2019 Around the World   country sampler   genre sampler
The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
(all Singapore)
(all Singapore)
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The Sound of Singapore 2019   playlist
1Richard Jansen "Show You Off"7147
2Ffion "Next 2 U"7082
3Foxela "Wild Love"6850
4Falling Feathers "Monsters"6819
5RRILEY "mmm bye"6777
6GARETH FERNANDEZ "Drowning"6395
7LEW "In Time"6357
8brb. "Undone"6070
9MYRNE "You Could Stay"6052
10MMXJ "Light"5998
11Charlene Su "don't wanna grow up"5993
12Tabitha Nauser "Don't Let Me Drown"5508
13Gentle Bones "Smile For Me"5500
14Narelle "Blue"5151
15Astronauts "Come Callin'"5032
16Martin & Rami "Higher"4994
17Rave Republic "Middle Of The Night (feat. Matluck) - Radio Edit"4924
18Jon Chua JX "Ready For Ya (feat. FLANNEL ALBERT)"4600
19Vandetta "Hold It Down"4579
20nanu "ETA? (80s Love Song)"4343
21Jasmine Sokko "TIRED"4301
22YAØ "RHCF"4282
23Sezairi "In Secret"4151
24ShiGGa Shay "if i,"3793
25Stefanie Sun "Our Singapore - NDP 2019 Theme Song"3729
26MARICELLE "MOOD (feat. Yaffle)"3671
27iNCH "Sun & Moon ☉ + ◑"3307
28theodora "letsnotcallitlove"3265
29Linying "All of Our Friends Know"3056
30开开 (赵锴羿) "你一定要幸福"3050
31Isaac Yong "雪落下的聲音"3009
32Eric Chou "至少我還記得 - 天堂的微笑插曲"2979
33BIGDBANGLA "Bengali Sauce"2902
34六哲 "畢竟深愛過"2856
35JJ Lin "對的時間點"2577
36Yung Raja "Mad Blessings"2576
37Moon Chew "雪落下的聲音"2461
38Rao Zi Jie "嘀哒"2268
39Glen Wee "Paper Man"2224
40bittymacbeth "fly."2105
41Sheikh Banafe "Bless Up"1938
42LaLa Hsu "真的傻 (電影《一吻定情》追愛版主題曲)"1884
43Josh Yeoh "Reward"1873
44Mayday "純真 #MaydayBlue20th"1858
45DEON "Fix"1851
46The Sam Willows "无言 - 国语版"1809
47莉玉 "若不是你"1779
48劉人語 "心跳的證明 - 電影《一吻定情》心動版主題曲"1775
49New Creation Worship "Rain Upon My Life - Youth Single"1749
50崇喆 "爱爱爱"1717
51Jay Chou "說好不哭"1699
52Fish Leong "慢冷"1604
53Joker Xue "木偶人"1574
54Shirley Chen "你的酒馆对我打了烊"1545
55Rachel Liang "那女孩對我說"1526
56Evanturetime "You"1515
57刘增瞳 "多想留在你身边"1456
58王貳浪 "像魚"1452
59Ricky Hsiao "迷路在雲端"1444
60G.E.M. "岩石裡的花"1433
61The Cold Cut Duo "我會愛著你"1417
62Vivien Yap "Part II"1408
63Yisa Yu "小至 - 電視劇《白髮》主題曲"1394
64TheSmartLocal "The Singaporean Life"1377
65Midst "Pretend"1335
66萧全 "不仅仅是喜欢"1310
67季彦霖 "多想爱你"1302
68Namewee "不想放開"1298
69Yoga Lin "別讓我走遠 (電視劇《我們與惡的距離》主題曲)"1269
70Yise Loo "小幸福"1255
71风小筝 "别丢下我不管"1247
72F.I.R.飛兒樂團 "愛上屬於你的天空"1245
73Lara D. "Hell or Heaven"1235
74Z.TAO "單身"1218
75黄俊融 "就是你就是你"1213
76A-Lin "雨後彩虹"1206
77Valiantes "Now and Always"1201
78Baron Bros "Ke Mana Kau Menghilangkan Diri"1187
79吳青峰 "起風了 - 電視劇"加油你是最棒的"主題曲"1186
80Eve Ai "Forever Young"1167
81Fariz Jabba "Masa"1160
82Crowd Lu "愛情怎麼了嗎"1156
83方志勇 "愛到星球毀滅"1153
84Nine Chen "天黑請閉眼 feat. 邱鋒澤"1150
85音阙诗听 "芒种"1149
86Pets Tseng "怎麼能這樣"1140
87Nathan Hartono "排過的隊"1131
88邢昭林 "全世界的秘密 (電視劇《強風吹拂》片頭曲)"1127
89Shila Amzah "我們再不可能"1114
90李夢尹 "雨下的瞬間"1106
91Dasco "Hard To Love"1104
92Show Luo "羅志祥"1098
93Victor Wong "另一種開始 - 《守護神之保險調查》電視劇插曲"1092
94The CB Dogs "Johnny Tay"1091
95MeerFly "BossKu"1075
96高爾宣 OSN "Without You"1065
97Maggie Chiang "我們都是有歌的人"1053
98Bii "我比從前想你了 - 電視劇《我們不能是朋友》片尾曲"1051
99Kayee Tam "Can You Hear - 劇集 "白色強人" 插曲"1018
100Hu Xia "知否知否 - "知否知否应是绿肥红瘦" 电视剧主题曲"1015

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