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2023-02-24 ·  40 tracks ·  89:00
2019-06-21 ·  78 tracks ·  232:17
12:36Turn Around, Look At Me - 1961 version
21:44Kentucky Means Paradise +The Green River Boys
32:37Too Late To Worry - Too Blue To Cry - Remastered 2003
42:11Universal Soldier - Remastered 2003
52:42Guess I'm Dumb - Remastered 2003
62:32Burning Bridges - Remastered 2003
72:28Just To Satisfy You - Remastered 2003
82:38Less Of Me - Remastered 2003
92:59Gentle On My Mind - Remastered 2001
102:53Crying - Remastered 2001
112:45By The Time I Get To Phoenix - Remastered 2001
122:30Tomorrow Never Comes - Remastered 2001
132:33Hey Little One - Remastered 2001
142:44I Wanna Live - Remastered 2003
152:56Turn Around, Look At Me - Remastered 2003
162:19The Legend Of Bonnie And Clyde - Remastered 2003
172:05Let It Be Me - Remastered 2002 +Bobbie Gentry
183:21Medley: Scarborough Fair/Canticle - Remastered 2000 +Bobbie Gentry
193:05Wichita Lineman - Remastered 2001
202:34Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife - Remastered 2001
212:19Reason To Believe - Remastered 2001
12:41Galveston - Remastered 2001
22:56Where's The Playground Susie - Remastered 2001
32:10If This Is Love - Remastered 2001
42:32True Grit - Remastered
52:24Try A Little Kindness - Remastered
63:02Honey, Come Back - Remastered
72:32One Pair Of Hands - Remastered 2003
82:36All I Have To Do Is Dream - Remastered 2003 +Bobbie Gentry
92:33Everything A Man Could Ever Need - Remastered 2002
102:27It's Only Make Believe - Remastered 2002
111:41Pave Your Way Into Tomorrow - Remastered 2003
124:52MacArthur Park - Remastered
132:32Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream) - Remastered
144:07The Last Time I Saw Her - Remastered 2003
153:14I Say A Little Prayer / By The Time I Get To Phoenix - Medley / Remastered +Anne Murray
163:56The Last Thing On My Mind - Remastered
172:53I Knew Jesus (Before He Was A Star) - Remastered 2003
182:28I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - Remastered 2003
193:21Houston (I'm Comin' To See You) - Remastered 2002
202:51Bonaparte's Retreat
213:06The Moon's A Harsh Mistress - Remastered 2001
13:15Rhinestone Cowboy - Remastered
23:08Country Boy (You Got Your Feet In L.A.) - Remastered 2002
32:39Arkansas - Remastered 2003
43:24Medley: Don't Pull Your Love/Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye - Remastered 2002
52:59Southern Nights - Remastered
62:53Sunflower - Remastered
73:21God Only Knows - Remastered 2003
83:27I'm Gonna Love You - Remastered
93:12Can You Fool - Remastered 2003
103:05Highwayman - Remastered
112:46Somethin' 'Bout You Baby I Like - Remastered +Rita Coolidge
123:15Any Which Way You Can - Remastered 2003
133:11I Was Too Busy Loving You
143:17Faithless Love
153:33A Lady Like You
163:07The Hand That Rocks The Cradle +Steve Wariner
173:21I Have You
182:59If These Walls Could Speak
193:20Unconditional Love - Remastered 2003
202:48She's Gone, Gone, Gone - Remastered 2003
213:19Show Me Your Way +Anne Murray
224:11For Only One Life
233:17Somebody Like That
12:48You'll Never Walk Alone
23:21People Get Ready
33:36Amazing Grace
43:50Lean On Me
53:28Times Like These +Howard Willing, Julian Raymond
63:30These Days +Howard Willing, Julian Raymond
72:36Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
84:15Ghost On The Canvas
93:06Waiting On The Comin' Of My Lord
102:55I'm Not Gonna Miss You - Nashville Radio Single Version
112:57Everybody's Talkin'
123:32It Won't Bring Her Back
2018-06-22 ·  23 tracks ·  91:57
2013-02-15 ·  100 tracks ·  271:25
112:20Rye Whiskey
2013-01-01 ·  15 tracks ·  39:01
2011-10-25 ·  27 tracks ·  72:21
262:51Sleigh Ride
1: FR
2011-01-01 ·  46 tracks ·  124:56
12:10The Universal Soldier
22:40Guess I'm Dumb
32:37Less Of Me +Bobbie Gentry
43:03Mary In The Morning
52:58Gentle On My Mind
62:44By The Time I Get To Phoenix
72:22They'll Never Take Her Love From Me
82:33Hey Little One
92:11Just Another Man
102:05It's Over
112:17Without Her
122:35Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife
133:07Wichita Lineman
142:20You're Young And You'll Forget
151:53Every Time I Itch I Wind Up Scratchin' You
162:24Reason To Believe
182:56Where's The Playground Susie
192:10Got To Have Tenderness
202:54Mornin' Glory +Bobbie Gentry
212:33True Grit
222:10If This Is Love
232:27Try A Little Kindness
242:34All I Have To Do Is Dream +Bobbie Gentry
12:58Honey Come Back
22:46Folk Singer
32:14Love Is Not A Game
42:33Everything A Man Could Ever Need
52:40As Far As I'm Concerned
62:27It's Only Make Believe
72:40Dream Sweet Dreams About Me
82:10Just Another Piece Of Paper
94:07The Last Time I Saw Her
102:32Don't It Make You Want To Go Home
113:22London (I'm Comin' To See You)
123:32You Might As Well Smile
132:58About The Ocean
153:16Rhinestone Cowboy
163:08Country Boy (You Got Your Feet In L.A.)
192:34Christiaan No
202:59Southern Nights
222:35This Is Sarah's Song
2009-09-11 ·  122 tracks ·  385:15