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2023-01-27 ·  35 tracks ·  95:23
12:22Duke of Earl (Remastered 2014)
22:34Daddy's Home (Remastered 2014)
32:36You Threw a Lucky Punch (Remastered 2014)
42:32Just Be True (Remastered 2014)
52:54I Fooled You This Time (Remastered 2014)
62:56Nothing Can Stop Me (Remastered 2014)
72:53What Now (Remastered 2014)
82:45Man's Temptation (Remastered 2014)
96:00Rainbow (Live) [Remastered 2014]
102:25You Cant Hurt Me No More (Remastered 2014)
112:48God Bless Our Love (Remastered 2014)
122:21Nite Owl (Remastered 2014)
132:47For Your Precious Love (Remastered 2014)
143:05Message to Martha (Remastered 2014)
153:00Need to Belong (Remastered 2014)
162:41Moon River (Remastered 2014)
173:04I Stand Accused (Remastered 2014)
182:47He Will Break Your Heart (Remastered 2014)
192:46Make It Easy on Yourself (Remastered 2014)
202:34Giving up on Love (Remastered 2014)
212:45Let It Be Me (Remastered 2014) +Betty Everett
222:24I'm a Telling You (Remastered 2014)
232:53Find Another Girl (Remastered 2014)
242:2660 Minute Man (Remastered 2014) +Billy Ward & The Dominoes
253:11Stardust (Remastered 2014) +Billy Ward & The Dominoes
262:22Have Mercy Baby (Remastered 2014) +Billy Ward & The Dominoes
272:51Will You Remember Me (Remastered 2014) +Billy Ward & The Dominoes
282:26Weeping Willow Blues (Remastered 2014) +Billy Ward & The Dominoes
292:00Jennie Lee (Remastered 2014) +Billy Ward & The Dominoes
302:16Deep Purple (Remastered 2014) +Billy Ward & The Dominoes
312:18I'll Never Ask for More Than This (Remastered 2014) +Billy Ward & The Dominoes
322:00You Cant Keep a Good Man Down (Remastered 2014) +Billy Ward & The Dominoes
331:57I'd Be Satisfied (Remastered 2014) +Billy Ward & The Dominoes
343:18The Bells (Remastered 2014) +Billy Ward & The Dominoes
352:26Alone in the Crowd (Remastered 2014) +Billy Ward & The Dominoes
2023-01-27 ·  33 tracks ·  83:29
12:33The Boll Weevil Song (Remastered 2014)
22:20Honey Babe (Remastered 2014)
32:39Careless Love (Remastered 2014)
42:37My Last Dollar (Remastered 2014)
52:23Key to the Highway (Remastered 2014)
62:25Frankie and Johnny (Remastered 2014)
72:38The Intoxicated Rat (Remastered 2014)
81:54Johnny-O (Remastered 2014)
92:32It's My Lazy Day (Remastered 2014)
103:30Child of the Engineer (Remastered 2014)
112:41For Your Precious Love (Remastered 2014)
122:40Moon River (Remastered 2014)
132:46He Will Break Your Heart (Remastered 2014)
143:00I Stand Accused (Remastered 2014)
152:21I'm a Telling You (Remastered 2014)
162:38Make It Easy on Yourself (Remastered 2014)
172:54Need to Belong to Somebody (Remastered 2014)
182:23Whatever You Want (Remastered 2014)
192:24Giving up on Love (Remastered 2014)
202:19It's Too Late (Remastered 2014)
212:16Aware of Love (Remastered 2014)
222:54Raindrops (Remastered 2014)
232:35High Heel Sneakers (Remastered 2014)
242:22Hey Little Girl (Remastered 2014)
252:34How About That (Remastered 2014)
262:25Nobody But You (Remastered 2014)
273:40Portrait of My Love (Remastered 2014)
281:59Just Keep It Up (Remastered 2014)
292:26I'm Going Back to School (Remastered 2014)
302:09Your Friends (Remastered 2014)
312:36I'm a Soldier Boy (Remastered 2014)
322:04You're Looking Good (Remastered 2014)
331:54Crossfire Time (Remastered 2014)
2023-01-20 ·  56 tracks ·  142:34
11:53I Need Your Love
21:45Don't Leave Me
32:44For Your Precious Love +Jerry Butler & The Impressions
42:06Sweet Was The Wine +Jerry Butler & The Impressions
52:35Come Back My Love (feat. Jerry Butler)
62:35Love Me (feat. Jerry Butler)
72:43The Gift Of Love
82:04At The County Fair
102:37One By One
112:24Lovely One
122:32Senorita I Love You
132:42Hold Me My Darling
142:02Rainbow Valley
152:36Couldn't Go To Sleep
162:47I Was Wrong
172:42That You Love Me
182:12A New Love
192:56A Lonely Soldier
202:10I Found A Love
212:43He Will Break Your Heart
222:41Thanks To You
232:41Silent Night
242:52Find Another Girl
252:44When Trouble Calls
262:22I'm A Telling You
272:45I See A Fool
282:38Moon River
12:14Aware Of Love
22:50Isle Of Sirens
33:02Chi Town
42:40Make It Easy On Yourself
52:30It's Too Late
62:42You Can Run (But You Can't Hide)
72:11I'm The One
82:31The Wishing Star (Theme From Taras Bulba)
92:12You Go Right Through Me
102:21Gypsy Woman
112:27As Long As You Love Me
122:14Grow Closer Together
132:37Can't You See
142:15Little Young Lover
152:33Never Let Me Go
162:25Minstrel And Queen
172:47You've Come Home
182:35I'm The One Who Loves You
192:24I Need Your Love
202:34Teardrops From My Eyes +Jerry Butler & The Impressions
212:09Have A Good Time +Jerry Butler & The Impressions
222:33Butterfly +Jerry Butler & The Impressions
232:20After The Laughter +Jerry Butler & The Impressions
242:19The Lights Went Out +Jerry Butler & The Impressions
254:26September Song
262:19If You Let Me
272:57The Challenge
283:39No End Or Time
2022-12-23 ·  63 tracks ·  159:58
12:48Find Another Girl
22:33Come Back, My Love
32:47He Will Break Your Heart
42:43The Gift of Love
52:38Moon River
62:39You Can Run (but You Can't Hide)
72:39One by One
82:35Couldn't Go to Sleep
92:33Love Me
102:47You've Come Home
112:31Shorty's Got to Go
122:08I'm the One
132:11You Go Right Through Me
142:58Isle of Sirens
152:08Have a Good Time
164:24September Song
173:01Chi Town
182:41Thanks to You
192:39When Trouble Calls
202:22I Need Your Love
212:42Say That You Love Me
222:35Can't You See
232:18Minstrel and Queen
242:44For Your Precious Love
252:01Rainbow Valley
262:54O Holy Night
272:18The Lights Went Out
282:30Jerry Butler
291:53Is This True Love
302:31Senorita I Love You
312:12Grow Closer Together
322:14Little Young Lover
332:47Give Me Your Love
342:17After My Laughter
352:29It's Too Late
363:40No End or Time
382:39Make It Easy on Yourself
392:14If You Let Me
402:41Hold Me My Darling
412:20I'm Telling You
422:26As Long as You Love Me
432:56The Challenge
442:55A Lonely Soldier
452:07I Found a Love
462:54The Wicked Man
482:31Never Let Me Go
492:12Don't Take Your Love from Me
502:33Teardrops from My Eyes
512:11A New Love
522:27The Wishing Star
542:03At the County Fair
552:13Aware of Love
561:43Don't Leave Me
572:45I Was Wrong
582:18Gypsy Woman
592:35Without Your Love
602:22Lovely One
612:42Silent Night
622:44I See a Fool
632:06Sweet Was the Wine
2022-08-24 ·  64 tracks ·  162:41
12:48Find Another Girl
22:47He Will Break Your Heart
32:14If You Let Me
42:33Come Back, My Love
52:01Rainbow Valley
64:24September Song
72:44For Your Precious Love
82:12Don't Take Your Love from Me
92:58Isle of Sirens
102:56The Challenge
122:39You Can Run (But You Can't Hide)
132:43The Gift of Love
142:55A Lonely Soldier
152:45I Was Wrong
162:38Moon River
172:54O Holy Night
183:01Chi Town
192:41Thanks to You
202:11You Go Right Through Me
213:40No End or Time
222:41Hold Me My Darling
232:42Silent Night
252:35Without Your Love
272:06Sweet Was the Wine
282:30Where Do I Turn
292:13Aware of Love
302:33Teardrops from My Eyes
311:53Is This True Love
322:07I Found a Love
332:27The Wishing Star
342:17After My Laughter
352:08I'm the One
362:18The Lights Went Out
372:29It's Too Late
382:43The Gift of Love - Part 2
392:47Give Me Your Love
402:08Have a Good Time
412:54The Wicked Man
422:35Couldn't Go to Sleep
432:20I'm Telling You
442:35Can't You See
452:39One by One
462:03At the County Fair
472:47You've Come Home
482:22I Need Your Love
492:33Love Me
502:11A New Love
511:43Don't Leave Me
522:39When Trouble Calls
532:39Make It Easy on Yourself
542:18Minstrel and Queen
552:44I See a Fool
562:42Say That You Love Me
572:18Gypsy Woman
582:31Never Let Me Go
592:26As Long as You Love Me
602:31Senorita I Love You
612:14Little Young Lover
622:31Shorty's Got to Go
632:12Grow Closer Together
642:22Lovely One
2022-02-24 ·  64 tracks ·  162:41
12:33Come Back, My Love
22:47He Will Break Your Heart
32:48Find Another Girl
42:39You Can Run (But You Can't Hide)
52:14If You Let Me
62:01Rainbow Valley
72:44For Your Precious Love
82:12Don't Take Your Love from Me
92:56The Challenge
102:38Moon River
114:24September Song
123:01Chi Town
143:40No End or Time
152:11You Go Right Through Me
162:58Isle of Sirens
172:43The Gift of Love
182:55A Lonely Soldier
192:45I Was Wrong
202:41Thanks to You
212:54O Holy Night
222:41Hold Me My Darling
232:17After My Laughter
242:42Silent Night
252:07I Found a Love
262:47Give Me Your Love
282:29It's Too Late
292:06Sweet Was the Wine
302:30Where Do I Turn
312:13Aware of Love
322:33Teardrops from My Eyes
332:35Without Your Love
342:27The Wishing Star
352:35Couldn't Go to Sleep
362:08I'm the One
372:18The Lights Went Out
382:08Have a Good Time
392:39When Trouble Calls
402:39One by One
412:54The Wicked Man
421:53Is This True Love
432:39Make It Easy on Yourself
442:43The Gift of Love - Part 2
462:03At the County Fair
472:44I See a Fool
482:20I'm Telling You
491:43Don't Leave Me
502:35Can't You See
512:33Love Me
522:11A New Love
532:31Senorita I Love You
542:42Say That You Love Me
552:22I Need Your Love
562:12Grow Closer Together
572:18Minstrel and Queen
582:18Gypsy Woman
592:26As Long as You Love Me
602:14Little Young Lover
612:31Shorty's Got to Go
622:22Lovely One
632:47You've Come Home
642:31Never Let Me Go