2019 Around the World   country sampler   genre sampler
The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
antiviral pop
antiviral pop
dutch cabaret
deep comedy
clean comedy
2019 in Antiviral Pop   playlist
1The Stupendium "Art of Darkness"5378
2JT Music "Junkrat Vs Demoman Rap Battle"5150
3CG5 "I Can't Fix You"4977
4DHeusta "The Ultimate Fright"4818
5Dagames "You're Mine"4752
6Victor McKnight "Face Reality"4672
7Flint 4K "Makeshift Creations"4661
8Dan Bull "Robocopyright"4356
9SharaX "Revolvania"4316
10The Gregory Brothers "I'm Back, Baby"4289
11The Living Tombstone "Right Now - Blue Version"4019
12Rockit Gaming "Glitchtrap"4012
13Lollia "Lifelight"3970
14Tryhardninja "Wanna Be Twisted"3901
15Cami-Cat "Maw of the King"3883
16The Chalkeaters "It Just Works"3852
17Nick Nitro "Triple the Threat Nitro"3834
18Jacksepticeye "Get Back Up"3813
19Random Encounters "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: The Musical"3799
20RetroSpecter "Tokyovolving"3744
21VideoGameRapBattles "Luigi Vs. Tails"3631
22NateWantsToBattle "Count the Teeth"3624
23Markiplier "I Don't Wanna Be Free"3559
24Caleb Hyles "Other Friends"3543
25SomeThingElseyt "I'm Something Else"3543
26Dj Cutman "Pop/Stars Vs Megalovania"3535
27N i i "Sweet Dreams Are Made of Weebs"3516
28Grandayy "Congratulations"3508
29Kuraiinu "Mind Brand"3502
30Kyle Allen Music "You're Back"3494
31Or3o "Welcome Home"3480
32Tournament Arc "Lifelight"3441
33AJ Dispirito "Darkest Hour"3410
34Aviators "Godhunter"3409
35SayMaxWell "Lancer's Theme - Remix"3381
36Adriana Figueroa "Lifelight (from "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate")"3325
37Fries On The Side "Men Are Hot"3319
38Starbomb "Welcome to the Mario Party"3300
39Day by Dave "Sven, Joergen & Jeb_"3268
40FamilyJules "Butterfly"3255
41Qumu "Coconut Mall (From "Mario Kart Wii")"3222
42Miracle Of Sound "Show Your Style"3199
43RichaadEB "Night of Nights"3167
44NerdOut "Wild Wild West"3162
45Cloudjumper "Bad Apple"3150
46VGR "Super Smash Bros. Melee Menu Theme"3142
47Megami33 "Blizzard"3128
48Cyranek "Meme Rewind 2018"3086
49Dacian Grada "Gangplank Galleon (From "Donkey Kong Country")"3055
50LilDeuceDeuce "The Eggsecutioner"3054
51Marshal Keep "Go Commit Die: The Musical"2986
52Pluffaduff "Baby I'm Back"2978
53Zach Boucher "Change My Heart"2942
54Epic Rap Battles of History "Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg"2932
55Gooseworx "Blackhole Blitz"2925
56Fabvl "Plus Ultra"2924
57StickyNote "Low Tetris Beatbox"2902
58Daddyphatsnaps "Batman Rap (The Batman Who Laughs)"2899
59Thomas Sanders "Forbidden Fruit (The Duke's Theme)"2879
60Ghost and Pals "The Chattering Lack of Common Sense"2875
61AmaLee "Rise (From "The Rising of the Shield Hero")"2859
62The Musical Ghost "Lancer's Theme"2854
63Little V. "Holding Out for a Hero"2849
64SquigglyDigg "Cuphead Rap A CUPpella"2848
65pewdiepie "Rewind Time"2832
66Mykah "Tetris Theme (From "Tetris")"2831
67Ralph Jet "The Game Pizza Theme"2821
68Freya Catherine "We All Lift Together"2814
69Madame Macabre "Secure.Contain.Protect"2794
70Party in Backyard "Sven, Joergen & Jeb_, Pt. 2"2793
71JonKaGor "I Forgot That You Exist"2762
72Ken Ashcorp "Take Me Home"2742
73dj-Jo "Kass' Theme (From "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild")"2700
74Crusher-P "Propaganda!"2692
75Neotokio3 "Ahegao: The Ahegao Song"2686
76NRMN "The World Revolving"2676
77Inthelittlewood "Fortnite Season 7 Recap"2674
78Dolvondo "Lifeline"2661
79Simpsonill "Awaken"2655
80Kevmorlo "This Is Your Last Warning SCP"2636
81MiatriSs "Дедлайн"2616
82Roll for It "High Hopes"2615
83Max Coveri "Running in the 90's"2587
84Wantaways "The Longer We Go"2581
85Ashley Johnson "Your Turn to Roll (Critical Role Theme)"2573
86Sapphire "Lifelight"2573
87KIRA "Boom Boom Boom"2571
88GillStudio "Rivers in the Desert (From "Persona 5")"2565
89JubyPhonic "Copycat"2563
90Tyler Clark "Meliodas (From "Seven Deadly Sins") [Instrumental]"2557
91Endigo "This Is Halloween"2555
92Rustage "Bolt (Denki Rap) [feat. Ozzaworld]"2554
93Dima Lancaster "Echo"2548
94Jeff Williams "One Thing"2546
95ReptileLegit "Minecraft Dreams"2539
96Ben Briggs "Good Egg (From "Super Mario Galaxy")"2531
97Yahzick "Dm Road"2520
98None Like Joshua "Meliodas (From "Seven Deadly Sins")"2512
99Schmemes "Jess, Please"2504
100Bonecage "The Anthem of Creation"2502

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