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The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2022.
Upper/lowercase doesn't matter, but the artist-name does have to exactly match in spelling. And, of course, many artists did not release any new music this year, or did but it wasn't among the 100 favorites of any one audience...
alchemy by glenn mcdonald / @everynoise for Spotify, listening by the world
These lists compile the collective 2022 new-music listening of music fans in every country where people use Spotify, and in the fan communities for 5000+ genres and other genre-shaped distinctions. The songs in each list are scored and ranked by a combined weighting of a) their absolute popularity with those fans and b) the share of the song's global listening that those fans account for. (And then filtered to one song per artist.) This means, for example, that The Sound of Ukraine 2022 is the music that defines, unites and distinguishes Ukrainian fans, whether that music comes from Ukraine or not. Likewise, 2022 in Drift Phonk is the music that fans of Drift Phonk loved, whether it's Drift or Phonk or not. To be eligible, a song must have been released on or after 2021-12-01, as best our data can tell, so that's why no "Running Up That Hill".
In addition to exploring by country or metagenre, you can click any artist to see all the lists on which they appear.
You are allowed to fall in love with things you did not know even existed until now. It is not too late.
It is never too late.
(PS: It's not even too late for 2021, 2020 or 2019.)