2019 Around the World   country sampler   genre sampler
The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
(all Luxembourg)
The Sound of Luxembourg 2019   playlist
1Brooze "Spuerbuch"6219
2Bandana "Cinéma"4526
3Clambake "Booty"4031
4Nosi "Schëdden"2085
5Dom Kennedy "Pharaohs"968
6Heuse "Promises"820
7Goonew "The One"781
8Surf "Better Days"695
9Matroda "What Happened? - JACKNIFE Remix"625
10Tisoki "Suffer"591
11CHAILD "Sick Water"589
12Boy Kiss Girl "2gether"580
13AWAY "Hole in the Earth"573
14Moksi "Doorman"534
15Blanke "Hellraiser"484
16Danny Wolf "Never Stop (feat. Lil Pump)"431
17Otira "Soundboy Burnin’"393
18KLOUD "HUMANS - Far Out Remix"388
19Tep No "Fighting - Teddy Rose Remix"378
20KOLIDESCOPES "Foundations"360
21Joey Trap "Slap Ya Mouth"334
22Tom Wilson "Follow"305
23Frenna "Bidden In De Jeep"292
24Dante Caro "Juego Y Alcohol"267
25Riot Ten "Showdown (feat. Atarii)"239
26Wahlstedt "Time To Shine"238
27Kush Kush "I'm Blue"169
28Jeremy Loops "What Would I Know"165
29Deejay Telio "Toda Gente"128
30Brevin Kim "somebody, some body"128
31Younotus "Narcotic - Justin Prince Club Mix"114
32Soraia Ramos "Bai"96
33Marco Borsato "Lippenstift"93
34Newkid "Mi Amor"88
35Max B "So Cold (feat. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie)"86
36Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike "Best Friend's Ass - Dimitri Vegas & Ariel Vromen Remix"84
37Jennifer Dias "Loco"83
38Waze "Minha Ex"77
39Marshmello "One Thing Right - PMP Remix"77
40Anselmo Ralph "Pra Cuiar Mais (feat. C4 Pedro)"76
41C4 Pedro "Perigosa (feat. Anselmo Ralph)"75
42Badoxa "Minha Mulher"74
43Jimmy P "Ano Novo"70
44Snelle "Reünie"68
45Djodje "Atrevido"64
46Hellberg "Punching in the Dark"59
47Rui Orlando "Me Leva Contigo"59
48Piruka "Até Já"56
49Wet Bed Gang "Bairro"52
50Confetti "Rob A Bank"51
51Plutónio "1 de Abril"48
52Supa Squad "Tudo Nosso (feat. Deejay Telio & Deedz B)"46
53CRZY "Wanted (feat. Chris Brown)"44
54Julinho Ksd "Sentimento Safari"44
55Fernando Daniel "Tal Como Sou"43
56Nenny "Sushi"43
57David Guetta "Thing For You - Don Diablo Remix"41
58David Carreira "Minha Cama (feat. Nego do Borel & Deejay Telio)"39
59Thomas Stenström "Nån annan"39
60TAY "Pensa Bem"39
61ProfJam "Tou Bem (feat. Lhast)"38
62GAMMAL "Vackrare än dom"37
63Ruben Pol "too late"36
64Maître Gims "Reste"36
65Nelson Freitas "Every Day All Day"31
66Bispo "Essa Saia (feat. Ivandro)"30
679 Miller "De Volta (feat. Agir)"28
68Suzan & Freek "Blauwe Dag"28
69Sido "Junge von der Straße"28
70Seeed "Lass Sie Gehn"27
71Skrillex "Midnight Hour with Boys Noize & Ty Dolla $ign"25
72Dadju "Compliqué"25
73teamwork. "Afterhours"25
74Phoenix Rdc "Vencedor"24
75Dillaz "Gravidade"24
76Gavin James "Always (feat. Philippine)"24
77Todiefor "Signals"24
78Vitaa "Ça va ça vient"24
79PNL "Au DD"24
80Koba LaD "RR 9.1"23
81M. Pokora "Tombé"23
82Niska "Médicament"23
83mishlawi "Uber Driver"22
84Ninho "Maman ne le sait pas (feat. Niska)"22
85Josylvio "Vroeger"22
86Bakermat "Baianá"22
87Luciano "Jean Paul Gaultier"21
88Mathieu Koss "Never Growing Up"21
89Yung Hurn "Cabrio"21
90Ufo361 "Pass auf wen du liebst"20
91Roméo Elvis "Soleil"20
92Samra "Wieder Lila"20
93The Avener "Beautiful"20
94Capital Bra "Benzema"20
95Vegedream "Elle est bonne sa mère"20
96Angèle "Oui ou non"20
97Tayc "Promis juré"19
98Nekfeu "Tricheur"19
99Lartiste "PELIGROSA"19
100Moha La Squale "Ma belle"19

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