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2019-03-22 ·  30 tracks ·  107:28
13:00Sloppy Drunk Again - Live
23:43Tired Of Being Mistreated - Live
33:57Lost A Good Woman - Live
43:07Henry's Worry Blues - Live
54:13How Can It Be - Live
63:55The Way Henry Feel - Live
72:19Got To Reap What You Sow - Live
83:55Why We Love Each Other So - Live
93:28Night Time Is The Right Time - Live
103:48Driving Wheel - Live
113:09Boot That Thing - Live
123:30Thanks But No Thanks - Live
132:38Ride The Boogie - Live
145:35Dirty Mother For You (Don't You Know) - Live
153:33Dresser Drawers - Live
165:12Done Got Tired - Live
173:49The War Is Over - Live
183:22Life Is A Puzzle - Live
193:48Gulf Port Boogie - Live
204:49Guitar Boogie - Live
212:52Honeysuckle Rose - Live
223:05Love Me Once More - Live
234:40Tears Come Rollin' Down - Live
244:09Red Eyed Jesse Bell - Live
253:46Ice Cream Freezer - Live
263:09All My Money Gone - Live
272:18What You Did Last Night - Live
283:47Sweet Home Chicago - Live
292:13Ready, Willing And Able - Live
302:38Dangerous Man - Live
2013-01-01 ·  50 tracks ·  152:41
11:53Hupe Dupe Do
22:34Pocketful of Money +Roosevelt Sykes, King Curtis
34:27Lonely Day +Roosevelt Sykes, King Curtis
42:46Your Will Is Mine
53:16Mislead Mother +Roosevelt Sykes, King Curtis
62:53West Helena Woman
73:00Boogie Honky Tonk
82:47She Ain't for Nobody +Roosevelt Sykes, King Curtis
92:33Casual Friend
102:33Never Loved Like This Before
112:45Last Chance
122:48Satellite Baby +Roosevelt Sykes, King Curtis
132:59Gone with the Wind
142:28Honey Child
152:07Slave for Your Love
162:59Let the Black Have His Way
172:28K.M.A. Blues
183:20Out on a Limb
192:22Wild Side
202:35High as a Georgia Pine
213:0947th Street Jive
224:59Miss Ida B. +Roosevelt Sykes, King Curtis
232:27Jailbait +Roosevelt Sykes, King Curtis
242:02I Hate to Be Alone +Roosevelt Sykes, King Curtis
259:18Yes, Lawd +Roosevelt Sykes, King Curtis
262:51Training Camp Blues
273:03Third Degree Blues
282:43Low as a Toad
292:53Eight Ball Blues
302:55Yellow Yam Blues
313:10Pistol Shootin' Blues
322:49Journey from the Germs
333:18Under Eyed Woman
343:19Mistake in Life
352:53The Train Is Coming
362:53Monte Carlo Blues
372:47Night Time Is the Right Time
382:46Drunken Gambler
392:44The Honeydripper
402:59Dirty Mother for You
413:24Jet Black Snake
423:10D.B.A. Blues
433:12Highway 61 Blues
443:06Nasty but It's Clean
452:45Kelly Special
463:0932-20 Blues
473:05Skeet and Garret
482:57Boot That Thing
493:17Henry Ford Blues
503:0844' Blues
2012-09-01 ·  35 tracks ·  103:39
13:0244 Blues
22:44The Honey Dripper
33:15Jet Black Snake
42:41Trouble and Whiskey
53:11Highway 61 Blues
62:49Barrel House Man
72:47Sister Kelly Blues
82:45Kelly's Special
92:57Strange Man Blues +Emerson Houston
102:59Bury That Thing
113:0832-20 Blues
123:35I'm Tired of Being Mistreated
133:0947th Street Jive
143:19Sugar Hill Blues
152:52All My Money Gone Blues
162:573-6 and 9
172:24My Baby's Playground
183:10Ten and Four Blues
193:05Skeet and Garrett
203:02Have You Seen Ida B
213:03He Treats Me Like a Dog +St. Louis Bessie
222:59Knock Me Out
233:04Give Me Your Change
243:03Devil's Island Gin Blues
253:18Mosby Stomp
262:42Roll On Blues
272:47Papa Low
283:06Mr. Carl's Blues +Carl Rafferty
292:57Boot That Thing
302:41We Can Sell That Thing
313:04Nasty But It's Clean
322:54Barrel of Whiskey Blues +James "Stump" Johnson
333:00Dirty Mother for You
342:36Doing the Salty Long
352:36She Showed It All +Napoleon Fletcher