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2014-07-08 ·  88 tracks ·  277:50
13:00The Most Sadistic
23:33Hoe Blow
34:41I Need Drugs
43:05Your Fuckin' Head Split
53:01You're Dead
65:37Get On Your Knees
73:07Rugged Shit
83:13I'm Sick of You
103:13Fuck You to the Track
115:18Burn the Groove to Death
148:18WKCR 89.9 Freestyle 4/20/2000 - Live +Mr. Hyde
152:29WNYU 89.1 X-Mas Freestyle 12/23/99 - Live
165:58WNYU 89.1 Freestyle 5/10/2000 - Live
14:01Bury You with Satan
24:50World Gone Mad
33:23Light My Fire
44:52Circle of Tyrants +Mr. Hyde
55:43Dead Body Disposal
63:35You're All Dying
74:10All Hotties Eat the Jizz
94:0912 King Pimp Commandments
103:16Gory Days
113:42Poetry In the Streets
123:39Don't Try to Ruin It
133:33One Way or Another
153:5924 Shots
163:34Violins of Violence +Mr. Hyde
23:22Beautiful Music for You to Die To
33:23The Dispensation of Life and Death
43:10Kill That Shit
50:51Pre-Fix (Skit)
63:49The Pre-Fix for Death
73:32Push It to the Limit
84:24Reflection of Children Coming Up In the Grave
91:08It (Skit)
113:32Nirvana +Mr. Hyde
125:1686 Measures of Game
141:21Kid Joe Skit
153:54Human Consumption
163:30Evil Shit
173:17You Did It
180:24Rogue Skit
193:15Death Rap
203:03Watch Your Back
213:43Food for Thought
220:39Important Statistics Skit
233:11Senseless Violence
243:31Push It to the Limit - NYHC Remix
13:19Who's Ya Daddy?
23:18Pussy Is My Weakness
45:42Edge Play +Mr. Hyde
60:30Ron Jeremy Skit
73:00You Bitches Love to Get Fucked In the Ass
90:18Katsumi Skit
103:09Out the Pocket
110:23Brittany Andrews Skit
122:55She's Got a Great Ass
132:49I Wanna Fuck
140:21Van Styles Skit
153:16We Fuck Virgins
163:12Horny Honies
170:53Ron Jeremy Vs. Jerry Butler Skit
182:23I Remain Stiff
194:17The Sexpert
202:58I Degrade You
213:08Vaginal Secretions
220:16Ron and Jerry Outro
232:22You Hoe - Remix
240:50Broads Verse
251:03Black Hole Verse
261:48Lannie Barbie Verse
276:37Fucking 50 Bitches
281:57DNA Test Verse
292:56She's Got a Great Ass - Remix
302:51Lannie Barbie Theme - Instrumental
311:32Jade - Instrumental
2014-07-08 ·  45 tracks ·  127:17
12:05Creepy Crawl
23:30No Remorse
32:19Some Get Back (Revenge)
42:31Belligerent Gangsters
54:11Suffocated to Death By God's Shadow
62:10Mutilate the Beat
74:48Keep On Driving
82:23Technician of Execution
93:23Keeping It Real
101:29Exploitation +Mr. Hyde
111:59As Deadly as Can Be
122:09Evil Rules
131:23Forensic Pathology
142:58Portrait of a Death Rapper
32:47Thugcore Cowboy
53:34Set It
72:51Serpent's Bite
83:07The Kink Panther
93:38Hey Now
102:40Sorcerer of Death's Construction
113:15First Blood
123:07Thin Line Between Love & Hate
130:46Bedbugs (Kid Joe Skit)
143:53Viva Necro
163:25The Human Traffic King (White Slavery, Pt. 2)
13:02Toxsik Waltz
22:40The System +Kool G Rap, The Godfathers
32:20No Concern
42:56Gore! +Mr. Hyde
53:24Sharon's Fetus (The Pre-kill)
71:23Tough Jew
81:10Rabbi Holding Guns
93:44For the Streets
103:45I'm Like Howard Stern
112:36Kid Joe Anthem
122:35Rock the Kazbah
132:07Raw Talent
152:57Porn Game Crucifixion
2012-12-18 ·  20 tracks ·  73:45
14:11Suffocated to Death By God's Shadow +Brian Fair, Mike Smith, Steve DiGiorgio, Mark Morton
24:50Insaneology +Dan Lilker, John Tardy, Sean Martin
36:20Necrotura +Igor Cavalera, Alex Skolnick, Matt Harvey
43:32Push It to the Limit - NYHC Mix +Jamey Jasta
53:38Empowered +Trevor Peres, Sid Wilson, Dan Lilker, John Tardy, Away
62:09Evil Rules +Scott Ian, Dave Ellefson, Ray Alder
73:49The Pre-Fix for Death +Away
82:31Belligerent Gangsters +Harley Flanagan
93:28The Crazies - 86 Metal Mix +Mr. Hyde, ILL Bill
102:41The Ultimate Revenge +Mr. Hyde, Alex Skolnick, Vinny Appice
113:23Keeping It Real +Adam Jackson
124:17Chasing the Dragon - Moshpit Mix +ILL Bill
133:18Blessed Are the Sick
145:42Edge Play +ILL Bill, Mr. Hyde
152:56Gore! +Mr. Hyde, The Gruesome Twosome
163:40The Chosen Few +ILL Bill, Mr. Hyde
173:03Watch Your Back +Danny Diablo
182:49I Wanna Fuck +The Sexorcist
193:32Push It to the Limit +Jamey Jasta
203:57Do the Charles Manson - 1993 Demo