2019 Around the World   country sampler   genre sampler
The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
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speed metal
progressive metal
melodic metal
industrial metal
glam metal
death metal
neo classical metal
melodic death metal
gothic metal
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symphonic metal
gothic symphonic metal
progressive deathcore
finnish metal
black metal
stoner metal
folk metal
thrash metal
pagan black metal
symphonic black metal
symphonic power metal
sludge metal
swedish metal
jazz metal
old school thrash
metallic hardcore
brutal death metal
post-doom metal
psychedelic doom
technical death metal
atmospheric black metal
doom metal
slamming deathcore
christian metal
retro metal
latin metal
drone metal
norwegian black metal
spanish metal
neo-trad metal
swedish death metal
finnish death metal
black thrash
instrumental progressive metal
technical brutal death metal
dark black metal
brutal deathcore
gaian doom
comic metal
slam death metal
norwegian metal
argentine metal
kawaii metal
italian metal
black death
turkish metal
brazilian metal
rap metal espanol
chaotic black metal
spanish folk metal
argentine heavy metal
post-black metal
new wave of thrash metal
dutch metal
hungarian metal
french metal
indonesian metal
polish metal
canadian metal
uk doom metal
japanese power metal
symphonic death metal
swedish doom metal
2019 in Slayer   playlist
1Imperia "Fear Is an Illusion"4146
2Cellar Darling "Freeze"4109
3Sister Shotgun "Sacred Heart"4101
4Forever Still "Breathe in Colours"4047
5Delain "Masters Of Destiny"3985
6Nemesea "Kids with Guns"3972
7South Haven "Dancing in Nightmares"3756
8The Great Discord "Afterbirth"3755
9Metalite "Apocalypse"3681
10Sascha Paeth's Masters Of Ceremony "Die Just a Little"3604
11Blackbriar "Snow White and Rose Red"3591
12Stitched Up Heart "Problems"3516
13Liv Sin "Chapter of the Witch"3483
14Kobra And The Lotus "Get the F*ck out of Here"3446
15Starkill "Detonate"3398
16Lindsay Schoolcraft "Dangerous Game"3317
17Leaves' Eyes "Night of the Ravens"3271
18The Murder of My Sweet "Tin Soldiers"3246
19Kaleido "Pretending"3225
20Eleine "Enemies"3214
21Infected Rain "Black Gold"3185
22Helion Prime "The Final Theory (Demo)"3152
23Cold Kingdom "A New Disaster"3131
24Rage Of Light "Mechanicals"3078
25Walk in Darkness "Time to Rise"3072
26Ivy Crown "Run"3052
27Follow The Cipher "The Pioneer"3014
28September Mourning "Glass Animals"2966
29Edge Of Paradise "Fire"2958
30Visionatica "The Pharaoh"2915
31GOLD "He is Not"2882
32We Are the Catalyst "Over Pale Waters"2874
33Shadow Domain "Turbogenerator"2750
34Marcela Bovio "Roardin"2710
35Ex Libris "Chapter 2 - Anastasia Romanova: The Motherland"2697
36Avatarium "Rubicon"2688
37Pokerface "The Greatest Storm"2687
38Moonlight Haze "Ad Astra"2681
39Tarja "Railroads"2665
40The Agonist "In Vertigo"2645
41Visions of Atlantis "The Silent Mutiny - Live @ Symphonic Metal Nights"2624
42Frozen Crown "Lost In Time"2581
43Amberian Dawn "United"2542
44Fate DeStroyed "Inside"2473
45Ignea "Halves Rupture (Instrumental)"2379
46Memoremains "Inferno"2361
47Temperance "Mission Impossible"2360
48Against Myself "Hero's Soul"2333
49Sumo Cyco "B.Y.O.B."2306
50Mister Misery "My Ghost"2241
51The Nearly Deads "Halfway to Nowhere"2240
52Echoes Of Eternity "Smoke and Mirrors"2232
53Lacuna Coil "Black Dried Up Heart (Bonus track)"2200
54RedHook "Paralysed"2185
55Edenbridge "On the Other Side"2182
56Kalidia "Circle of Six"2180
57SCARLET "End in Blood"2163
58Bare Infinity "The End of Heartache"2156
59Ankor "Ghosts"2154
60Imonolith "Hollow"2148
61Blackstar Halo "The King"2148
62Frantic Amber "Lagertha"2126
63Battledragon "Planets Collide"2099
64Blood Region "Phoenix Daimonion"2098
65Valora "Evil Circus"2050
66Raven Black "Risen from the Ashes"2043
67Dirty Shirt "Put It On"2027
68A Dark Halo "Starfall"2020
69Offensive Ground "A Thousand Voices"2006
70Lolita KompleX "We're All Dead"1976
71Leah "Redemption"1967
72Silentium "Empty"1962
73Horizon Ignited "Home"1951
74Ardours "Last Moment"1945
75Crimson Sun "We Are One"1929
76Blood Stain Child "Del-Sol"1928
77Minniva "Never Enough"1905
78Red Raven Down "Highway of Death"1864
79DIAMANTE "When I'm Not Around"1863
80DK-Zero "Acid Rocket"1854
81Dawn of Destiny "Already Dead"1849
82Seven Spires "Succumb"1849
83Orion's Reign "Nostos - Folk Version"1848
84Spoil Engine "The Hallow (feat. Jeff Walker)"1829
86Omnimar "Humans"1816
87Through The Noise "Deceiver"1805
88Entropy Zero "Flame Of Fate"1805
89Pythia "An Earthen Lament"1796
90Marielle "Echoes"1788
91Neonfly "This World is Burning"1772
92Everture "Rightly Accused"1758
93Corrosive Sweden "Fire from a Gun"1750
94Despite "Echo Chamber"1740
95Die Klute "It's All in Vain"1729
96Morphium "Everybody Is Dead in This House"1727
97Medeia "AntiXmas"1712
98Warkings "Sparta"1711
99Sisters of Suffocation "The Machine"1701
100Nicumo "Tree of Life"1696

alchemy by glenn mcdonald / @everynoise for Spotify, listening by the world
These lists compile the collective 2019 new-music listening of music fans in every country where people use Spotify, and in the fan communities for 2000+ genres and other genre-shaped distinctions. The songs in each list are scored and ranked by a combined weighting of a) their absolute popularity with those fans and b) the share of the song's global listening that those fans account for. (And then filtered to one song per artist.) This means, for example, that The Sound of Poland 2019 is the music that defines, unites and distinguishes Polish fans, whether that music comes from Poland or not. Likewise, 2019 in K-Pop Girl Group is the music that fans of Korean girl-groups loved, whether it's Korean or Pop or Girls or not. To be eligible, a song must have been released on or after 2018-12-01, as best our data can tell, so that's why no "Truth Hurts".
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