2019 Around the World   country sampler   genre sampler
The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
#6 boy band
#6boy band
#9uk pop
#28post-teen pop
#49dance pop
#54tropical house
#78(Global Songs by Listeners)
#96viral pop
2019 in Boy Band   playlist
1New Hope Club "Permission"4124
3The Vamps "Waves"3892
4Westlife "Dynamite"3291
5Jack & Jack "Promise Me"3259
65 Seconds of Summer "Ghost Of You - Live"3006
7Busted "Radio"3004
8EBEN "Next Ex"3000
9Why Don't We "What Am I - Live and Unplugged Session"2825
10Austin Mahone "Anxious"2793
11ROOKIES "Paycheck"2789
12Ryan Mack "Got You Covered"2781
13Kara Marni "Caught up"2756
14Backstreet Boys "Chateau"2640
15Valentina Ploy "Wire"2613
16Jake Miller "COULD HAVE BEEN YOU"2545
17AJ Mitchell "Talk So Much"2544
18Josie Dunne "Same"2505
19Jason Walker "Fun While It Lasted"2364
20Alex Aiono "Her"2244
21brb. "Whoops"2227
22Kay Cook "Upgrade"2183
23New Kids On The Block "Boys In The Band (Boy Band Anthem)"2165
24GARETH FERNANDEZ "Drowning"2142
25DUSK "New Habit"2133
26Joel Adams "Kingdom"2051
27In Real Life "Somebody Like You"2050
28Niall Horan "Flicker feat. The RTÉ Concert Orchestra - Live"2002
29McFly "Touch the Rain (The Lost Songs)"1991
30Josh Gray "Without You"1973
31New Rules "Fix Somebody"1970
32Music Travel Love "When You Look Me in the Eyes (Live at the Arches)"1936
33Mali-Koa "Sorry"1877
34Cody Simpson "We Had"1860
35Hannah Jane Lewis "Last Night Every Night"1786
36Alexander Stewart "Shy"1745
37Hanin Dhiya "Where Is The Love (feat. NIve)"1647
38Wild Youth "Close"1631
39Liam Payne "Remember"1604
40Sezairi "In Secret"1590
41Roadtrip "Eternal"1586
42MKTO "Consider Me Yours"1582
43Anthony Russo "Love"1506
44Olly Murs "Feel the Same - Billy Da Kid Remix"1503
45Aimée "Break Me"1493
46Joshua Bassett "When There Was Me and You"1464
47Anthony de la Torre "Know Me"1405
48Jess and Gabriel "I Want It That Way"1384
49Sam Creighton "Someone Else's Party"1337
50In Paradise "Good Times!"1308
51Meghan Trainor "Run Like The River (From "Playmobil: The Movie" Soundtrack)"1292
52Wildflowers "I'm Falling In Love"1192
53O-Town "Hello World"1116
54Bravo "Polaroids"1103
55Byron Langley "Gold"1076
56Alec Chambers "Boston"1026
57Mashd N Kutcher "Better Me"1020
58Olivia Rodrigo "Out of the Old - From "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series""1016
59Max & Harvey "Where Were You"1013
60Travis Atreo "Language"1008
61Cimorelli "Treat You Better / Fallin' All in You"1006
62Craig Lucas "Anti-Sociable"1005
63Brendan Murray "If I'm Honest"1005
64Alextbh "Superstore"992
65Rak-Su "Stick Around"981
66RØYLS "Savages"976
67Alanna "Don't Call Me Baby"963
68Alex Sampson "Stay Here"942
69Scouting For Girls "Count on Me"915
70Carson Lueders "Silver Bracelet"853
71Logan Henderson "End of the World"849
72Michael Constantino "2018 Mashup"816
73David Archuleta "Paralyzed"794
74Indiana Massara "That Day"789
75Danny Jones "Muddy Water"788
76Lisa Cimorelli "Florida"784
77The DRIIVE "Waiting for Tomorrow"769
78Chris Sebastian "I Found You"749
79Taylor Henderson "Moving On"688
80Jacob Whitesides "Whole"675
81Justice Carradine "Dangerous Love"640
82Sean and Conor Price "Storm"636
83Bailey Jehl "You're Still The One"636
84Faber Drive "Night Like This"634
85Dawin "Fingertips"624
86Laura Marano "Not Like Me"618
87Jason Chen "Can't Help Falling in Love - Piano Acoustic"608
88Grant Landis "Home To Momma"592
89Jenna Raine "You Can Blame Me"579
90Kevin McHale "Dance Monkey - X Factor Recording"541
91On The Outside "Like Yeah"531
92Two Degrees "It's Over"528
93Riker and The Beachcombers "Sex on the Beach"528
94Lauv "Lauv: Drugs & The Internet"506
95Ally Barron "Moving On"488
96Bruce Wiegner "Malicious"486
97Hunter Roberson "Listen"486
98United Vibe "Aint It Funny"484
99The X Factor Celebrities 2019 "Run"482
100Kate Goodman "We've Got Tomorrow"472

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