds»
Restful Nature Sounds Project»
Recording Nature»
Relaxing 3D Ocean Music»
Soft Breeze Nature Sounds»
Sleep Surfers»
Nature Blessing Ocean Studio»
The Relaxing Road Nature Music»
The Inner Chord»
Chill Waves 9D Ocean Music»
Ocean Management Nature Project»
Icelands Ocean Wave Sounds»
Olof Dahlström Recordings»
Cultural Waves Nature Project»
Sunny Mornings Ocean Sounds»
Californian Coastliner Relax»
Moon Samples»
Calming Waves Consort»
Furry Ocean Waves 16D Recordings»
Ocean Currents»
Sleep Sphere Ocean Music Library»
The Ocean Nature Series»
Horace Ocean»
Ocean Pleasures Nature Sounds»
Divine Nature Music Project»
Soothing Waves Of Nerja»
Memory of Water»
Epic Ocean Wall Studio»
Crystal Shine Waves Library»
Noise Recordings»
Waves Of Costa Del Sol»
Weather FX»
Waves Hard»
Indigo Oceanic Waves Music Project»
Verser L'océan»
Simple Shoreline Music Recordings»
Blue Moon Ocean Music Library»
Moon Tides Nature Sounds»
Tremendous Nature Blessings Project»
Nature Special 16D Sound Records»
Highrise Ocean Waves Music»
Golden Ocean Buzzer Nature Sounds»
Nature 101»
Nano Sounds»
Kiara Ocean Waves Music Library»
Grand Ocean Waves Studio»
Groovy Ocean Magic Studio»
Bubbled Ocean Nature Music Library»
Ocean Hills Nature Music»
Restless Ocean Waves Music»
Oceans Lullaby Sounds»
HD Nature Sound Library»
Ayudantes para dormir»
Ocean Falls Nature Recordings»
Super Natural»
Enthralling Ocean Waves Sound»
Deep Blue Ocean Music Records»
Oceano Fx Records»
Fluffy Waves Ocean Sounds»
Ocean Dip Nature Music Records»
Solitude Ocean Music Recordings»
Natural Waves Elegant Sound Project»
Holy Glaciers Music Library»
Oceanic Buzz 16D Nature Music»
Ocean Minds»
Relax with Waves»
Spectacular Ocean Waves Nature Music»
Glossy Ocean Waves Library»
Breezy Ocean Wave Music Collection»
Alex Rainbow»
Beach Wave Explosion»
Earthy Vibes Ocean Nature Music»
Ocean Mystics Studio»
Streams & Mist»
Pleasing Ocean Waves Music»
Migration Waves»
Waves At Night»
Oceanic Abode Sounds Project»
Fizzy Ocean Waves Music»
Gauzy Ocean Waves Project»
Effective Ocean Waves Music Recordings»
Sea Bright Waves»
Curious Ocean Beauty Studio»
Yin Elements»
Mesmerising Ocean Ambiance Studio»
Remedial Nature Music»
The Ocean Express Library»
Alfa Waves Oceanic Sounds»
Ocean Wellness Studio»
Ocean Thunder Nature Music»
High Hills Nature Music Project»
Classy Waves Nature Music»
Ethereal Nature Sounds»
XLX Library»
Pacific Soundscapes»
Earth Rotation»
Nova Ritual»
Marvelous Ocean Waves Library»
Aqua Waves Nature Sound Library»
Neutral Heart White Noise Music»
Sunny Waves Nature Sound Project»
Ocean Droplex Effects Studio»
Skyler Birds Nature Music»
Stairway To Heaven Nature Music»
The Ocean Hut Music Library»
next nature»
Blushing Ocean Wave Sounds»
Ambrook Glacier»
Ocean Sectors 16D Nature Studio»
Rhythmic Pacific Ocean Music»
Relaxation Makers»
Aqua Mori»
California Coast Sound Recordings»
Drizzle Ocean Nature Music»
The Ocean Invention Studio»
Luxury Waves Secret Sounds»
Ocean Temple Studio»
Sunshine Ocean Birds Library»
Coast to Coast Recordings»
Gomzee Waves Nature Sounds Studio»
World Recorders»
Ocean Beach Top Sound Effects»
Huckleberry Waves 3D Nature Music»
Thunderstorm Night Nature Music»
Ocean Nights»
Charming Ocean Ambience Nature Music»
Stormy Ocean Waves Library»
Ocean Mysteries Music Library»
Ocean Droplets Fx Effects»
Ocean Tones Nature Music»
Oceanic Aura Nature Sounds»
Caspers White Light Music Project»
Japanese Garden»
Familiar Waves Nature Music»
Sunshine Ocean Music Library»
Ocean Factorial Waves Studio»
Brainwave Ocean Sound Project»
Ocean Set Nature Music»
Di Melting Point»
Discovery Ocean Waves Studio»
Breath Easy 15D Ocean Music»
Colorful Beach 5D Ocean Music»
West Ocean Frequency Nature Sound»
Ocean Concept Studio»
Waves of Atlantic»
Hawaiian Explosion»
Waves in Regression»
Hilly Water Noise Ocean Music»
Funk Waves Ocean Studio»
The Ocean Zone Nature Music Library»
Bright Sky Nature Music Library»
Relaxing Ocean Music Project»
Vagues Dans La Mer»
Stressbuster Ocean Music»
mambo chileno»
deep funk ostentacao»
bachata dominicana»
funk das antigas»
batidao romantico»
uk reggae»
brega funk»
tropical tecladista»
funk viral»
funk capixaba»
xitsonga pop»
deep ragga»
funk ostentacao»
rave funk»
funk 150 bpm»
indonesian viral pop»
funk mandelao»
@EveryNoise ·  glenn mcdonald
Every Noise at Once is an ongoing attempt at an algorithmically-generated, readability-adjusted scatter-plot of the musical genre-space, based on data tracked and analyzed for 5,718 genre-shaped distinctions by Spotify as of 2022-01-14. The calibration is fuzzy, but in general down is more organic, up is more mechanical and electric; left is denser and more atmospheric, right is spikier and bouncier.
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