2019 Around the World   country sampler   genre sampler
The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
(all Tunisia)
(all Tunisia)
arabic hip hop
rap tunisien
tunisian pop
The Sound of Tunisia 2019   playlist
1A.L.A "Bottom"5003
2Gati "Cheda w Tzoul"4808
3Linko "Geleg"4449
4El Castro "Pug Love"3616
5Redstar Radi "Happy New Fear 2019"3386
6Kaso "Bouzayein (Intro)"3340
7El Katiba "Black Box"3273
8Aveyro Ave "Theni Carton (Trapparty)"3167
94lfa "Beautiful"2988
10Klay BBJ "3adhab El 9aber"2817
11Sanfara "Ch3andi Fih"2785
12Samara "Mabghitchi"2778
13Artmasta "Malaria"2432
14Si Lemhaf "Fa!"2345
15Az.i "Guerra"2158
16G.G.A "I Can't Sleep"1997
17Amon "Maria (feat. Sanfara)"1987
18Cheb Bachir "Sabeba"1633
19Lotfi Bouchnak "Kif Chbaht Khyelik"1590
20Hedi L'artiste "Allies"1110
21Raouf Maher "Ras Marfou3"693
22Kafon "Kafon"669
23Balti "Metwahech El Madhi"483
24Naestro "Loin des yeux (feat. Balti)"461
25Akram Mag "Esh Bina"408
26Nassif Zeytoun "Debna Aa Ghiyabak - Live"375
27Hamouda "Baba"333
28In-s "Bienvenue en Tunisie"274
29Mons "Virtuel"225
30Flenn "Semhili"202
31Sherine "يا بتفكر يا بتحس"199
327ari "Monopoly"176
33ElGrandeToto "Bidaoui"170
347liwa "Tchikita"161
35Lbenj "Fondo"153
36Ihab Amir "Twahachtek"149
37Hussein El Deek "Kelmi Aatini"149
38Ragheb Alama "Sodfi"146
39Mister You "Maghrebins"145
40Soolking "Liberté"144
41Ramy Ayach "قصة حب - نسخة شرقي"140
42Joseph Attieh "Lahza"139
43Yara "Shou Bado"131
44Adham Nabulsi "Hada Ma Byentasa"125
45George Wassouf "Seket El Kalam"123
46Moro "Godzilla"120
47Fadel Chaker "Habetak"119
48Wael Kfoury "Wlad El Haram"117
49Ziad Bourji "Khserna Baad"115
50Mohamed Hamaki "Mel Bedaya"114
51Hatim Ammor "L'amour Baki Hakemni"113
52Madd "Karma"111
53Maestro "Halala"105
54Saad Lamjarred "Ensay"103
55Zouhair Bahaoui "Dinero"100
56Salma Rachid "Ma Gazelle"81
57Nancy Ajram "LYA"79
58Douzi "باختصار"78
59Mohamed Ramadan "مافيا"77
60Nouamane Belaiachi "Jamali"75
61Anas "Mira (feat. ElGrandeToto)"75
62Kader Japonais "Malou Malou"72
63ISSAM "Makinch Zhar"66
64Lartiste "7ARRAGA"66
65L'Algérino "Il est où?"59
66Jaylann "Allo Allo"58
67DJ Hamida "Msayfa"52
68Amr Diab "Bahebo"50
69Lacrim "Kounti"46
70PNL "Blanka"43
71Franglish "Déçu"40
72Tiiwtiiw "Bailando"37
73Heuss L'enfoiré "Benda"27
74Naps "Medellin"22
75Arnon "Te Molla - 2019 Version"20
76Nora Fatehi "Dilbar Arabic"19
77Jul "Come vai"19
79Moha La Squale "Ma belle"13
80Marwa Loud "Oh la folle"13
81Ninho "Maman ne le sait pas (feat. Niska)"12
82Niska "Médicament"11
83Farid Bang "Maghreb Gang (feat. French Montana & Khaled)"11
84DTF "Me Gusta"10
85Maes "NWR"10
86SCH "Haut standing"10

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