2019 Around the World   country sampler   genre sampler
The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
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(all New Zealand)
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The Sound of New Zealand 2019   playlist
1SIX60 "Kia Mau Ki Tō Ūkaipō / Don't Forget Your Roots"6750
2Jupiter Project "Summer Rollin (feat. Ryan Enzed)"6198
3Stan Walker "Tēnā Rā Koe / Thank You"6084
4Sons Of Zion "Road Trip"6072
5Shapeshifter "Ngā Kano / In Colour"6048
6Kings "Kei Aro Atu Koe / Don’t Worry Bout' It"5946
7Drax Project "I Moeroa / Woke Up Late"5903
8Tiki Taane "Kei Tōku Ngākau Nei Koe / Always On My Mind"5646
9TEEKS "E Kore Rawa E Wehe / Never Be Apart"5563
10Bic Runga "Haere Mai Rā / Sway"5430
11Lee Mvtthews "Let Me Go"5319
12L.A.B. "In the Air"5252
13BENEE "Kua Kore He Kupu / Soaked"4946
14Hollie Smith "Whakaaria Mai - How Great Thou Art"4843
15Tami Neilson "Roimata / Cry Myself To Sleep"4760
16Lion Rezz "The Runtingz Anthem"4571
17Pere Wihongi "Te Matatini Ki Te Ao"4426
18Bella Kalolo "Ka Mānu"4097
19Hātea Kapa Haka "Aotearoa / God Defend New Zealand"4078
20Church & AP "Ready Or Not"4021
21Maimoa "Hurō"4013
22Fairbrother "Big Weekend"3430
23Villainy "DREAMS"3430
24Flowidus "Kids in the Club"3384
25Mitch James "Sunday Morning"3277
26Te Nūtube "Pakipaki Mai"3237
27Tomorrow People "Fever"3217
28General Fiyah "It's You (feat. Three Houses Down)"3160
29SACHI "Worst Behaviour"2935
30Hp Boyz "Engineers"2923
31Dan Aux "Shake the Club"2816
32Machete Clan "Pingers & Darts"2560
33Sam V "Vibe Wit' Cha - Remix"2505
34Sammy Johnson "Missing the One"2357
35PERE "High On Ingoingo"2170
36POETIK "Crazy Love"2114
37DJ Noiz "Better Days"2101
38Openside "Waiting For Love"2095
39Fatboy Slim "Gangster Trippin - Dan Aux Remix"2095
40Otosan "Jump Up"1981
41Fat Freddy's Drop "Kamo Kamo"1945
42Fly My Pretties "Get Out"1877
43No Money Enterprise "German"1858
44Lips "Anchor Me"1843
45Sione Toki "FAST. (extended)"1811
46Devilskin "All Fall Down"1761
47Konecs "Stronger"1758
48Urbandawn "Come Together"1752
49Rei "Too Easy"1741
50Tali "Love & Migration (ft. Malaky & Georgie Fisher) - State Of Mind Remix"1723
51LA WOMEN "Under Pressure"1701
52BLANC "LOVE - Radio Edit"1679
53wax mustang "Sunrise"1650
54Cecily "Thinking Bout Me"1612
55The Hot Mess Express "Send It"1577
56Sally "Calculated"1556
57Uru Whetu "Matariki"1553
58Niko Walters "Together"1541
59Tree "Me and You"1516
60Troy Kingi "Ethiopia"1509
61Mikey Mayz "WestSide - Nesian Edition"1495
62Mako Road "Drink from the Water"1464
63Krisy Erin "Missing"1451
64Kanine "Sundown"1446
65Majic "Unwind"1412
66Lomez Brown "Lovin You"1384
67Ardijah "Every Night"1354
68NLC "Loved Before"1337
69Diggy Dupé "Trust (Remix)"1202
70ZAP "Safe As - If it ain't hood it ain't good"1150
71JessB "Bump Bump"1149
72Sushi Mane "Married to da mob"1126
73Decco "Crazy to Love You - Friction Remix"1088
74Revu$ "Still Rollin"1072
75Summer Thieves "All I Want"1052
76MZWÉTWO "It's The Thought That Counts"1051
77Soaked Oats "Coming Up"1047
78Youngn Lipz "Misunderstood"1027
79The Butlers "Vodka's What You're Drinking"999
80Onetox "Insecurity"993
81Lisi "The Come Up"993
82Bina Butta "Akiliz"988
83Wendy Shay "All For You"969
84Hybrid Minds "Higher Love"954
85Sid Diamond "Switch On 'em"947
86ONEFOUR "Spot the Difference"927
87Sub Focus "Siren"922
88Dr. Reknaw "Kererū"914
89The Nextmen "Holla My Name - The Nextmen Remix"903
90Latasha Lee "I'll Never Let You Go"902
91John Holt "Police In Helicopter - Benny L Remix"897
92Israel Starr "Rub a Dub"886
93Louis Baker "Heart On Fire"876
94Alae "Hit Me Where It Hurts"872
95Dimension "If You Want To"869
97Kali-D "Ride My Lane"858
98Hooligan Hefs "No Effect"855
99eleven7four "We Met In France"843
100Kelechi Africana "Ring"839

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