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2020-10-15 ·  27 tracks ·  67:58
14:17Fantasia à4, VdGS No. 1GB with Great Bass
22:30Fantasia à3, VdGS No. 2
32:12Fantasia à3, VdGS No. 1
42:05Fantasia à3, VdGS No. 3
52:27Fantasia à2, VdGS No. 3
63:42Fantasia à3, VdGS No. 3GB with Great Bass
71:49Fantasia à2, VdGS No. 1
81:56Fantazia à2, VdGS No. 4
93:47Fantasia à3, VdGS No. 1GB
101:53Fantazia à2, VdGS No. 2
112:48Fantazia à3, VdGS No. 4
121:36Fantazia à3, VdGS No. 5
131:28Fantazia à3, VdGS No. 6
141:10Galliard à3 with Great Bass
153:43Fantasia à3, VdGS No. 4GB with Great Bass
161:50In Nomine à4 with Great Bass
172:03Fantazia à2, VdGS No. 6
182:31Fantazia à2, VdGS No. 5
191:52Fantazia à3, VdGS No. 7
202:13Fantazia à3, VdGS No. 8
212:19Fantazia à3, VdGS No. 9
223:01Fantasia à3, VdGS No. 2GB with Great Bass
233:34Fantasia à4, VdGS No. 2GB with Great Bass
242:28Fantasia à3, VdGS No. 15, Tenbury, St. Michael’s College +Thomas Lupo
252:34Fantasia 'Di sei soprani,’ NYp, Drexel 4302, p.259, no. 46 +William Daman
262:44Fantasia à3, VdGS No. 26, Tenbury, St. Michael’s College +Thomas Lupo
273:27Fantasia 'Di sei bassi,’ NYp, Drexel 4302, p.255, no. 45 +Alfonso Ferrabosco
2017-11-10 ·  15 tracks ·  66:36
14:38Behold, thou hast made my days +Charles Daniels
24:59We praise thee, O Father +Eleanor Minney, Nicholas Todd, Peter Harvey, Simon Gallear, Catherine King, Samuel Boden
34:12In Nomine a5 No.1
44:08This is the record of John +Charles Daniels
54:47Great King of Gods +Charles Daniels, Jeremy Budd, Peter Harvey, Silas Woolston
64:43Do not repine, fair sun part 1 +Jeremy Budd, Samuel Boden, Peter Harvey
73:03Do not repine, fair sun part 2 +Julia Doyle, Catherine King, Samuel Boden, Jeremy Budd, Peter Harvey
84:15In Nomine a5 No.2
95:05Glorious and powerful God +Peter Harvey, Charles Daniels
104:42Blessed are all they that fear the Lord +Samuel Boden, Catherine King, Eleanor Minney, Jeremy Budd, Charles Daniels, Simon Gallear, Will Gaunt, Greg Skidmore, Peter Harvey, Nicholas Todd, Kirsty Whatley, Silas Woolston
113:48O all true faithful hearts +Charles Daniels, Catherine King, Eleanor Minney, Nicholas Todd, Peter Harvey, Simon Gallear, Silas Woolston
125:26Sing unto the Lord +Peter Harvey, Will Gaunt, Charles Daniels, Jeremy Budd
133:47In Nomine a5 No.3
145:54See, see, the Word is incarnate +Charles Daniels, Catherine King, Samuel Boden, Peter Harvey, Simon Gallear
153:10Lord, grant grace +Eleanor Minney, Samuel Boden, Silas Woolston