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2021-10-22 ·  31 tracks ·  152:52
2015-05-18 ·  95 tracks ·  546:10
14:25I'm Falling
25:09Cold Life
45:51All Day
56:36Every Day Is Halloween
67:02The Nature Of Love
85:07Same Old Madness
95:33I'll Do Anything for You
103:54He's Angry
125:55I See Red
136:18Where Are You at Now?
148:08Nature of Outtakes
110:25Halloween Remix
26:44Nature Of Love (Cruelty Mix)
36:34All Day Remix
46:24Cold Life Dub
54:04I'm Falling (Alt Mix)
63:51Work For Love (Demo)
76:07I Wanted To Tell Her (Demo)
85:59Same Old Madness (Demo)
93:51She's Got A Cause (Demo)
104:39Revenge (Piano Intro) [Demo]
115:11The Game Is Over (Demo)
124:25Let's Be Happy (Demo)
135:13Same Old Scene (Demo)
144:13Wait (Demo)
14:1038 +Revolting Cocks
25:35We Shall Cleanse the World +Revolting Cocks
34:54Attack Ships on Fire +Revolting Cocks
43:58Big Sexy Land +Revolting Cocks
53:17Union Carbide (West Virginia) +Revolting Cocks
65:42T.V. Mind +Revolting Cocks
76:53No Devotion +Revolting Cocks
83:38Union Carbide (Bhopal) +Revolting Cocks
98:29You Often Forget (Malignant) [Bonus Track] +Revolting Cocks
104:30You Often Forget (Benign) [Bonus Track] +Revolting Cocks
114:44Attack Ships...(Bonus Track) +Revolting Cocks
126:52...on Fire (Bonus Track) +Revolting Cocks
1310:33No Devotion (Bonus Track) +Revolting Cocks
144:26T.V. Mind Remix (Bonus Track) +Revolting Cocks
14:51You Goddamned Son of a Bitch (Live) +Revolting Cocks
25:53Cattle Grind (Live) +Revolting Cocks
37:10We Shall Cleanse the World (Live) +Revolting Cocks
44:2038 (Live) +Revolting Cocks
55:09In the Neck (Live) +Revolting Cocks
68:25You Often Forget (Live) +Revolting Cocks
77:44T.V. Mind (Live) +Revolting Cocks
88:28Union Carbide (Live) +Revolting Cocks
97:30Attack Ships on Fire (Live) +Revolting Cocks
1011:54No Devotion (Live) +Revolting Cocks
116:50Stainless Steel Providers (Live) [Bonus Track] +Revolting Cocks
15:56Beers, Steers & Queers +Revolting Cocks
24:16(Let's Get) Physical +Revolting Cocks
35:32In the Neck +Revolting Cocks
46:54Get Down +Revolting Cocks
55:49Stainless Steel Providers +Revolting Cocks
65:31Can't Sit Still +Revolting Cocks
74:32Something Wonderful +Revolting Cocks
84:43Razor's Edge +Revolting Cocks
94:41Cattle Grind (Studio Mix) [Bonus Track] +Revolting Cocks
106:24At the Top (Bonus Track) +Revolting Cocks
115:45Beers, Steers & Queers (Drop Yer Britches Mix) [Bonus Track] +Revolting Cocks
124:20Beers, Steers & Queers (Take Em Right off Mix) [Bonus Track] +Revolting Cocks
136:53(Let's Talk) Physical [Bonus Track] +Revolting Cocks
144:04Public Image (Live in Glasgow) [Bonus Track] +Revolting Cocks
14:17I Will Refuse +Pailhead
24:59No Bunny +Pailhead
33:47Don't Stand In Line +Pailhead
43:51Ballad +Pailhead
53:42Man Should Surrender +Pailhead
64:45Anthem +Pailhead
74:36Apathy +1000 Homo DJs
85:24Better Ways +1000 Homo DJs
96:38Supernaut +1000 Homo DJs
108:08Hey Asshole +1000 Homo DJs
115:23Rubber Glove Seduction +PTP
124:29My Favorite Things +PTP
134:57Show Me Your Spine +PTP
145:55No Name No Slogan +Acid Horse
159:04No Name No Slogan (Cabaret Voltaire Mix) +Acid Horse
13:40Same Old Madness (Video Version)
27:01Never Asked For Nothing (Live)
34:02Love Changes (Live)
44:09What Is the Reason (Live)
55:43America (Live)
65:01(Let's Get) Physical [Banned Original Mix] +Revolting Cocks
75:14We Shall Cleanse The World (Razormaid Mix) +Revolting Cocks
85:59Fish In Cold Water +Revolting Cocks
95:31Self Annoyed
105:01Don't Stand In Line (Remix) +Pailhead
116:36Supernaut (Trent Vocals) +1000 Homo DJs
126:56Supernaut (Dub Mix) +1000 Homo DJs
1313:39Get Down (Extended Mix) +Revolting Cocks