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2021-09-03 ·  42 tracks ·  120:00
12:42So Long Baby
23:09Can't Read Blues
32:27Do You Remember?
42:54County Jail Blues
52:52It's All Over Now
62:52Won't Be a Fool No More
72:53Texas Blues
83:03Strange to Me Blues
92:53Winter Time Blues
103:11It's All Up to You
112:54Worried Life Blues
122:51Some Sweet Day
132:57If You Ever Change Your Ways
142:33Eloise, Don't Play Me for a Fool
153:09Why Should I Hang Around?
163:05Come on Home
172:58Things Have Changed
182:52Without You My Life Don't Mean a Thing
192:33I'm So Worried
202:40My Own Troubles
213:11Ramblin' Mind Blues
222:20Have You Heard About It
232:48I Got the Blues
243:02My Last Go Round
253:18Poor Kelly Blues
262:42Macy Special
273:00Tuff Luck Blues
282:50One Sunday Morning
292:34Kid Man Blues
302:42Broke and Hungry Blues
312:33Big City Blues
322:55Bye, Bye, Baby
332:56Chicago Breakdown
342:52Texas Stomp
352:49Since You Been Gone
362:57Big Road Blues
372:48Detroit Jump
382:50Anytime for You
393:09Maceo's 32-20
402:31Just Tell Me Baby
412:53Leavin' Blues
422:55I Lost My Little Woman
2015-03-26 ·  42 tracks ·  120:00
12:56Chicago Breakdown
22:54Worried Life Blues
32:54County Jail Blues
42:52Texas Stomp
52:53Winter Time Blues
62:48Detroit Jump
72:49Since You Been Gone
82:31Just Tell Me Baby
93:05Come on Home
102:27Do You Remember?
112:48I Got the Blues
123:09Can't Read Blues
133:00Tuff Luck Blues
143:11It's All up to You
153:11Ramblin' Mind Blues
162:55I Lost My Little Woman
172:40My Own Troubles
183:09Why Should I Hang Around?
192:52Won't Be a Fool No More
203:02My Last Go Round
212:42Macy Special - Flying Boogie
222:57Big Road Blues
232:53Leavin' Blues
243:18Poor Kelly Blues
252:42So Long Baby
262:33Big City Blues
272:50Anytime for You
282:51Some Sweet Day
292:58Things Have Changed
302:55Bye, Bye, Baby
312:57If You Ever Change Your Ways
322:34Kid Man Blues
332:33Eloise, Don't Play Me for a Fool
342:50One Sunday Morning
352:33I'm so Worried
363:09Maceo's 32-20
372:42Broke and Hungry Blues
382:52Without You My Life Don't Mean a Thing
392:53Texas Blues
402:52It's All over Now
412:20Have You Heard About It
423:03Strange to Me Blues
2012-05-01 ·  18 tracks ·  51:49
12:59Big Road Blues +Big Maceo,Tampa Red,Charles Saunders
22:55Winter Time Blues +Big Maceo,Tampa Red,Charles Saunders
32:44Broke And Hungry Blues +Big Maceo,Eddie Boyd,Tampa Red,Ernest "Big"Crawford
42:55It's All Over Now +Big Maceo,Eddie Boyd,Tampa Red,Ernest "Big"Crawford
52:58Chicago Breakdown +Big Maceo,Tampa Red,Charles Saunders
62:36Kidman Blues +Big Maceo,Tampa Red,Melvin Draper
72:34I'm So Worried +Big Maceo,Tampa Red,Melvin Draper
82:40My Own Troubles +Big Maceo,Tampa Red,Melvin Draper
93:09Maceo's 32-20 +Big Maceo,Tampa Red,Tyrell "Little T"Dixon
102:50Since You Been Gone +Big Maceo,Tampa Red,Clifford Jones
112:51Anytime For You +Big Maceo,Tampa Red,Clifford Jones
122:55Worried Life Blues +Big Maceo,Tampa Red,Ransom Knowling
133:12Ramblin' Mind Blues +Big Maceo,Tampa Red,Ransom Knowling
142:55County Jail Blues +Big Maceo,Tampa Red,Ransom Knowling
152:43So Long Baby +Big Maceo,Tampa Red,Ransom Knowling
162:56Bye,Bye Baby +Big Maceo,Tampa Red,Alfred Elkins
172:49I Got The Blues +Big Maceo,Tampa Red,Alfred Elkins
183:09Why Should I Hang Around? +Big Maceo,Tampa Red,Alfred Elkins
2011-11-21 ·  47 tracks ·  135:25
12:55Worried Life Blues
23:11Ramblin' Mind Blues
32:55County Jail Blues
43:10Can't You Read
52:42So Long Baby
62:54Texas Blues
73:01Tuff Luck Blues
82:49I Got the Blues
93:14It's All Up to You
102:56Bye, Bye, Baby
113:13Why Should I Hang Around
123:20Poor Kelly Blues
133:21She Want to Sell My Monkey +Tampa Red
142:50Some Sweet Day
152:52Anytime for You
163:03My Last Go Round
172:50Since You Been Gone
182:45Flyin' Boogie (Macy Special)
192:38Kid Man Blues
202:35I'm So Worried
212:58Things Have Changed
222:40My Own Troubles
233:10Maceo's 32-20
243:07Come On Home
12:53Texas Stomp
22:48Detroit Jump
32:45Better Leave My Gal Alone +Tampa Red
42:44Corrine Blues +Tampa Red
52:54Winter Time Blues
62:54Won't Be A Fool No More
72:58Big Road Blues
82:58Chicago Breakdown
92:43Broke And Hungry Blues
102:59If You Ever Change Your Ways
112:54It's All Over Now
122:56I Lost My Woman
132:50One Sunday Morning
142:31Just Tell Me Baby
152:27Do You Remember
162:33Big City Blues
172:55Leavin' Blues
182:22Have You Heard About It
192:47Worried Life Blues No.2
203:05Strange to Me Blues
212:53Without You My Life Don't Mean A Thing
222:34Eloise, Don't Play Me For A Fool
232:54Bus Driver +John Brim