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2020-09-25 ·  49 tracks ·  120:15
12:11Mary Lou - Remastered
22:26Honey Don't - Remastered
32:19Baby Jean - Remastered
42:18Forty Days - Remastered
52:41Summertime - Remastered
62:17Odessa - Remastered
72:19Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child - Remastered
82:58I Gave My Love a Cherry - Remastered
92:18Wild Little Willy - Remastered
102:37Brave Man - Remastered
112:17Ruby Baby - Remastered
122:35Horace - Remastered
132:55Wayfaring Stranger - Remastered
142:23Virginia Bride - Remastered
152:35Mister and Mississippi - Remastered
162:23Need Your Lovin' (Oh so Bad) - Remastered
171:57Dizzy Miss Lizzy - Remastered
182:02John Henry - Remastered
193:03Fare Thee Well - Remastered
202:34One of These Days - Remastered
212:16Oh Sugar - Remastered
222:22One out of a Hundred - Remastered
233:08The Death of Floyd Collins - Remastered
242:00Whatcha Gonna Do (When the Creek Runs Dry)? - Remastered
252:33Love from Afar - Remastered
11:53My Girl Is Red Hot - Remastered
22:37Clara - Remastered
32:42Cold Cold Heart - Remastered
42:35Hey Boba Lou - Remastered
52:05Hey Good Lookin' - Remastered
62:29Someone Like You - Remastered
72:37Your Cheatin' Heart - Remastered
82:37Dreams Do Come True - Remastered
92:25Weary Blues from Waitin' - Remastered
102:17Hayride - Remastered
112:06There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight - Remastered
122:39Nobody's Lonesome for Me - Remastered
132:36Lonely Hours - Remastered
142:25Ramblin' Man - Remastered
152:52I'm so Lonesome I Could Cry - Remastered
162:32Sick and Tired - Remastered
172:15Love Me Like You Can - Remastered
182:10You Win Again - Remastered
192:29I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love with You) - Remastered
202:11You Cheated, You Lied - Remastered
212:26I Hear That Lonesome Whistle - Remastered
222:23Jambalaya - Remastered
232:47Southern Love - Remastered
242:39The Ballad of Caryl Chessman - Remastered
2020-04-24 ·  56 tracks ·  137:45
12:15Ruby Baby
22:17Forty Days - Single Version
42:37One of These Days
51:58Whatcha Gonna Do (When the Creek Runs Dry)
62:16Wild Little Willy
72:10Mary Lou
82:15Oh Sugar
92:16Odessa - 1959 Version
102:22Need Your Lovin' (Oh So Bad)
111:51My Gal Is Red Hot
121:56Dizzy Miss Lizzy
142:07C-Riff Rock
152:20Baby Jean
162:46Southern Love
172:30Someone Like You
182:34Hey Boba Lou
192:13Love Me Like You Can
202:10You Cheated, You Lied
212:34Dreams Do Come True
222:35Lonely Hours
242:25Honey Don't
252:31Sick and Tired - 1960 Version
262:35Ballad of Caryl Chessman
282:48You Know I Love You
292:28Sexy Ways
303:06Come Love
323:04Honey Love
331:59I Feel Good
343:02Susie Q
362:18What a Party
372:53Bo Diddley - Single Version
382:39Who Do You Love - Single Version
402:29High Blood Pressure
412:15There's a Screw Loose
431:59Mojo Man
443:04Further On up the Road
453:36Nineteen Years Old
462:28Kathy Jean
472:29Sexy Ways (Alternate Take)
482:37Ruby Baby (Alternate Take)
492:17Forty Days (To Come Back Home)
502:38Hayride (Alternate Take)
512:54Light In the Window
521:58My Heart Cries
532:13Look for Me
542:08Love It Up
552:07Your Love Is What I Need
562:41Kansas City
2017-08-04 ·  49 tracks ·  120:18
12:19Forty Days
22:11Mary Lou
32:19Baby Jean
42:35Hey Boba Lou
52:05Hey, Good Lookin'
62:52I'm so Lonesome I Could Cry
71:57Dizzy Miss Lizzie
82:36Lonely Hours
92:35Mister and Mississippi
102:39Nobody's Lonesome for Me
112:42Cold Cold Heart
132:17Ruby Baby
142:39The Ballad of Caryll Chessman
153:08The Death of Floyd Collins
162:26Honey Don't
182:29I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love with You)
192:26I Hear That Lonesome Whistle
202:10You Win Again
212:03John Henry
222:37Your Cheatin' Heart
232:25Ramblin' Man
242:06There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight
252:25Weary Blues from Waitin'
272:33Love from Afar
282:58I Gave My Love a Cherry
292:15Love Me Like You Can
301:53My Girl Is Red Hot
312:23Need Your Lovin' (Oh so Bad)
332:34One of These Days
342:22One out of a Hundred
352:32Sick and Tired
362:29Someone Like You
372:00Whatcha Gonna Do (When the Creek Runs Dry)
382:37Brave Man
402:18Wild Little Willy
412:37Dreams Do Come True
422:16Oh Sugar
432:11You Cheated, You Lied
443:03Fare Thee Well
462:19Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
472:47Southern Love
482:23Virginia Bride
492:55Wayfaring Stranger
2016-06-18 ·  14 tracks ·  33:28