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The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
sega mauricien
2019 in Séga   playlist
1Zéko "La flam"4198
2Sega¨el "Travay pou gagné"3954
3The Prophecy "Kriye For"3464
4Médérice "Séga mon passion"3407
5Morgan "Medley marcel"3364
6Wizdom "Movai langue"3253
7Cedric Analyse "Mi dors pas"3062
8Olivier Brique "Mama papa"3007
9Baron "Sega Tioula"2994
10Kaf Malbar "Accept - Remix"2954
11Isnel "El Chapo"2901
12Rolian "Sublime"2827
13Liljooe "Polimiké - Radio edit"2663
14JSB Morning Game "Zoli"2656
15Sskyron "Aller au large"2602
16St Unit "Intro - Edit"2591
17DJ Daddy Mad "Main la-haut - Radio edit"2582
18Brandon Palaxa "Kinlinlink"2536
19Clarel Armelle "Wati wala labas"2535
20Maiko "Si ou aime"2519
21Natty Gong "Pié Dan Lo (feat. Manna'c)"2417
22VJ Awax "Dream Team - Edit"2379
23Alaza "Brilé"2315
24Kosla "Sweet"2312
25Toulou "Sega instagram"2294
26Roman Eskow "Mission"2168
27DI PANDA "Nou monte nou désan"2157
28DJ Illans "Ou semb moin"2118
29Anaëlle "Taika"2096
30PLL "La plus jolie"2058
31Tmatt "Dans ma tête - Radio Edit"2055
32Rudy C "Sentiment l'existence"2037
33Mitrix "Se Mueve"2031
34Romanpy "Bordel"2027
35Mister Ramsy "Tombé"2007
36Métys "Entre deux"1975
37Tipay "Di ou jure - Edit"1961
38Whity Matimal "Le bonhomme"1948
39BadSam "Siwasé"1904
40Dangerous "Ousa oulé - Mon essentiel, chap. 2"1893
41Barth "Bom bom"1892
42Pix'L "On verra bien - Beach Waves Riddim by Marcus"1773
43Mc Jojo "C Koman"1756
44ECF "Koi fé don"1739
45Déric "Princesse du ghetto"1687
46DJ Gos "440_490"1598
47Laïly.Off "Boom tagada"1465
48O-Méga "A nous deux"1402
49Guimzy "Money Bags"1388
50Seetone "En bié"1371
51Bigg Frankii "Zenfan Lakaz Tol"1362
52Black T "Étchatchawa - Extended"1354
53MC BOX "C'est dieu qui donne - Edit"1278
54P.L.L "Trottinette - Extended"1175
55Lucratif Beatz "Magma"1169
56Mickaël Pouvin "Mon morso paradi"1146
57Kid Flash "Fargo"1070
58Varaine Ben "Elle m'attire - Edit"902
59Maya Kamaty "Takambé"857
60Scory Kovitch "Tout rafler - (Cassé les tous)"836
61Yiya mozey "My Woman"769
62Lorenzy "Waywa"442

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