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2022-06-17 ·  44 tracks ·  305:09
16:24(Flying On The) Wings Of Love - U.S.Mix
28:05(Flying On The) Wings Of Love - Remix '81 +Gaylen Senogoles
37:29Love Games - Full Length Version
45:36Turn It On - Full Length Version
56:52Starchild - Remix / Long Version +Paul Staveley O'Duffy
66:21Are You Hearing (What I Hear)? - Extended Version
76:06Weave Your Spell - Extended Version
87:04The Chinese Way - Extended Version
98:48Out Of Sight Out Of Mind - Extended Version
106:16You Can't Blame Louis - Extended Remix
116:11The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) - Extended Version
128:13Micro-Kid - Extended Version
137:14Micro-Kid - I-Level Remix +iLEVEL
147:25The Chinese Way - Extended John Luongo Remix / New York Remix +John Luongo
1510:42The Chinese Way - Dub +John Luongo
1610:25Hot Water - Mastermix
177:25Standing In The Light - Extended Version
187:31Micro-Kid - Specially Remixed Version +John McClain
197:30Micro-Kid - Dub Version
208:03The Chant Has Begun - Power Mix +Mark King, Gregg Jackman
214:16The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) - Upfront Mix
227:40Something About You - Sisa Mix
236:02I Sleep On My Heart - Remix
246:58Lessons In Love - Extended Version
258:00Something About You - Shep Pettibone Remix +Shep Pettibone
267:02Something About You - Instrumental
275:50World Machine - Shep Pettibone Remix +Shep Pettibone
287:28World Machine - U.S.Dub Mix +Shep Pettibone
297:48Lessons In Love - Shep Pettibone Remix +Shep Pettibone
305:51Lessons In Love - Dub Mix
316:04To Be With You Again - A.D.S.C. Mix +David O'Ogrin
325:52To Be With You Again - Dub
336:00It's Over - Extended Remix
346:39Running In The Family - Dave O' Remix +David O'Ogrin
355:38Children Say - Extended Remix
363:29Starchild - 87 Remix
377:19Heaven In My Hands - Extended Version
387:10Heaven In My Hands - U.S. Remix +Tom Lord-Alge
397:43Take A Look - Extended Mix +Tom Lord-Alge
405:51Tracie - Extended Mix +Julian Mendelsohn
416:55Tracie - U.S. Remix +Tom Lord-Alge
426:31Take Care Of Yourself - Extended Version
435:37Take Care Of Yourself - Remix
447:50Starchild - Brian Chuck New Remix
2010-01-01 ·  56 tracks ·  281:17
26:22Love Meeting Love
33:49Flying On The (Wings Of Love) - U.S. Mix / 7" Edit
47:26Love Games - Full Length Version
54:40Turn It On
63:51Starchild - 7" Remix
74:58Are You Hearing (What I Hear)?
85:28Weave Your Spell
93:55The Chinese Way - 7" Version
105:12Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
113:47The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) - 7" Mix
123:49Micro-Kid - 7" Version
133:38Hot Water - 7" Version
145:18The Chant Has Begun
157:30Kansas City Milkman - Live
164:27Something About You
15:01Leaving Me Now - Extended Version
25:48World Machine - Shep Pettibone Remix +Shep Pettibone
34:02Lessons In Love
43:56Running In The Family - 7" Version
53:53To Be With You Again - 7" Version
65:58It's Over
74:47Children Say
84:08Heaven In My Hands - 7" Version
94:41Take A Look
103:24Tracie - 7" Version
114:28Take Care Of Yourself - 7" Version
144:10My Father's Shoes
154:14Forever Now
164:00All Over You
174:26Love In A Peaceful World
183:46The Way Back Home - Radio edit
15:18Spirit Groove
23:17Brazil 99
34:52Dave Allen At Large
44:01Follow Me - Live At The Coronet, Woolwich / 1985
53:58Coup D'Etat - Version
65:59Take Care Of Yourself - Demo
73:58Untitled 1990 - Demo
83:19The Ape - Demo
95:29She Can't Help Herself - Demo
107:08Dive Into The Sun - Tom Belton Vocal Remix +Tom Belton
1112:43Love Meeting Love/Kansas City Milkman - Medley
1219:01The Antwerp Medley
14:29Lessons In Love - Acoustic Version
23:37Something About You - Acoustic Version
34:30Children Say - Acoustic Version
44:28It's Over - Acoustic Version
54:40Take A Look - Acoustic Version
64:48Starchild - Acoustic Version
75:15All I Need - Acoustic Version
84:32Guaranteed - Acoustic Version
94:03Overtime - Acoustic Version
104:39Seven Days - Acoustic Version
2006-01-01 ·  11 tracks ·  55:43
2006-01-01 ·  3:47
2: GB IE
1987 ·  33 tracks ·  179:13
14:06Lessons In Love
24:54Children Say
36:14Running In The Family - Extended Version
46:01It's Over
55:19To Be With You Again
65:37Two Solitudes (Everyone's Love In The Air)
74:35Fashion Fever
86:02The Sleepwalkers
96:18Freedom Someday
107:50Lessons In Love - Shep Pettibone Remix +Shep Pettibone
116:37Running In The Family - Dave O' Remix +David O'Ogrin
126:00It's Over - Remix
14:29Lessons In Love - Mark King Home Recording +Mark King
24:30Children Say - Mark King Home Recording +Mark King
34:42Running In The Family - Mark King Home Recording +Mark King
44:29It's Over - Mark King Home Recording +Mark King
54:32To Be With You Again - Mark King Home Recording +Mark King
64:27Two Solitudes (Everyone's Love In The Air) - Mark King Home Recording +Mark King
74:00Fashion Fever - Mark King Home Recording +Mark King
84:47Sleepwalkers - Mark King Home Recording +Mark King
95:24Freedom Someday - Mark King Home Recording +Mark King
10:57Thunderbirds - Main Theme (Excerpt) +Barry Gray
24:42Fashion Fever - Live At Wembley
35:56World Machine - Live At Wembley
44:50Children Say - Live At Wembley
55:19The Chinese Way - Live At Wembley
68:55Love Games - Live At Wembley
75:42Leaving Me Now - Live At Wembley
86:22The Chant Has Begun - Live At Wembley
95:29Lessons In Love - Live At Wembley
106:45The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) - Live At Wembley
116:00Something About You - Live At Wembley
127:22Hot Water - Live At Wembley