2019 Around the World   country sampler   genre sampler
The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
bongo flava
bongo flava
2019 in Bongo Flava   playlist
1Mbosso "Tamu"5257
2Lava Lava "Niuwe"4899
3Harmonize "Niteke"4849
4Barnaba "Washa"4755
5Dully Sykes "Nikomeshe"4672
6Jux "In Case You Don't Know"4570
7Otile Brown "Crush"4566
8Marioo "Raha"4564
9Alikiba "Kadogo"4536
10Willy Paul "Mmmh"4494
11Masauti "Dondosha"4423
12Rj The Dj "Kifolongo"4323
13Shetta "Hatufanani Feat Jux, Mr Blue"4273
14Shilole "Ukintekenya (feat. Aslay)"4260
15Moji Shortbabaa "Pekee Yangu"4253
16Amber Lulu "Makeke Feat Prezzo"4233
17Rich Mavoko "Happy"4209
18Ommy Dimpoz "Rockstar"4204
19Darassa "Leo"4177
20Rosa Ree "Dip N Whine It"4152
21The Soul "Nizamu Yetu"4152
22Ruby "Alele"4124
23Kusah "Kelele Feat Ruby"4120
24Country Boy "Watoto"4051
25Sheebah "Follow Me"4000
26Diamond Platnumz "The One"3984
27The Ben "Naremeye"3977
28Bill Nass "Funga Geti Feat Roma"3965
29Queen Darleen "Mbali"3951
30Chege "Manjegeka"3949
31Lyyn "Chomeka Feat Shetta"3947
32Ibrah Nation "Unitoke"3860
33Esther Nish "Umbamwo"3835
34Aslay "Bembea"3830
35Gabu "Ma Story"3806
36Naiboi "Somaga"3795
37Ben Pol "Wapo"3790
38Mwana FA "We Endelea Tu"3789
39Kassim Mganga "Solemba"3780
40Charisma "Unavyonipenda"3753
41Nandy "Kiza Kinene"3751
42Young Killer "Nahisi"3740
43Navy Kenzo "Roll It - Original"3725
44Skales "Baby Me (Coke Studio Africa)"3690
45Q Chilla "Go Low"3682
46Jay Melody "Raha Tele"3663
47The Mafik "Bobo"3647
48Joh Makini "Mchele"3612
49Linex "Too Late"3603
50Arrow Bwoy "Jango Love"3576
51Bensoul "Lucy"3569
52Dogo Janja "Yente"3557
53Decimal Records "Drinx Na Mayenx"3534
54Meddy "Nka Paradizo"3511
55royazdad "Dilemma"3464
56OCHUNGULO FAMILY "Na Iwake (Remix)"3463
57Chozen Blood "Yitayo"3453
58Kagwe Mungai "Miss Obi"3444
59ChindoMan "Shida Na Raha"3435
60Joel Lwaga "Mimi Ni Wa Juu"3407
61Gigy Money "Changanya"3402
62Christian Bella "Boss"3394
63Rayvanny "Konki"3392
64Grenade "Nkuloga"3367
65Zzero "Zimenishika"3361
66Sintex "Twifunze"3345
67Nay Wa Mitego "Mbele Kwa Mbele"3339
68John Blaq "Makanika"3331
69Ethic Entertainment "Pandana"3310
70Miracle Baby "Wamlambez"3304
71Geosteady "Ebisembayo"3294
72Amalon "Derila"3291
73Makihiyo "Sogea"3288
74Nviiri The Storyteller "Pombe Sigara"3287
75Daddy Andre "Sikikukweeka"3286
76AbduKiba "Mubashara"3285
77Hamisa Mobetto "Madam Hero"3268
78Yverry "Umutima"3268
79King Saha "Hullo Hullo"3251
80Social Mula "Ndiho"3251
81Chris Kaiga "Zimenice"3249
82Chemical Flo "Nimuhofu Nani"3222
83King TeeDee "One I Love"3191
84Fik Fameica "Am Different"3189
85Gwaash "Wabebe"3162
86Aline Gahongayire "Ndanyuzwe"3153
87Various Artists "Tatizo"3150
88Mad Ice "Nibebe"3130
89Nel Ngabo "Nzahinduka"3125
90Vinka "Sure"3113
91Vivian Kenya "Accelerator"3110
92Sailors "Pekejeng"3094
93Vanessa Mdee "Moyo"3091
94Bebe Cool "Eazy"3083
95Pallaso "Hana (Remix)"3082
96Bruce Melodie "Katerina"3043
97Khaligraph Jones "Leave Me Alone"3032
98Big Fizzo "Sugua"3030
99Lady Jaydee "I Dont Care"3013
100Igor Mabano "Gake"2995

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