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The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
pop punk
pop punk
alternative emo
skate punk
ska argentino
australian garage punk
melodic hardcore
indie punk
ska punk
progressive post-hardcore
spanish punk
punk blues
socal pop punk
german punk
punk urbano
canadian pop punk
indonesian pop punk
crossover thrash
ska mexicano
uk pop punk
german punk rock
straight edge
chaotic hardcore
polish punk
russian punk
folk punk
modern ska punk
celtic punk
canadian punk
brazilian punk
power-pop punk
mexican pop punk
aussie emo
german oi
hardcore punk
no wave
brazilian hardcore
pinoy pop punk
finnish punk
argentine punk
emo punk
horror punk
uk post-punk
indonesian punk
acoustic punk
math rock
brazilian post-hardcore
chicago pop punk
swedish punk
czech punk
japanese pop punk
riot grrrl
fast melodic punk
punk euskera
ska catala
garage punk
thrash core
peruvian punk
french punk
chicago punk
deep german punk
dark cabaret
punk colombiano
chilean hardcore
canadian hardcore
norwegian punk rock
crust punk
hungarian punk
uk beatdown
swedish pop punk
street punk espanol
indonesian hardcore
early us punk
finnish hardcore
australian hardcore
2019 in Pop Punk   playlist
1Point North "Gasoline"5171
2Neck Deep "She's A God"5148
3Dance Gavin Dance "Head Hunter"5094
4With Confidence "Without Me (Pâquerette)"5065
5Waterparks "Watch What Happens Next"4997
6Emarosa "Don't Cry"4945
7Simple Creatures "Drug"4912
8New Found Glory "This Is Me"4857
9The Maine "Slip the Noose"4840
10Grayscale "Painkiller Weather"4830
11A Day To Remember "Degenerates"4827
12In Her Own Words "Serotonin"4793
13Our Last Night "When the Party's Over"4628
14Issues "Tapping Out"4600
15Falling In Reverse "Drugs"4587
16Free Throw "The Corner's Dilemma"4581
17Tiny Moving Parts "Medicine"4535
18The Dangerous Summer "Where Were You When The Sky Opened Up"4532
19The Menzingers "Anna"4503
20Set It Off "For You Forever"4495
21Picturesque "Pray"4448
22Yours Truly "Circles"4448
23Silverstein "Smashed into Pieces"4402
24Angels & Airwaves "Rebel Girl"4356
25blink-182 "Hungover You"4316
26Seaway "Pleasures"4295
27Sleeping With Sirens "Break Me Down"4232
28Too Close To Touch "Hard To Love"4174
30Slaves "Down for the Ride"4134
31Marianas Trench "The Killing Kind"4125
32Dayseeker "Sleeptalk"4107
33Crown The Empire "MZRY"4106
34Stand Atlantic "MakeDamnSure"4103
35Cory Wells "Patience"4089
36zebrahead "All My Friends Are Nobodies"4066
37Calling All Captains "Chasing Ghosts"4053
38Citizen "Big Mouth"4046
39Real Friends "From The Outside - Acoustic"4046
40Simple Plan "Where I Belong (feat. We The Kings)"3967
41Bayside "Prayers"3961
42I The Mighty "Cave In"3960
43Trash Boat "Given Up"3929
44Boston Manor "Liquid (feat. John Floreani)"3888
45Alexisonfire "Familiar Drugs"3873
46Palaye Royale "Fucking With My Head"3850
47Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties "Just Sign the Papers"3767
48Mat Kerekes "Ruby"3766
49Eat Your Heart Out "Carousel"3756
50State Champs "Real World"3755
51The Amity Affliction "All My Friends Are Dead"3733
52Turnover "Plant Sugar"3713
53La Dispute "FULTON STREET I"3687
54FigureItOut "Without Me"3643
55Sum 41 "A Death In The Family"3622
56Andy Black "Westwood Road"3572
57Dream State "Primrose"3567
58Mayday Parade "Take This To Heart - Acoustic"3559
59The Devil Wears Prada "Chemical"3545
60Gerard Way "Dasher (feat. Lydia Night)"3477
61PUP "City"3458
62SayWeCanFly "Pavement"3357
63AS IT IS "The Fire, The Dark - Reimagined"3323
64Enter Shikari "Stop the Clocks (Single Edit)"3312
65Frank Iero "Young and Doomed"3298
66adam&steve "rainy days in la"3293
67The All-American Rejects "Send Her To Heaven"3275
68You Me At Six "What's It Like"3250
69Jimmy Eat World "Love Never"3218
70Movements "Colorblind - Acoustic"3186
71Have Mercy "Clair"3154
72PVRIS "Nightmare"3143
73Underoath "Loneliness"3137
74Basement "Are You The One"3091
75nothing,nowhere. "DESTRUCTION"3053
76Badflower "Daddy"3033
77Taking Back Sunday "A Decade Under The Influence - Acoustic"3012
78Danny Worsnop "Best Bad Habit"3004
79John Floreani "Echoes"2987
80Hot Milk "Wide Awake"2981
81Ice Nine Kills "A Grave Mistake - Live From SiriusXM"2975
82All Time Low "Weightless"2962
83SWMRS "Hellboy"2903
84The Faim "Amelie"2882
85McCafferty "Fentanyl"2829
86Say Anything "Ew Jersey"2819
87Super Whatevr "better."2784
88Get Scared "Hell Is Where The Heart Is"2771
89The Front Bottoms "Just Stay"2763
90Deaf Havana "The Fight Song"2696
91I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME "Choke - Acoustic"2671
92Queer Jane "A Happy Drunk"2639
93Radkey "P.A.W"2635
94Goody Grace "Scumbag (feat. blink-182)"2613
95Vista Wolf "Friday I'm in Love"2609
96Conditions "Give It All"2601
97Carry The Crown "K A R M A"2572
98The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus "Land Down Under"2554
99VUKOVI "C.L.A.U.D.I.A"2551
100Selfish Things "Drained (feat. William Ryan Key)"2549

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