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2023-06-02 ·  47 tracks ·  155:03
14:17Hurtin' Inside
22:00We've Got to Get Ourselves Together +Bob & Marcia
33:21Peaceful Woman
44:11The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
54:07Stepping Out of Babylon
63:21I See You, My Love
72:43Sweet Brown Sugar
82:58Keep the Customer Satisfied +Bob & Marcia
94:51It's Impossible
102:50Let's Fall In Love +Bob Andy
115:16The Way I Feel About You
123:45Gypsy Man
133:35Give and You Get
142:36Put a Little Love In Your Heart
153:23Survival (Is the Game)
162:45Pied Piper (with Bob Andy) +Bob Andy
174:02Feel Like Jumping
183:06Play Me
193:33Tell Me Now
202:40Your Love (with Bob Andy) +Bob Andy
213:30Why There Is No Love
223:06Strange World +Bob & Marcia
233:24Don't Let Me Down
243:18Dreamland - aka My Dream Island
253:07Sweet Bitter Love
263:12Melody Life
272:24I Don't Care (with Bob Andy) +Bob Andy
282:57Mark My Word
292:33I Just Don't Want to Be Lonely
312:43United We Stand +Bob & Marcia
323:11Where Were You
333:04It's a Rockin' Good Way +Bob & Marcia
344:52I've Got to Go Back Home
352:37We Want to Know (feat. Marcia Griffiths) +Bob Andy
362:44Where Is the Love
372:58Private Number +Bob & Marcia
383:59Here I Am (Come and Take Me)
393:06(To Be) Young Gifted and Black +Bob & Marcia
402:42Working to the Top (My Ambition), Pt. 1
413:20But I Do (with Bob Andy) +Bob Andy
423:16Sugar Wooga Man
433:12There's No Me Without You
443:27Don't Ever Leave
452:43You Are Mine (with Bob Andy) +Bob Andy
464:24Lonesome Feeling
473:14Band of Gold
2020-06-27 ·  41 tracks ·  157:47
13:50I Shall Sing
24:07Stepping Out Of Babylon
33:59Fire Burning
43:39Discovery +Tony Rebel, Cutty Ranks, Buju Banton
53:46Bus Dem Shut
63:20Give Me Your Loving +Cutty Ranks
74:02Love of a Lifetime
84:01True Love Is Hard To Achieve
103:48I Feel like Jumping
114:31Let Me Be Yours Until Tomorrow
123:59Oh What A Feeling
133:49Hold On Natty +Luciano
144:04Glory Be
153:47Check it Out
163:40Love Is A Treasure
173:49My Favourite Past Time +Cutty Ranks
184:00Deep In My Heart
194:03Blue Skies
203:20No I Won't
213:32Time Will Tell
223:58Roots & Rocking
233:43Mellow Mood
253:48That's Life
263:17I Wanna Dance With You
274:05Won't You Come Over
283:55All I Need Is Love
294:00Land Of Love
304:13Shame Shame Shame
314:12A Beer And A Girl
333:19Desperate Lover
343:20I Need To Know
354:29It's Not Funny
363:35Love Is Automatic
374:03Love To Dance
383:58Trench Town Rock
394:02What Went Wrong
403:24All My Life +Da'ville
413:36Gods Love +Luciano
2019-12-13 ·  24 tracks ·  114:21
14:34Welcome You Back Home - Live at Razor's Palace
23:46Sho Be Do (I Love You) - Live at Razor's Palace
33:30Help Me - Live at Razor's Palace
44:42Private Number - Live at Razor's Palace
54:46Sweeter Than Honey - Live at Razor's Palace
63:52Tell Me Now - Live at Razor's Palace
75:04Stepping Out a Babylon - Live at Razor's Palace
84:36Too Experience - Live at Razor's Palace
96:27Games People Play - Live at Razor's Palace
105:29Rocking Good Way - Live at Razor's Palace
13:54I'm Just a Guy - Live at Razor's Palace
24:14Let It Be Me - Live at Razor's Palace
34:19Oh My Darling - Live at Razor's Palace
44:04Pied Piper - Live at Razor's Palace
54:05Young Gifted and Black - Live at Razor's Palace
66:06Sunshine for Me - Live at Razor's Palace
73:28My Time - Live at Razor's Palace
84:22I Have Got to Go Back Home - Live at Razor's Palace
93:33He Will See You Through - Live at Razor's Palace
107:28Medley (Mark My Word, Melody Life, Truly, Feel Like Jumping) - Live at Razor's Palace
114:35I Shall Sing - Live at Razor's Palace
125:41I Am Gone (Remember Darling) - Live at Razor's Palace
136:58Really Together - Live at Razor's Palace
144:50Fire Burning - Live at Razor's Palace