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2017-06-09 ·  28 tracks ·  83:39
2015-10-23 ·  16 tracks ·  40:09
2008-01-01 ·  42 tracks ·  115:18
1998-01-01 ·  18 tracks ·  54:42
122:00Silent Night
1995-12-22 ·  70 tracks ·  173:34
12:14My Pillow - Single Version
21:59Poor Little John - Single Version
32:29A Man Like Me - Single Version
42:18The Wrong Kind Of Girl - Single Version
52:01Jason Fleming - Single Version
62:01A World So Full Of Love - Original Demo Version
72:32When A House Is Not A Home - 1995 Box Set Version
82:02You Don't Want My Love - Single Version
92:16When Two Worlds Collide - 1961 Single Version
102:28Sorry, Willie - Single Version
111:16So Saith He The Lord - Original Demo Version
122:32Lock, Stock And Teardrops - Single Version
132:37Ain't That Fine
142:30Less And Less - 1991 Compilation Version
161:49Lou's Got The Flu
172:00The Moon Is High (And So Am I)
181:51Dang Me
192:39It Takes All Kinds To Make A World
212:32Hard Headed Me
221:47Do-Wacka-Do - Single Version
231:58Atta Boy Girl - Single Version
242:01Our Hearts Will Play The Music
12:28King Of The Road - Single Version
22:06As Long As There's A Shadow
31:56You Can't Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd - Single Version
42:15Heartbreak Hotel - Single Version
52:09Big Harlan Taylor
62:05One Dyin' And A Buryin' - Single Version
72:50The Last Word In Lonesome Is Me - Single Version
81:54It Happened Just That Way - Single Version
92:20Engine Engine #9 - Single Version
102:20Kansas City Star - Single Version
111:55England Swings - Single Version
122:17I've Been A Long Time Leavin' (But I'll Be A Long Time Gone) - Single Version
132:26Husbands And Wives - Single Version
142:10Train Of Life - Single Version
152:10Dad Blame Anything A Man Can't Quit
162:17You're My Kingdom - Single Version
171:57My Uncle Used To Love Me But She Died - Single Version
181:51Home - Single Version
203:03Ruby (Don't Take Your Love To Town)
212:41Walkin' In The Sunshine - Single Version
222:34A Million Years Or So
239:20Pardon This Coffin/Bonus Track: Session Soundbite - 1995 Box Set Version
12:21The Ballad Of Waterhole #3 (Code Of The West) - Single Version
22:06Old Toy Trains - Single Version
32:40Little Green Apples - Single Version
42:41What I'd Give To Be The Wind - Single Version
51:22Boeing Boeing 707 - Single Version
61:59Treat Me Like A Human - 1995 Box Set Version
72:10What Are Those Things (With Big Black Wings) - 1995 Box Set Version
82:08Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line - 1995 Box Set Version
93:29Swiss Cottage Place
104:06Me And Bobbie McGee
113:05Where Have All The Average People Gone - Single Version
122:58The Best Of All Possible Worlds
132:38Invitation To The Blues
142:15Tall, Tall Trees
152:00Don't We All Have The Right
161:53That's The Way I Feel
172:49Half A Mind
182:37Hoppy's Gone - Single Version
193:12What Would My Mama Say
203:28Orange Blossom Special - Live In Reno / 1978 +Danny Gatton
213:08Old Friends - Single Version +Willie Nelson, Ray Price
234:10River In The Rain - 1995 Box Set Version