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The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
(all Romania)
(all Romania)
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The Sound of Romania 2019   playlist
1Ian "Nefiu"7803
2Ian "Player"7422
3Oscar "Ok Okey"7421
4Nane "Gen. 9"7362
55GANG "SOS"7346
6Abi "Rege Pa Romania"7316
7Flxrin "Dau Din Cap"7168
8Marko Glass "Xanny - Remix"7097
9Super Ed "Fisa - Freestyle"6956
10Exploit "Leila"6898
11Killa Fonic "Beijing"6887
12Amuly "Muzica Daya"6866
13Azteca "Eul 2"6800
14Deliric "Zambim Fals"6731
15Aerozen "Rechinii"6671
16Jet$ki "Niagara"6556
17Yakki "Pluto"6457
18Parazitii "Antimilitie"6408
19Satra B.E.N.Z. "Numere"6196
20Keed "Combinatoru'"6139
21KILLA FONIC "Haolo"6024
22NMW "Am Intrat"5999
23Subcarpaţi "Dă-i Foale"5891
24Codrin "Nu mă vrea planeta"5873
25Ares "Yayah"5855
26Lino Golden "Shoturi"5828
27El Nino "Misca-Te"5684
28Tranda "Dubii"5639
29BAZOOKA "Rău"5479
30Ombladon "Nu Mi-E Frică"5450
31Florian Rus "Strazile din Bucuresti"5404
32B.U.G. Mafia "Pe Coasta"5374
33Spike "Salcamii"5236
34Horace "Fisa - Remix"5229
35Stres "Cocaina Si Cayenne"5206
36INNA "Te Vas"5007
37The Motans "Invitat"4932
38Brasov "Putas y Dinero"4835
39Alternosfera "Fantanile"4760
40Mario Fresh "Solo"4684
41Neli "Razboi In Doi - Sinc3r Official"4621
42Macanache "Legea"4583
43Carla's Dreams "Dependent"4545
44Chimie "Mike Tyson"4526
45OG Eastbull "Contactu"4424
46Golden gang "Modul Sport"4419
47Irina Rimes "Ce Se Intampla Doctore"4384
48Bvcovia "Hatere"4344
49Delia "Ramai"4271
50Aspy "Bate Bate (feat. Ian)"4186
51Calinacho "Nu Stiu"4159
52Liviu Teodorescu "Ascultă"4061
53DJ Project "Retrograd"4036
54Feli "Când Răsare Soarele"3959
55Connect-R "Vrajitori"3913
56Sapte "Croco Dealu'"3895
57Mark Stam "Nesimtit"3816
58Antonia "Touch Me"3749
593 Sud Est "Focul"3714
60JO "Cu Inima"3714
61Ian "Michael Jackson"3697
62Sore "Jumătate"3695
63Mira "Cum De Te Lasa"3691
64randi "Inimi"3645
65Alina Eremia "Filme Cu Noi"3601
66Dirty Nano "Promite-Mi"3600
67Criss Blaziny "Mă Sparg in VV"3580
68Andra "Supereroi"3509
69Blanco "FRERE"3508
70NOSFE "Implcdrgmlt"3478
71SICKOTOY "Addicted"3442
72EMY ALUPEI "Nu Uita"3435
73Dani Mocanu "#Curwa"3416
74Spania '99 "Fara Griji"3384
75Vama "Victoria Ta"3291
76Alan & Kepa "Cum Ajung Acasa"3283
77Dorian Popa "Sută La Sută (Mhm)"3231
78Byron "Consumatori De Vise"3219
79Shift "Aloe Vera"3202
80Pavel Stratan "Te Sărut"3194
81ECHO "Dă-mi să beau"3099
82Florin Salam "Capitanul"3018
83Carmen de la Salciua "Indragostit"2961
84Roxen "Ce-Ţi Cântă Dragostea"2945
85Jador "Superioara"2931
86Vescan "Am Uitat Sa Mai Fim Oameni"2897
87Vunk "Mi-E Dor De Tine"2891
88Minelli "Mariola"2889
89Jo Klass "Tiriac"2881
90Elias Flexxx "Sute de Mii"2845
91What's Up "Tine-Te Bine"2845
92Phunk B "Figaro"2834
93ADDA "Te-As Iubi"2826
94Smiley "Song About Nothing"2808
95The Mono Jacks "Please Don't"2807
96Samurai "Dificil Freestyle"2788
97Arkanian "FCKTHT."2782
98F.Charm "Sarpele"2779
99NMW Berechet "Husa Burlon"2755
100Lino Golden "Medusa"2747

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