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The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
(all Morocco)
(all Morocco)
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The Sound of Morocco 2019   playlist
1Tflow "Sultan"5029
2Mons "Ya Rayah"4735
3LFERDA "Respect"4666
4Breezy "7alawiyat"4591
5Mounim Slimani "Diamond"4568
6L7or "Lghrib"4486
77-Toun "ZARGA"4449
8Ily "Loca"4244
9Moro "Godzilla"4133
10Zouhair Bahaoui "Dinero"4097
11Douzi "Khalouha Tahdar"3971
12Dizzy Dros "Airmax"3963
13Lbenj "OK BB"3872
14Shayfeen "Blessed"3834
15Dollypran "Carnaval"3814
167liwa "Slaoui"3807
17Maestro "8PM"3775
18Mr. Crazy "Squelette"3740
19Aminux "Makatssalach"3739
20Echbiy "Sem3i"3653
21Zina Daoudia "Mucca Pazza"3648
22Ihab Amir "Twahachtek"3645
23kouz1 "Story Insta"3641
24Ayoub Africano "Mali Yana"3621
25Lil Eytch "TrapStar V2"3582
26Draganov "Pettasse - Yellow"3580
27Cheb Mehdi "Ghir Mabli"3570
28Manal "NTA"3501
29Madd "Sacrifice"3500
30نصرو تلمساني "نتي هي الدواء"3474
31Fethi Manar "Darouli 3LA ZHAR"3461
32Rajaa Belmir "Tamara"3446
33Youness "Allô Papa"3420
347ari "Monopoly"3415
35Spleux "Yeddek Fih"3412
36Salma Rachid "Ma Gazelle"3401
37Hatim Ammor "Ila Rah El Ghali"3369
38CHARAF "FLX"3362
39Mobydick "Wasabi"3349
40Faycel Sghir "Barakat"3343
41Skaymen "Shotgun"3337
42ElGrandeToto "7elmetAdo3"3317
43Mehdi Mozayine "Waya Lghram"3315
44Hamza Senhaji "Jani El Hob 3la Ghafla"3252
45Anys "10K"3244
46Cheb "كوتوكوتو"3244
47M-Fix "L9amous"3240
48Manel Hadli "Ma vie en rose"3237
49Adil Assil "Gomari"3214
50Don Bigg "170 Kg"3210
51Cheb Abbes "Moumatila Fachla"3191
52Zakaria Ghafouli "Darni 9elbi"3174
53Dada "Vortex"3155
54Mok Saib "Kahlet Laayoune"3068
55Balti "Filamén"3030
56Cheba Souad "Mi Vida"3026
57Sky "LBAYDA"3019
58Bilal Sghir "Habibi"3011
59Chawki "Sofia"3007
60Imad Benaomar "Mi Reina"2978
61Muslim "Lalla"2972
62Statia "Ch7al 3andi Menek"2966
63Redone Berhil "Hob Jdeed"2950
64Hichem Smati "Ana sbabi hiya"2927
65Ali Ssamid "Vibe"2916
66Izi "Mia"2909
67Fat Mizzo "Kan Drik"2898
68Morad "Venga"2864
69Cravata "Brocé"2849
70Smallx Official "HLG"2828
71Zakaria Barkane "هولا"2824
72Saad Lamjarred "Salam"2813
73Tagne "Machi D'accord"2804
74Sherine Lajmi "Alech Nloum"2773
75DH "Fidèle"2753
76Chemsou Freeklane "Twehechtek Ya Lemima"2717
77The S "Old Up 2 (feat. Moro, Zeroten, Triuu, DH, West, Tflow, Demon, Mesteralae, Dini, Crazy Man & Snaik)"2716
78Klass-A "Prblms"2677
79Nouamane Belaiachi "Adios"2652
80Cheikh Mamidou "Nta Meryoul W Khatir"2639
81Fatima Zahra Laaroussi "La Zhar La Mektoub"2581
82OUENZA "Waves"2580
83Safae Hbirkou "Ma Fiha Bass"2539
84Redouane Ghazir "Gouli Ah"2538
85Bad Flow "Hayda La"2518
86Fayçal Mignon "EL 3alamia"2476
87Kader Japonais "Nti Machi Histoire"2471
88La Voce Della Magana "L'epigramme"2466
89Qaayel "High Life"2435
90Shobee "L'VIBE"2429
91Vinci "Affaires"2428
92Yussef Aoutoul "Materialiste"2390
93Saber Chaib "Ma3adnach Zhar"2373
94Sanfara "El 3ajla Edour"2368
95Cheb Houssem "Aishi Ta Vie"2358
96L'morphine "Couteau Suisse"2340
97Houari Dauphin "Malgré safit niya"2334
98Cheb Bello "3adyani Bel Gros - Remix Master T"2314
99Hamza Namira "العيطة (feat. Habib Belk)"2290
100Cheb Bilal "Munafiqun"2248

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