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2015-12-04 ·  50 tracks ·  227:04
14:32Fool Till the End
23:54After All
34:19Reaching Out
44:30Take Me out of the Dark
54:46Could You Be Messiah
64:42What More Can I Say
74:21Laughter All the Time
84:29Look in Her Eyes
95:02That's Why
104:30Shout for Joy
114:38For You
124:44Search and Know
15:53Letting Go +Mon Faustino, May Ann Casal-Soriano, Mon Espia, Ma. Melissa Alsisto
25:22As You Are
34:37Face to Face
45:06I Will Be Here
54:10Lead Me Lord
64:10Warrior Is a Child
74:43Break Me
84:44When I Hear You Call
93:51Shake It Off
124:32The Answer
134:52In You
144:47Father's Love
14:50Just Once
24:00Until Then
34:12More and More
44:40These Eyes
54:18Only I
64:40Even for a While
74:50In Another Lifetime
84:38Wait Forever
93:57How Did You Know
104:20Because of You
113:36What Matters Most
124:12You Gave Me Reason
134:15It Might Be You
144:06Love in Any Language
14:24Each Passing Night +Regine Velasquez
23:58The Perfect Year +Regine Velasquez
36:02More Than Wonderful +Tricia Amper Jimenez
45:44You Are +Joni Villanueva
54:55Hard Habit to Break +Jed Madela
63:55What You Want +Regine Velasquez
73:08You Are the Love of My Life +Angeli P. Valenciano
84:43As One +Martin Nievera
94:57With You +Kiana V
104:25Overjoyed +A.K.A. Jam