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2008-06-13 ·  44 tracks ·  173:05
13:40Be My Lady
23:54Each Day With You
33:17Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin
43:45How Can I
55:03Say That You Love Me
63:28You are to me [live]
73:46Giliw [live]
83:56Hanggang Kailan
113:52I Don’t Care
123:55It's You'll Be Missing
134:25Looks like Love
143:22Till The End
154:55Love For Real
14:12Fly Away
24:33Don't Be Afraid
43:55One Heart [duet with Pops Fernandez] +Pops Fernandez
55:14Song On My Mind
64:27The Best Gift [duet with Bert Nievera]
73:31Don’t Leave Me Now
83:41Half-Time Lover
92:33Love and Roll
104:54It's Time
113:16Theme For Llily
122:56Airborne [Live]
134:16What's deep in your heart
143:30I Don’t Need To Say I Love You
14:54Make Me A Smile [Medley]
24:25Got To Look For It
33:57One More Chance
44:25You're Gonna Get it [Tonight]
54:15Love's So Right
63:20It's You I'lll Be Missing [live]
73:50How Could You Be So Blind
83:37Love for real [live]
93:33You Are To Me
113:26On The Right Track
143:39Please Don’t Throw My Love Away
154:18No Way To Treat A Heart