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2021-12-08 ·  51 tracks ·  158:21
2021-12-05 ·  50 tracks ·  159:18
2021-10-08 ·  30 tracks ·  114:32
13:11Can’t Even Get The Blues - Revived
23:33Is There Life Out There - Revived
33:11The Greatest Man I Never Knew - Revived
44:09Walk On - Revived
53:22Whoever’s In New England - Revived
63:51The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia - Revived
73:38For My Broken Heart - Revived
83:44Take It Back / Why Haven’t I Heard From You - Revived
94:17You Lie - Revived
104:49Fancy - Revived
13:32Turn On The Radio - Tracy Young Remix +Tracy Young
23:47I'm Gonna Take That Mountain - Dave Audé Remix +Dave Audé
33:39Little Rock - StoneBridge Remix +StoneBridge
42:48I'm A Survivor - Lafemmebear Remix +Lafemmebear
55:05Does He Love You - Eric Kupper Remix +Linda Davis, Eric Kupper
63:47You Keep Me Hangin' On - Classic Paradise Radio Mix +Love To Infinity
75:04The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia - Eric Kupper Remix +Eric Kupper
83:46The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter - Ralphi Rosario Remix +Ralphi Rosario
93:25Why Haven't I Heard From You - Dave Audé Remix +Dave Audé
104:44Fancy - Dave Audé Remix +Dave Audé
12:51The Fear Of Being Alone - Revisited
23:30Consider Me Gone - Revisited
33:40Somebody Should Leave - Revisited
43:23How Blue - Revisited
54:25Does He Love You - Revisited +Dolly Parton
63:35One Promise Too Late - Revisited
73:26The Last One To Know - Revisited
84:02New Fool At An Old Game - Revisited
93:23I'm A Survivor - Revisited
104:52Fancy - Revisited
2017-10-13 ·  28 tracks ·  69:01
11:26Winter Wonderland - Commentary
22:07Winter Wonderland
30:54The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) - Commentary
43:26The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
51:27Mary, Did You Know? - Commentary
64:48Mary, Did You Know? +Vince Gill, Amy Grant
71:39Jingle Bell Rock - Commentary
81:52Jingle Bell Rock
91:46O Holy Night - Commentary
103:39O Holy Night
111:51Hard Candy Christmas - Commentary
123:50Hard Candy Christmas
131:32Back To God - Acoustic Version / Commentary
144:57Back To God - Acoustic Version +Lauren Daigle
152:06Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Commentary
162:10Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
171:59O Come All Ye Faithful - Commentary
182:58O Come All Ye Faithful
191:13O Little Town Of Bethlehem - Commentary
203:58O Little Town Of Bethlehem +Darius Rucker
211:47White Christmas - Commentary
223:16White Christmas
232:13Jingle Bells - Commentary
241:43Jingle Bells
251:10I’ll Be Home For Christmas - Commentary
263:49I'll Be Home For Christmas
271:15Silent Night - Commentary
284:10Silent Night +Kelly Clarkson, Trisha Yearwood