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The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
(all Netherlands)
(all Netherlands)
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The Sound of the Netherlands 2019   playlist
1Emma Heesters "Pa Olvidarte"8926
2Maan "Zo Kan Het Dus Ook"8889
3Snelle "Plankgas"8710
4Famke Louise "DERRIÈRE"8700
5Danny Vera "Roller Coaster"8698
6Davina Michelle "Skyward"8675
7Josylvio "Vroeger"8634
8Tabitha "Ai"8591
9Jonna Fraser "4 Life"8532
10Bizzey "Hup"8473
11Frenna "Achtbaan"8460
12Henkie T "DomDoen"8420
13Caza "POSITIE"8420
14Kris Kross Amsterdam "Moment"8377
15Idaly "fallin'"8377
16Chivv "Je Kent ’t Wel"8357
17DoeMaarDave "Fuifje"8313
18Priceless "Rompe"8287
19Ali B "Vlinders (feat. Jan Smit & Gers Pardoel)"8254
20Krezip "How Would You Feel"8254
21Sevn Alias "Herres"8213
22Djaga Djaga "Ride or Die"8203
23Lil Kleine "Dichterbij Je"8165
24Delivio Reavon "Hans Betaalt De Schade (feat. Chivv & Henkie T)"8126
25Ronnie Flex "Haal Me Naar Boven"8066
26Joe Buck "The Way You Take Time"8053
27Boef "GUAP (feat. Dopebwoy)"8049
28Suzan & Freek "Blauwe Dag"8032
29Yung Felix "Baby Momma"8016
30Guus Meeuwis "Kom We Gaan"8015
31Kensington "What Lies Ahead"8007
32Lauwtje "Boing Boing"8006
33Delany "Fake Love"7976
34Marco Borsato "Lippenstift"7928
35Kevin "Kilometers"7848
36Ginger "Papa"7831
37JoeyAK "Doekoe"7791
38DJ DYLVN "Speling"7774
39Chip Charlez "BON VIBES"7767
40Mula B "Fully Fendi"7749
41Dotan "Numb"7745
42Stefan en Sean "Potentie"7699
43Dopebwoy "Walou Crisis (feat. 3robi & Mula B)"7698
44Philly Moré "Tranen In De Studio"7661
45Broederliefde "Hoelang"7642
46Rene Karst "Atje Voor De Sfeer"7640
47Hef "De Wereld Is Van Jou"7630
48ChildsPlay "Tis Oke Mop"7620
49Numidia "Alleen Wij (feat. Famke Louise)"7606
50Ashafar "Panamera"7573
51Ismo "Niet Voor Mij"7562
52Kalvijn "De Missie"7555
53Lange Frans & Baas B "Het Land van Vriendschap"7552
54Kinderen Voor Kinderen "Pasapas"7516
55F1rstman "Non Verbaal"7509
56Zefanio "Lifestyle (feat. Josylvio)"7478
57Diquenza "Domme Dingen Doen"7427
58Jack "Op De Weg"7414
59Bryan Mg "My Bébé"7412
60Donnie "Barry Hayze"7386
61SXTEEN "Tank"7365
62Tino Martin "Alles"7358
63Team Rush Hour "Betasten"7312
64Young Ellens "First Day Out"7303
65Bollebof "De Prijs"7290
66Equalz "Ballin'"7275
67Vic9 "Zeg Ja"7258
68Killer Kamal "Wat Een Junk"7257
69D-Double "I Like That"7214
70Wulf "Scared Of Love"7189
71Saffehbeats "24/7"7180
72Kraantje Pappie "Vallende Ster"7174
73Johnny 500 "Tringeling"7161
743robi "Wazabi"7149
75Bokoesam "Bruk Down"7065
76Alain Clark "Sunday Afternoon"7014
78IliassOpDeBeat "Designers (feat. Dopebwoy & LouiVos)"6989
79The Blockparty "HUTS Remix"6966
80Soufiane Eddyani "Amigo (feat. Mula B)"6959
81Lirical "Mbappe"6959
82CHO "PINPAS"6942
83Latifah "Bounce Back"6938
84Poke "In Je Face"6916
85Lijpe "Als Het Fout Gaat"6907
86LA$$A "Meisje"6903
87Dave Roelvink "Heisa"6878
88Mell & Vintage Future "Forever"6834
89Paul Sinha "Niet Alleen"6812
90Bilal Wahib "Vliegen"6808
91Jayh "Volmaakt"6774
92Mensa "Geen Rem"6709
93Duncan Laurence "Love Don’t Hate It"6692
94Esko "Omhoog"6682
95Kenny B "Ik Ben Hier"6674
96John West "Alles Wat Ik Wil"6663
97Miss Montreal "Een Stap Terug"6631
98Fatah "Links of Rechts"6627
99Douwe Bob "Shine - Acoustic"6624
100Murda "IJs"6612

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