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The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
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(all Taiwan)
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The Sound of Taiwan 2019   playlist
1Leo王 "快樂的甘蔗人"7048
2LINION "Can't Find"7021
3Astro Bunny "逃生口"6928
4馬念先 "你朝我的方向走來"6750
5EggPlantEgg "Happy!!! 運將情歌"6654
6Tatlo "Walk Me Home"6653
7邱詩凌 "耐人尋味"6578
8告五人 "愛人錯過"6544
9頑童Mj116 "Pian Jia Pain Jia"6541
109m88 "Airplane Mode"6538
11羅文裕 "如果一切還來得及"6529
12Diana Wang "Hello, I said"6515
13Eve Ai "給朱利安"6483
14Trash "重感情的廢物"6437
15Cosmos People "一桌菜"6415
16高爾宣 OSN "Runaway"6407
17潘裕文 "情歌"6397
18杜小喬 "泡泡裡的空氣"6365
19Three Oscillators "Drowning"6332
20老王樂隊 "那些失眠的夜與難以忘懷的事"6312
21Julia Wu "撥接 - SUI Sessions"6311
22Luji 黃莉 "寂寞弧度"6261
23Fire EX. "一九四五(高雄大空襲桌遊主題曲)"6213
24Good Band "我們一樣可惜 - Full Band ver. (with 瑪啡因)"6203
25Tanya Chua "半途"6195
26MC HotDog "Tough Love (feat. Eve Ai)"6188
27有感覺 "再勇敢一點點"6185
28ØZI "If Only..."6169
29takeshi iwamoto "I WILL BE THE CAUSE OF OUR DEATH"6161
30R-chord "你是真的離開我"6159
32Yisa Yu "三十而慄"6137
33OHMYMEITING "巴黎的十二點"6113
34邵雨薇 "微雨"6102
35Rachel Liang "藍色眼睛"6099
36PRMGH "Summerlight"6092
37玖壹壹 "來個蹦蹦 (feat. 陳嘉樺)"6070
38Calinn "Relationship Obsession"6063
39J.Sheon "輸情歌"6062
40No Party For Cao Dong "還願"6048
41Whoshafee "Never Gonna Let You Go"6004
42李友廷 "直到我遇見了你 - Demo"5997
43bams! "Long Ride (RVDIT Remix)"5993
44鍾欣潼 "親愛的別讓我再想你"5938
45Jia Jia "何妨 - feat.茄子蛋"5934
46Enno Cheng "玉仔的心"5932
47余佩真 "留"5927
48張若凡 "走了嗎"5917
49Jolin Tsai "消極掰"5897
50Kuizz "Heart of Mine"5877
51吳青峰 "太空人"5864
52Fang Wu "願聞其詳 - 電視劇「我們不能是朋友」插曲"5844
53Wu Bai "讓水倒流"5826
54小男孩樂團 "轉身以後"5807
55屁孩 Ryan "陷阱妹"5788
56Valen Hsu "等得到 - 電影「如影隨心」主題曲 獨唱版"5786
57Nine Chen "北京的夜晚 feat. 孫盛希"5777
58MC HotDog熱狗、ESO瘦子 "就讓子彈飛 (feat. 瘦子)"5770
59Hagai Batara "I Was Alone"5758
60盧子杰 "14 (Feat. 屁孩Ryan & 柯政宏)"5735
61瘦子ESO "天的創作 (電影 "第九分局" 主題曲)"5734
62Anni Hung "世界這麼有趣, 哪能一直傷心?"5712
63Bisiugroup "我要你愛"5708
64慢慢說 "痕跡"5700
65劉芷融 "碼頭姑娘 (杜美心)"5697
66JADE EYES "Girls in the City"5668
67Ann Bai "讓我逃離平庸的生活"5592
68Cindy Yen "終於勇敢了"5562
69Waa Wei "陪著你"5553
70宋楚琳 "去年冬天"5536
71?te "睡不著"5535
72hohoman16 "Obsessive Pt. 3"5534
73nothingtoproud "Wild Dreams (Set You Free Into)"5533
74Crowd Lu "愛情怎麼了嗎"5508
75Shi Shi "Let Me Fall (電影 "聖人大盜" 片尾曲)"5488
76Koala Liu "風之畫 - 《喜歡你時風好甜》網劇原聲帶片尾曲"5451
77Yoga Lin "少女"5437
78Cheer Chen "台北某個地方"5425
79李若溪 "散落時空的記憶(網劇《眾王駕到》插曲)"5423
80Zhang Zhen Yue "酒鬼"5404
81方玥 "你呀 - home studio version"5390
82Abin Fang "一千個晚安"5386
83RPG "So In Love With You"5385
84Maggie Chiang "我們都是有歌的人"5384
85Karencici "FaceTime"5371
86Ricky Hsiao "候鳥"5368
87Pets Tseng "大風吹"5349
88Shio "擋箭牌"5334
89F.I.R.飛兒樂團 "愛我所愛"5318
90Mixer "接著"5300
91飛石號 "台北車站"5282
92Cyndi Wang "大眠"5245
93CHING G SQUAD "Coconut Tree"5239
94831 "想見你想見你想見你(電視劇"想見你"片尾曲)"5236
95汪佩蓉 "我們都是好人"5233
96理想混蛋 "夏夜煙火"5228
97守夜人 "我睡不著"5226
98Gordon "睡吧寶貝"5196
99Marz23 "陪你失敗 (feat. 寺二)"5158
100TroutFresh "通勤打理"5152

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