2019 Around the World   country sampler   genre sampler
The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
power metal
speed metal
progressive metal
melodic metal
industrial metal
glam metal
death metal
neo classical metal
melodic death metal
gothic metal
viking metal
german metal
symphonic metal
gothic symphonic metal
progressive deathcore
finnish metal
black metal
stoner metal
folk metal
thrash metal
pagan black metal
symphonic black metal
symphonic power metal
sludge metal
swedish metal
jazz metal
old school thrash
metallic hardcore
brutal death metal
post-doom metal
psychedelic doom
technical death metal
atmospheric black metal
doom metal
slamming deathcore
christian metal
retro metal
latin metal
drone metal
norwegian black metal
spanish metal
neo-trad metal
swedish death metal
finnish death metal
black thrash
instrumental progressive metal
technical brutal death metal
dark black metal
brutal deathcore
gaian doom
comic metal
slam death metal
norwegian metal
argentine metal
kawaii metal
italian metal
black death
turkish metal
brazilian metal
rap metal espanol
chaotic black metal
spanish folk metal
argentine heavy metal
post-black metal
new wave of thrash metal
dutch metal
hungarian metal
french metal
indonesian metal
polish metal
canadian metal
uk doom metal
japanese power metal
symphonic death metal
swedish doom metal
2019 in Metal   playlist
1Amon Amarth "Raven's Flight"5365
2Beast In Black "Die by the Blade"5238
3In Flames "I, the Mask"5212
4Battle Beast "No More Hollywood Endings"5026
5Children Of Bodom "Under Grass and Clover"4946
6Sabaton "Fields of Verdun"4933
7Gloryhammer "Gloryhammer"4867
8Eluveitie "Ategnatos"4680
9Avantasia "Moonglow (feat. Candice Night)"4651
10Ghost "Kiss The Go-Goat"4619
11Wind Rose "Diggy Diggy Hole"4515
12Dream Theater "Fall into the Light"4390
13Rotting Christ "Heaven & Hell & Fire"4367
14Týr "Fire and Flame"4363
15Equilibrium "Renegades - A Lost Generation"4355
16Trivium "I Don't Wanna Be Me"4272
17Insomnium "Valediction"4255
18Hammerfall "(We Make) Sweden Rock"4246
19Soen "Martyrs"4235
20Accept "Life's a Bitch"4168
21Soilwork "Bleeder Despoiler"4093
22Opeth "Heart in Hand"4065
23Jinjer "Teacher, Teacher!"3975
24Evergrey "Weightless"3923
25Devin Townsend "Genesis"3906
26Eclipse "Viva La Victoria"3886
27Arch Enemy "Shout - cover version"3884
28Swallow The Sun "Upon the Water"3854
29Fleshgod Apocalypse "Sugar"3838
30Lost Society "No Absolution"3795
31Alter Bridge "Wouldn't You Rather"3742
32Whitesnake "Shut Up & Kiss Me"3687
33Steel Panther "All I Wanna Do is Fuck (Myself Tonight)"3677
34Unleash The Archers "Northwest Passage"3666
35Mustasch "What Is Wrong"3648
36Corroded "Breathing"3641
37Lindemann "Steh auf"3637
38Lacuna Coil "Layers of Time"3601
39Backyard Babies "Good Morning Midnight"3513
40Alcest "Protection"3505
41Cattle Decapitation "One Day Closer to the End of the World"3501
42Mastodon "Stairway to Heaven"3471
43Candlemass "Astorolus - The Great Octopus (feat. Tony Iommi)"3460
44Volbeat "Cheapside Sloggers"3414
45Leprous "Below"3393
46Rammstein "TATTOO"3366
47D-A-D "Burning Star"3234
48Nomy "21st Century (Digital Boy)"3224
49Queensrÿche "Blood of the Levant"3209
50Airbourne "Boneshaker"3200
51DragonForce "Highway to Oblivion"3175
52Crashdiet "Reptile"3170
53The Wildhearts "Dislocated"3147
54Clutch "Evil (Weathermaker Vault Series)"3145
55Mark Morton "The Truth Is Dead"3135
56Brothers of Metal "Njord"3113
57Powerwolf "Kiss Of The Cobra King - New Version 2019"3095
58Carnifex "No Light Shall Save Us (feat. Alissa White-Gluz)"2987
59Baroness "Borderlines"2985
60Machine Head "Do or Die"2917
61Within Temptation "In Vain"2915
62Raised Fist "Anthem"2893
63Raubtier "Ovtjarka"2882
64The HU "Shoog Shoog"2839
65Bokassa "Mouthbreathers Inc."2732
66Heilung "Norupo"2706
67Sammy Hagar "Trust Fund Baby"2651
68Ozzy Osbourne "Straight to Hell"2623
69The Night Flight Orchestra "Satellite"2589
70Black Label Society "Bored to Tears"2578
71Hollywood Vampires "Heroes"2567
72Alien Weaponry "Ahi Kā"2543
73The Raven Age "The Day The World Stood Still"2465
74Tesla "Shock"2464
75Florence Black "One Way Out"2450
76Texas Hippie Coalition "Moonshine"2415
77Leo "Thunderstruck (Metal Version)"2410
78Danko Jones "Dance Dance Dance"2403
79Royal Republic "Anna-Leigh"2341
80NanowaR of Steel "Norwegian Reggaeton"2338
81Deadland Ritual "Down in Flames"2278
82Santa Cruz "Changing Of Seasons"2278
83Liliac "Rainbow in the Dark"2273
84Crazy Lixx "ウィキッド"2255
85Blood Command "Afraid Of Water"2254
86The Ultra "Hightail"2213
87The 69 Eyes "27 & Done"2211
88Metallica "The Unforgiven - Live At The Masonic, San Francisco, CA - November 3rd, 2018"2141
89SKÁLD "Seven Nation Army"2015
91The New Roses "Down by the River"1915
92Black Star Riders "Another State of Grace"1832
93Danheim "Odinn"1820
94Sepultura "Isolation"1818
95Meghan Kabir "Live Wire"1818
96John 5 "Zoinks!"1808
97Apocalyptica "Fields of Verdun"1788
98Wheel "Wheel"1787
99Genital Motors "Another One Bites the Dust / All Right Now"1777
100L.A. Guns "Stay Away"1694

alchemy by glenn mcdonald / @everynoise for Spotify, listening by the world
These lists compile the collective 2019 new-music listening of music fans in every country where people use Spotify, and in the fan communities for 2000+ genres and other genre-shaped distinctions. The songs in each list are scored and ranked by a combined weighting of a) their absolute popularity with those fans and b) the share of the song's global listening that those fans account for. (And then filtered to one song per artist.) This means, for example, that The Sound of Poland 2019 is the music that defines, unites and distinguishes Polish fans, whether that music comes from Poland or not. Likewise, 2019 in K-Pop Girl Group is the music that fans of Korean girl-groups loved, whether it's Korean or Pop or Girls or not. To be eligible, a song must have been released on or after 2018-12-01, as best our data can tell, so that's why no "Truth Hurts".
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